Get PTCL EVO with 50% Discount on Monthly Charges


Those who have missed PTCL’s Azaadi promotion that offered lifetime discount of 50% on EVO devices can avail a similar discount on EVO devices again.

With this new promotion, PTCL is offering 50% discount on monthly charges for EVO devices till June 30th, 2014. That’s 50 percent discount on monthly charges for straight nine months.

Monthly charges for EVO service – after discount during the promotion – will be Rs. 1050 instead of regular Rs. 2,100 monthly charges.

Offer Details

Any subscriber making a purchase on EVO Unlimited (Prepaid & postpaid) packages starting 18th of Sept,2013 shall enjoy 50% discounts on monthly charges till June 30th,2014.

This is a limited time offer. End dates for promotion to be announced late.

  • Package: EVO Max 3.1
  • Existing Price: Rs. 2,100
  • Discounted Price: Rs. 1,050
  • Valid till: June 30th, 2014

Terms and Conditions

  • Promotion is valid for new sales only.
  • Promotion is valid on EVO Unlimited packages only.
  • Promotion is valid for both postpaid and prepaid subscribers.
  • Limited time promotion; end dates to be communicated later.
  • Offer is not applicable for package conversions
  • Recharge/continuation options shall be available in both prepaid & postpaid billing.
  • Package validity shall depend upon the number of days or the volume limit; whichever comes first.
  • Service can be availed through any PTCL OSS, authorized PTCL retail outlets & order booking through 1236.

  • swajdaan

    more days of headache coming from PTCL…

  • M. A. Shehzad

    NEVER EVER BUY THIS SHIT. I bought it in August and suffering. Even browsing is slower than a dial up connection, let alone downloading or watching videos. Any location, any computer, it is worthless !!!!!!

    • DJ

      Yes this is true,
      they are trying their level best to capture more of the market before 3G launch.
      Pathetic Speed and services on Evo though DSL is working perfect :)

      • Cgill

        Am Getting 5 to 6 mbps speed on EVO wingle 9.3 mbps.

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    PTCL is one bad organization, which don’t care about its existing subscribers in terms of both the cost and value. They only put attention on getting new subscribers, which btw run away after couple of months due to pathetic services of PTCL and over charging and then providing same services on lower costs to new subscribers.

    This not only the case with their evo, their landline network is worst/ pathetic, specially in areas where it was installed once, its not upgraded or fixed resulting in pathetic services.

  • shahjahan

    plzzz don’t buy this device !! average speed is less than 1MB !!

  • Atiq

    Is it applicable on EVO Wingle?????????/

    • aamir7


  • Hate this

    The Only reason why this Non-Sense company “Peee..TCL” is still alive is that it has somehow always managed to trick and trap innocent customers and then suck their blook. Go to Hell “Peee..TCL”

  • Sumair

    never ever buy this P.O.S called EVO. Average speed is 512 kbps and they advertise it as 3.1 mbps! Will u pay Rs 2100 for just 512 kbps??? Huh! :-/




      [email protected]

  • nad

    jis mulk main consumers aesay hongay jo apnay huqooq k baray main jantay hi na hon wahan PTCL jesi cheezen hi hongi . :)
    wesay aik baat hai
    PTCL aur SUCK main aik hi keys press hoti hain mobile keypad pay :)

  • nabeel

    There are other options to waste your hard earned money ….its not worth it!!!

  • Bina Khan

    I just dont get it, whenever something comes up from PTCL there is a barrage of criticism against it. Have been seeing this for a very long time, but the numbers tell a different story. They have crossed 1.5 million broadband customers. So let me put up a very valid question here:
    Either the 1.5 million users who are using PTCL are stupid
    PTCL`s competitors are not investing time on developing their networks instead they are employing cheap de-marketing skills to gather users.
    And please dont give me the Bull shit “there is no other option” crap.

