Nokia to End Support for Symbian and Meego from Jan 1st, 2014


Nokia has just discovered a new way to tarnish your new year celebrations. The Finns have announced that from the very start of 2014, it will be ending the support for its Symbian – once the king of mobile OSes – and Meego Operating Systems.

What that means is that while you will be able to download apps from those operating systems’ app stores, those apps won’t be getting updates any longer. No apps will be posted to the store after that either.

“If you have Symbian and MeeGo content in the Nokia Store, it will continue to be available for download to customers, and you will continue to receive download and revenue reports as well as payouts for downloaded content”, the company said in an email to developers. “However, starting January 1, 2014, you will no longer be able to publish any new content or update existing content for Symbian and MeeGo.”

While this news isn’t a surprise, recent events in the Nokia’s history including the move to Windows Phone and the eventual selling of the phone division to Microsoft meant that this move was probably hastened.

Nokia had already announced earlier this year that it would never make a Symbian phone again.

  • nokia should fire its stubborn staff and should adopt android as its major OS. nokia will take its market share back as nobody can compete with nokia when it comes to hardware, especially camera.

    • Nokia has been bought by Microsoft , why on earth would microsoft abandon it’s own os in favour of its competitors !
      Also microsoft is paving way for Windows mobile that might be a reason for clearing the way !

      • S30…I am talking about S30….S30 means No apps/forward/reverse function/No internet… Upcoming Nokia 108 also has s30 platform….Nokia Asha platform is based on S40..

    • u might be an iphone or galaxy, lumias buyer, let nokia built s30 series for the remote areas where poor people who cant afford to buy all the goodies

  • This is the main reason the bad patch of Nokia, that the company keep old technology features, which Cant meet the need of user. So the new featured devices of Nokia again capture its lost position.

  • I bet today, future is Windows Mobile OS, Sorry guys but Android is not mature and looks childish. IOS is a better option.

  • R.I.P you absolute legend… world will remember you as the primary reason for John McClain to save the day in DIE HARD 4.0 with that kid who had Mac at home for hacking the code & an Nokia E90 communicator to hack the satellite. :D

  • Symbian were a masterpiece that laid foundations for modern days smartphones. Unfortunately Nokia has not emphasize in enhancements of this giant OS. That caused in Microsoft to buy the one giant that globally holds 90% market share in mobile phone business. Now this is the turn for microsoft to show the world that it can change the world with WPs in upcoming days. hoping for the best from microsoft. :)

  • Symbian I will definitely miss you. A die hard Nokia fan,
    No one can beat Nokia when it comes to hardware and reliability. The only mistake they made was not making symbian as much user friendly as android or IOS is.

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