PTCL Eyes 2 Million Broadband Users by Year End with Minimum of 4Mbps Speed

PTCL logoPakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has self imposed a target of attaining 2 million fixed and wireless broadband subscribers in Pakistan by end of year 2013, said a letter by Mr. Walid Irshad, CEO and President, PTCL, sent to company employees recently.

Company had achieved 1 million broadband customers in May 2012.

Mr. Irshaid was confident that company will be able to get 2 million broadband customers by year end. He emphasized that commercial and regional teams will have to play their role in achieving the target.

President and CEO of PTCL also revealed that minimum speed for DSL or fixed broadband users will be 4mbps by December 31st, 2013. He said that all 1Mbps and 2Mbps will be upgraded by the year end.

Company is, however, struggling with its end-to-end copper media that limits the capacity and quality of broadband connections. Company is aggressively working towards replacing the conventional copper lines with fiber-optic cables.

I clearly repeat, 4 Mbps shall be the minimal bandwidth offered to all PTCL customers beyond December 31, 2013.

Align your technical, commercial, and financial priorities today to guarantee that 4 Mbps becomes PTCL’s minimal standard of broadband access in Pakistan by end-2013.

Walid Irshaid, CEO and President of PTCL


Recently offered re-connect campaign by PTCL – that offers 50 percent discount on broadband and fixed line rent – is apparently the part of efforts towards achieving the said goal.

A similar campaign was offered last month for Evo and Evo Wingle users that offered 50% lifetime discount on monthly rentals for both the devices. PTCL said that it added 100,000 EVO customers through the promotion.



All 1Mbps and 2Mbps DSL customers will be upgraded to 4Mbps by December 31st, 2013


Mr. Walid Irshaid, in the same letter, hoped that company will try to get 3.5 to 4 million broadband by the end of 2014.

Broadband has become the main driving force for PTCL resulting into main revenue-generation source for the company for past two years.

It maybe recalled that PTCL recently signed with a consortium for building-up for another under-sea submarine cable to be completed by 2015. The new submarine cable system is likely to add company’s overall bandwidth capacity and redundancy. PTCL has currently three under-sea cables linking Pakistan with the outer world.

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  • PTCL will crush competition. Wateen, Augere and Witribe are finished… LDN and MAXCOM have been eaten already.

    Etisalat will own Pakistan Broadband Industry!

    Pakistani citizens must now start to learn to speak Arabic.

      • 3G coming sooner than you think…I guess it coming in 2014-2015… unfortunate delays may extend it to 2016-2017…political pressure may extend it to 2018-2019..Election and after election issues delay 2019-2020 so, i guess it will finally be announced in around 2020-2021.. :)

        • Did you know that even 4G is VERY old now and is being planned to be upgraded to 5G, but still is the standard around the world’s developed countries? And here we are still struggling to get 3G. 3G technology is now obsolete across the globe, and no its not sooner than I think.

        • 5G will be Launched in 2020 by the Time it will come in Pakistan my bones will be getting rotten in the grave.

          • I do everything, i watch online videos on youtube, i play games and i do browsing.. You need to know that latency is useful in every aspect, it leads to faster browsing, faster loading of videos and yes better gaming experience aswell.

      • what are you smoking? ping/latency will always be better on wired connection wi-tribe and Qubee are nowhere near as good as ptcl or any other wired isp in term of ping/latency

      • Really?
        Yes, ping is based on physical distance but that is not really that case in PTCL, First thing PTCL can do is to reduce local latency, which can be within 10 ms for entire pakistan, Keep in mind that there are larger countries with much lower local latencies, On the other hand they can also decrease their international Latency by firstly, getting rid of their Censhorship server, which in itself is adding 30 ms to all packets. Thirdly If india can get 130-150 ms to Europe, i am sure we are closer to europe then india is. Please go study about International latencies. They really can Improve latency

  • Ok so imposed 4 Mbps connection and COSTS AS WELL THEN! Currently PTCL does not deliver on what it promises. For a 1 Mbps connection the speeds which a consumer gets are roughly 256 Kbps to 512 Kbps and for Nitro customer who are supposed to get 9.3 Mbps they get around 400 Kbps to 800 Kbps which frankly is beyond PATHETIC! A company that does not deliver on its promise is forcing it self onto its customers is not commitment to customer service but its an act of a THUG! If this is the case them my broadband connection is coming off, there needs to be a strict competition in the land line and broadband area in Pakistan so that the end consumers benefit from it.