    • Bilal Iqbal

      i also have EVO since many years and enjoy all the time..
      there are issues but what is alternative at all. world call… WTH… nothing better… costly and slower… what else people want in such price.. either wait for 3G…. 3-6 Mbps in good signal strengths… ptcl is somewhat enough.. meeting my needs since many years.. if i faced problems.. i launched complains on help line and they resolved it within due period of time… people should be mature now..

      • Sarfaz Ahmed

        Bilal Iqbal

        If you have been using EVO for many years just for checking a hotmail and gmail account than it is more than enough for you. but all people are not like you. some doing business (like making websites, or giving other services) some use it to do research work. some use it for communication. some use it to prepare their research papers, soem use it to read about the latest trends. some use it to listen to music. As for me, I have to manage remote servers and i need hell of a speed.

        so plz don’t BS others. I register a complaint every few days and every time the complain conversation is given below:

        Representative: R

        Customer C:

        R: Sir, this is XXX how may i hep you

        Hi, I’m a EVO customer. I’m using the device but Im not getting speed at all.

        R: Since when are you having this issue?

        Im having it for 1 day now.

        R: Ok, what is your device MSN#

        I just typed it when i was being connected.

        R: Ok, sir is xxxxx ur device #?


        R: This device is registered for Mr.X

        Yes it is me calling

        R: What exactly is the problem you are facing?

        I told you it’s not working. the speed is unbearably slow

        R: Oh.. what is the speed u r getting

        it’s f*** 12 Kbps

        R: I see, Sir can you visit the

        yes. I have opened it

        R: Sir begin the test.

        I have..

        (momentary pause)

        R: What is the ping speed

        it is 467ms

        R: what is the download speed?

        it’s just 0.1 Mbps

        R: how many signals are you seeing

        They are full

        R: is the device in EVDO mode or Hybrid


        R: have u tried changing the location

        I have it doesnt work. It is from ur end

        R: Ok.. Sir is the device getting heated up?

        No, its fine.

        R: have u tried reconected it.

        I have it does not work

        R: Sir unplus the device, restart ur machine and check again

        Its not working i have just checked

        R: Is the device heating

        it is just fine

        R: stay in contact…

        R: stay in contact

        R: stay in contact

        YES Im in contact

        R: stay in contact


        R: ok sir your complaint no is 22. you will be contacted soon, take care allah hafiz

        you instantly get a text msg your coplaint has been registered.

        and while you are ondering what’s going on you get another text msg in few hours

        you complaint has been resolved and closed.

        but the speed remains the same!!!!

  • Mir

    I strongly agree with the following comments…
    1. poor indoor coverage
    2. links speed is miserably slow <100kb
    3. most of the time connecting on the 2G, that is pathetic download speed is in <30kb
    4. I bought it to use it while traveling but had to revert back to GPRS.
    5. PTCL could not activate the devicein a week. poor customer service.
    6. Returned the device and luckily got the refund.
    7. Not recommended at all.
    It is a big time scam

    • Bilal Iqbal

      the problem is with signals not service my dear.. 1.5 to 2 Mbps but keep your device at good position… if you can’t then don’t blame the service provider.. no one the world can provide perfect service.. wireless is dependent upon signal strength and load in exchange…

      • anonymous

        @disqus_8SMJLPKmdJ:disqus evo speed varies as per the area, it is my observation when a large number of users are using there services (like in the evening), I only get 5-40KB/s while in the early morning I get 3-4Mb on my evo wingle. I confirmed it from someone I know in PTCL and he told me that I have to bear the same. Support guys told me that all users (evo cloud/wingle/nitro etc) are on a shared pool of bandwidth so nothing can be done to entertain me in this matter, @binakhan:disqus @Bilal Iqbl what would you say about this crap ? ? ?

        • Bilal Iqbal

          This is called fare usage policy. Not only by ptcl but in all world. Only corporate users get dedicated bandwidth by paying heavy amount.

        • Sarfaz Ahmed

          don’t worry my dear. Bina Khan and/or Bilal Iqbal are PTCL employees so definitely they are not worth paying attention to.

