Apple Confirms September 10 Unveiling of the Next iPhone(s)


The unveiling of the iPhone is one of biggest moments of the industry. All previous unveilings of iPhone devices have always been long-awaited and this year is no different, especially since it has been largely expected that it will be the first instance of Apple announcing two phones, instead of one.

Well now, confirming several rumours the company has revealed that it will be pulling the curtains of its next generation iPhone on September 10. That’s almost a year later to the day the iPhone 5 crashed out – only 2 days less.

The press invite features an Apple logo with a colourful background and the following words below it:

This should brighten everyone’s day.

The guys at Apple surely know how to market stuff.

And while the iPhone 5S or 6 (or whatever it’ll be called) will surely be announced, its younger – and cheaper — sibling, instead, has gotten us more excited. The cheaper variant teasing itself in loads of colourful packages is certainly something to look out for and many people will be really mad if like last year, this year again the thing escapes announcement. If you want to know about all the Apple mobiles, here’s a list of the latest Apple mobiles price in Pakistan and their specs.

    • …while thousands of Pakistanis are affected by floods again this year, the best you could do is save up for another black rectangle that’s only slightly faster than the last model.

      Don’t blame me, I’m just putting your comment in its context.

      • So, what is your issue @shahidsaleem:disqus. We save money to fulfill our needs and we have every single right to spend it as per our wishes, be it iphone or whatever it may be. As far as, floods are concerned, It is solely the responsibility of the government to deal with such natural disasters. If some one or for instance you spend all your savings for people effected from flood, it is a good gesture on your behalf and that’s all, But, it doesn’t give you license to criticize others who are not as generous as you .

        • Hey, no need to get upset. I am just pointing out what your comment looks like in modern-day Pakistan, with our current problems. When people like you rush to buy imported goods that they WANT, not NEED, like that, the price of dollars goes up because of trade imbalance. Good for me, since I have dollars in my savings account :):):)

          But you are 100% wrong about being the sole responsibility of government to handle flood problem. 100% if you are a Muslim, because as a Muslim it is your (not your government’s) duty to do something to help your fellow Muslims.

          • No, your comment history revealed that problem exists in you.. you are too much obsessed with Android. While you have not commented anything like that on any of the Android device.

            • That’s because I only buy Android phones to write software for them. Which means I don’t buy Rs 50k, 60k, 70k fancy phones when cheaper ones work well. So far, I have bought two phones in four years. Most people cannot claim that.

              Next, you should also understand that even after six years of the iPhone, Apple does not officially sell it to this market. That means warranty claim is either impossible or a lot harder (and costs extra). Would you pay Rs 60k for a phone you cannot get a warranty on? Not unless you have money to burn, right?

              Which leads me back to my original point.

              • That’s what im saying that’s all is based on your personal opinion, personal preferences and personal phone. Just read your statement again and notice the letter “i” there. Don’t jump into the personal preferences of others if they don’t match with yours.

              • Even though i hate android like you hate iOS and apple, i myself have never resisted or forced any of my friend to buy Apple if they going to buy Android, but it seems you get some mental problem when you see the word “Apple”. Completely retard.

                • Wow, when did I say I hate apple??? For the record, I have used Xcode to write applications for iOS, and I have three devices and a Mac at home.

                  • Whatever, your lothesome comment history about iOS and iPhone makes it clear. I like iPhone i will definitely buy it.. do you have problem with my personal preference? .. if no then please shut up.

              • Even though i hate android like you hate iOS and apple, i myself have
                never resisted or forced any of my friend to buy Apple if they going to
                buy Android, but it seems you get some mental problem when you see the
                word “Apple”.

              • Write software for them??
                in what language do you write software for them??
                tell me any app you have made for android??
                you so dumb that dumb people look intelligent infront of you..
                you fight with everybody.. everybody.. read some of your coments.. you need serious medical help..

                • I write software for Android in Java, and iOS in objective-c and c++ (not my favourite language). Please, try to ask intelligent questions.

                  As for what apps I’ve written, no. I won’t tell you that. Maybe you might find something on my odesk profile, maybe not.

                  As for needing medical help, judging from your username, I think I’m not alone there :):):)

  • September 10 Tuesday Morning A Revolutionary Product Will Be Launched..
    iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C
    Release Of iOS7 Worlds Most Advanced Mobile Operating System.. ❤❤❤❤

      • Its Okay friend… let others bought the device they love,just like you did. No need to force every one to buy your Nexus*. (…Your comment history).

        • Since you have read your comment history, you know I don’t compare iPhone and Android **phones**, just software. We live in a world where even qmobile offers a better (faster, more storage, more RAM) phone than the Nexus S I bought years ago for less than half the price I paid.

          • So? specs doens’t matter if all of the apps, including OS itself are compatible and run smoothly. I’ve not felt single time that my iPhone is getting out of memory or stucked in any app. And you mentioning qMobile. Do you know that GPU chips used in qMobile are incompatible with the most of the apps, specially media players like MX player and Mobo Player which do not support hardware encoding and unable to play anyvideo encoded at 720p, and many games also. this completely makes that higher processor or ram useless when you get incomatbile hardware for your app. Infact AVPlayer for iPhone plays 1080p videos fine even on iPhone 4.

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