    • Mr Rocket Scientist I think you are missing the trick. It does not take a rocket Scientist to understand that if the mentioned speeds are download speeds then I am afraid mate you are not gonna get anything better than that. That is the normal formula around the world, divide your total by 8 and that is the actual download speed throughout the World. Get your facts straight!!!

      • Yes this is the norm around the world but they don’t rip of customers based on their advertisements. A 512 Kbps connection (in its actual) is quite a quick browse. but PTCL speeds are affected as the shared band width is not enhance as the customer base grows.
        Get you facts straight too MATE!

    • Its mentioned that you will get speed (upto 9.3 Mbps) not exactly 9.3 Mbps… REMEMBER::: upto always means sometime(s) and max possible speed……….and they havnt mentioned lowest speed or average speed …:P
      and i do get 970+ KBps in morning time (around Fajr)…

    • Mr Rocket Scientist,

      On 1 Mbps connection you should get about 32 KB download speed.

      Always remember the small “b” and the capital “B”. Small “b” stands for bit and capital “B” stands for byte, a byte has 8 bit. So always divide the Mbps by 8 to get the speed in Kilo Bytes.

      On 9.3 Mbps you should get maximum speed about 1.2 MB which is mostly less than 500 due to signal problems and distortions.

      • 32KB/s?????
        So, normal download speed @1MB is 128KBps, however due to line losses in the copper wire, usually the best speed is around 117KB/sec.

        • Yes, your math is correct. I normally do see about 200-205 KByte/sec on a 2 Mbit link (even on copper) and over 400 on a 4 Mbit link. This is both for downloads (go to a website, download a large file) or torrents. I have never had a situation where I saw less, but perhaps my exchange is not very heavy with DSL users.

    • for your kind information the speed is describe in mega bit per second and the speed you are mentioning is speed given by download accelerator which is defined in kilo bytes per second so if you convert it you will get that your speed is accordingly as they are saying

    • totally agree! the price and the quality service! damn why we have to suffer! we r doing everything good from our side so why ptcl is becoming such a selfish bitch!

    • Well I have never encountered a problem like that. They deliver the speeds promised by the package.
      The only real problem they need to fix is Latency.

  • Great but currently PTCL unable to provide accurate speed because all PTCL telephone cables old, they provide us connection based on old Cables and we are facing daily disconnect of our DSL connections.
    when we call to PTCL on 1218 they provide us “Lolly Pop” every day.

  • That 50% lifetime discount on Wingle and Evo 3.1 was a massive farce!. I ordered it as well by calling 1236. No one I know of has got their device delivered yet even after a month. Now their stupid ass says they will achieve 2 million users by the end of 2013? Keep dreaming Mr. Walid.

    • Lol yeah Mr. Walid. Dunno there sales teams are such a fraud, they refused to regular customers about wingle, that stocks are over, but they sold all devices to profit makers, which are now selling evo/wingle on eid offer in double prices every where, you can check olx

  • Its just me or PTCL really have all their attention on increasing the customers/subscribers but do not turn their attention to improving their services.

    • Why no the earth would they need to improve the service quality??… MONOPOLY do not need quality…. PTCL shuold do something to Nayatel though…

  • guys student package kasa hai agar new fiber connection kay sath use kia jay or total bill kitna aye gah agar koi call na ki jay

  • Should put emphasis on their service as well. I have a terrible 2Mbps connection. Disconnects repeatedly. But since I have no other option I’m stuck with it. Anybody here know any guy in PTCL where I can email and complain about their service?

    • I have searched online and found a trick that usually works for me. On your modem, change your modulation to G.dmt. Uncheck everything else (ADSL2+, etc etc). For me, that dropped my disconnects to zero immediately.

      It may or may not work for you, but after four years of experimenting with trying to make my DSL work better on copper, that is the only thing that worked.

