2.8 Million Pakistani Users Access Facebook on Mobile Phones [Inforgraphic]

Pakistan is a huge country when it comes to mobile phone subscribers. In fact Pakistan ranks 7th in the world with its 125 million subscribers.

A large number – out of these 125 million cellphone users — now access the internet through their phones and Facebook is one of the most popular sites they visit.

Stats shared by Facebook itself suggest that 2.8 million mobile users from Pakistan – out of 10.8 million total Faebook users from Pakistan or almost one third of Facebook users – access the website through their handheld phones.

These stats also hint the segments of mobile phone users in the country.

According to these stats, Android is a clear winner in Pakistan which has 2.2 million users in Pakistan as compared to 680,000 iOS users. Stats said that 920,000 users – almost one third of entire mobile Facebook users in Pakistan – are using Samsung.

There are 138,000 blackberry users while another 80,000 users access Facebook on their Windows Phone devices.

Not to mention, this figure is set to grow many folds in next few years, especially after the emergence of 3G services in the country.

More stats are shown in below infographics:


Thanks to folks at Launch Pad for sharing this infographic with us.

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  • This is a fake report. Someone should sue Launchpad to make this above infographic based on false information.

    Samsung has only 300,000 active smartphones in Pakistan. How will they have 920,000 active users.

  • Weak mathematics, on top wrote 2.8 Millions Mobile users
    and below if you just sum up two android and IOs , it exceeds 2.8 Million

    • Good Point, I asked Facebook about this, they have mentioned that they have an error margin hence the summed up numbers are mostly lesser than the added up numbers.

  • Pakistan Largest Smart Phone Selling Brand nahi hy iss mei? :o
    hehehhe… samsung is really capturing market due to android

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