          • Bilal Iqbal

            happy to know about me ;p (NADRA has nothing to do with PTCL at all).. by the way.. I am facing speed issues after changing my home .. and this is due to over loaded network in my area…
            and I launch complaints to PTA instead of PTCL which get much more attention as compared to 1218…

            • Sarfaz Ahmed

              doesn’t matter
              both have idiots working there

              • Bilal Iqbal

                and you people go there to get your things done..
                Cant live with out them but acceptance is hard for you..

                keep your wisdom up to you… :P

  • Amar

    EVO MAX 3.1 ? is that he maximum Speed ?

    • Baghi

      3.1 is the capacity of the DEVICE and NOT the Service Provider, which, unfortunately is the Peee…..TCL……

    • EVO 3.1 unlimited download 200 sy 375 kbps speed hai …. montly just 1000 bus remember its not 1050 ……………it is doctor packge … ZERO THREE THREE TWO FIVE FOUR ZERO ZERO SIX SEVEN FOUR

  • M. A. Shehzad

    Go to OLX and you’ll find dozens trying to resell their recently bought EVO or EVO Wingle. Poor chaps.

  • Abdul Musawar Soomro

    had used 7 years costly and shitty packages WARNING never buy or will suffer from very slow connection

  • anas

    i can smell something….. some competitors here.. I am not from PTCL but my cousion is using this shit n its worth the MOney Unlike Blood + money suckers wi tribe qubee blah blah blah dont make people foool..

  • ali raza

    i have no alternative so i bought evo 3.1 mpbs there are few older realesed in 2009-10 which are slow i onlu get 40-60% signals its speed is average but since last three months i have changed my computer configuration and reserve bandwidth 1% there is increase in its speed very much i get 300kpbs download on average on (IDM)

  • Abdul Malik

    السلام علیکم۔۔
    اللہ کے بندو ایسی پیکجز نکال کر آپ لوگ پرانے کسٹمرز کے ساتھ ظلم کر رہے ہو۔۔
    جب سے ایوو وِنگل کا ہاف پرائسز والا پیکج نکالا اس وقت سے میرے پاس ایوو نائٹرو پر ڈاؤن لوڈنگ سپیڈ 200 کے بی سے بھی کم آرہی ہے۔۔ جبکہ اس سے پہلے 500کے بی سے زیادہ آتی تھی۔

    خدارا اس طرح پیسے پیسے کھا کھا کر حرام مت کریں۔۔ یا تو پھر جو پرانے صارفین ہیں انہیں بھی کوئی ریلیف دیں۔۔

  • Ghatya tareen support hay aaik haftay say net band hay or jab complain karo kehtay hain system upgrade ho raha hay, BC ya kon sa system hay jo upgrade ho kay nahi day raha

  • Ali Rashid

    biggest shit service

  • Murtaza Telecome

    evo wingle availible hole sale good price Murtaza Telecome Zafarwal 03007172407

  • Murtaza Telecome

    EVO Wingle prepaid boht he achy rate m mil sakti h only for Dealers Murtaza Telecome 03007172407

  • basitabbasi

    Yes this is true,
    they are trying their level best to capture more of the market before 3G launch.
    Pathetic Speed and services on Evo though DSL is working perfect :)

  • attique

    yeh brother you are truly right

  • Asher Khan

    Beware & Alert !!!


    If you Consume 50 GB in a month, Don’t recharge till the 50 GB Package (Already Consumed) Validity Expires, otherwise you will charge 10 paisa / MB.

    50 GB can only be given after Last Package Date Validity Expire.

  • Rabina

    I have bought PTCL evo five months later, have done 1000s of calls to resolve small issues. No one listens and every customer support person will tell you a newer story, under maintainable is the best answer. I am surprised how this organizations is working. I would never recommend buying anything from PTCL. The company is fraud. I have registered their complaints to PTA as well but nothing happened. If they provide you a complaint number and if you check the status automatically the system wont recognize that number. Sam with the PTA they do not register any complaint against PTCL. I am planning to buy another modem, if someone can guide if I can convert the same useless PTCL USB to other service, is this possible?