  • I am unable to get 4Mbps in my area in Johar Town Lahore because the Faisal town exchange guys say that the DPs in your are do not support that much. However I was having 4Mbps during 4Mbps promotional campaingn (May-June 12013).

    • Yeah!!! thank you. That’s exactly my point.

      And the very same thing happened to me. I was okay last year and start of this year too But then the Bad quality struck and i had to downgrade to 2MB just the get a stable internet connection.
      BTW, PTCL CSR/Helpline team suck ballzzz. They don’t know anything, and your complaints never get resolved.

  • Bad Idea. Unless they are also looking to upgrade all the infrastructure from copper wires to ONU lines, this plan of theirs is gonna back-fire. They’ll have more complaints than they can handle due to disconnection and bad lines issues.
    Currently 90% of the complaints are related to line problems (LOW SNR margins, high attenuation, white-noise in phone tone).

    Rather than going all the way to DOUBLE-UP they should focus on quality of their service.

  • A nice step but Mr Walid Arshad please try to increase the quality of DSL .. We need dedicated lines instead by providing us 4 MBPS !!

  • appreciate mr. walid’ words… i wish it’ll work soon
    PTCL is much better than other broadband services

  • Ask them to increase limit of EVO Nitro 3g from 50 gb (for rs 2100/M) to minimum 100 gb. 50 gb is not enough for me as web designer.

  • hey guys
    whenever i upgrade to 4mb my connection starts to disconnect on incoming call after 4 or 5 month upgradation then after i’d hve to downgrade it to 2mb.
    any tips plz????

    • No Tips and Solution. I Faced the Same Problem. Called the PTCL changed my Entire Line nothing solved, wasted my money and downgraded my Speed to 2Mb.

  • PTCL monopoly Coming soon .. as no more competition left for PTCL Having 3G EVO license already , More Then 70% IP bandwidth owned by PTCL (Sooner 100%) , already in talks to Buy Warid .. and in then end they still have to pay dues to Government of Pakistan ..

  • This is the same strategy they did with my student package. At first they upgraded to 2 Mbps from 1 Mbps. I used to pay 999 per month before conversion for 1 Mbps and after conversion they charged 1299/- . Since I have no use for 2 Mbps, I reverted back and they assigned me new rates which are 1099 for 1 Mbps student package.
    Now they are doing the same trick by upgrading everyone to 4 Mbps.

  • When i switched to 4MB PTCL internet it gets completely turned off from 9AM to 5PM then i switched back to 2MB it feels like Internet Load Shedding.
    if PTCL gets the Control of WAPDA your entire house would’ve have burned to the ground because of Short Circuiting.

  • They should also try to upgrade their aging infrastructure as well. 4Mbps won’t serve anyone if their connection doesn’t work for half the day!

  • Dear Mr.Walid Irshad,
    President of PTCL, Islamabad.

    Dear Sir,
    It is requested that my father is businessman and having shop at Shahi Bazar (Main Bazar) Town Pano Akil, District Sukkur, and I help my father in day to day routine of work.
    We use PTCL Broad band telephone No.071-5809108, with speed of 2.0 MBPS, but I am sorry to say that no speed is apprently of the telephone and it was working as same telephone is work about 10 years back.
    What the fun of be-fooling the people by providing the 2.0 Mbps speed of broad band telephone.
    I have complained to your Officers such as General Manager PTCL Sukkur and Pano Akil staff but no heed or attention is being paid by your employees of the Ptcl Department.
    You are therefore, requested to terminate my PTCL line so also terminate the employees of PTCL of Pano Akil and Sukkur, to improvement of the Department otherwise your PTCL Employees are bent upon to damage your Department.

    j Yours very faithfully,.

    Aneel Kumar,
    Bhitai Communication Shop,
    Shahi Bazar Pano Akil, District Sukkur
    Contact Mobile No.0300-3187229

  • If by upgrading all 1Mbps & 2Mbps users, you mean by forcing users to pay for 4Mbps tariff, I’m afraid I’ll have to disconnect your service, permanently. I’ve put up with your BS customer service long enough, and this will be the final straw if it indeed is how you intend to increase your customer base.

    Can you confirm if 4Mbps rates will be dropped below to 1-2Mbps rates, or is it as I fear it is ?

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