Pakistan Idol Receives Over 10K Entries through Mobilink Mobile Auditions

Pakistan Idol Receives Over 10K Entries through Mobilink Mobile Auditions

Mobilink’s mobile auditions have received 10,861 entries from participants aspiring to participate in Pakistan Idol.

The Mobilink mobile auditions mark the first time in the history of the global reality show that participants have been able to send in their nominations using call-ins.

As the official cellular partner of Pakistan Idol, Mobilink took on the responsibility of empowering 37 million subscribers on its network by providing them access to Pakistan Idol through their mobile phones. The resulting call-in nominations were received from over 850 cities, towns and villages from across Pakistan.

Farid Ahmad, Vice President Marketing, Mobilink said, “Our support for Pakistan Idol is part of our belief in the inherent talent of the people of Pakistan. As Pakistan’s telecom industry leader, Mobilink understands its responsibility to provide an equal opportunity across the length and breadth of the country to participate in the world’s largest music reality show. Mobilink takes great pride in having increased the outreach of ‘Pakistan Idol’ to over 850 locations across Pakistan.”

Pakistan Idol will follow a similar pattern as the international ‘Idol’ series. A total of 100 participants are to be finalized in the first round, based on in-person and mobile auditions. 40 will be further short-listed to reach the ‘Theater Round’ where they will compete in group and individual performances. The ‘Piano’ round will be the final stage of the competition, with 13 contestants performing over several weeks for the coveted title of ‘Pakistan Idol’.

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        Turkish culture is also promoting by media is another propaganda can’t we stick to our own culture?

        • Honestly, what culture is that? Can you tell us what Pakistani culture is? Think in terms of literature, arts, etc.

          Is it Mughal culture? Everyone knows they came to india to CONQUER and loot, not to spread Islam. Same with kings of Afghanistan, Iran, etc.

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      Point #3: That’s clearly not true, Music has been associated with Muslims in this part of the world for centuries. Maybe you meant to say “Music has never been part of our RELIGION.” But we are not discussing religion, we are discussing CULTURE. And we’re back at the problem where you say THIS is not part of our culture or THAT is not part of our culture, but you cannot define WHAT IS part of our culture.

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      • Boss
        Are we supposed to Follow culture of our Ancestors after Becoming a Muslim?

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          You keep bringing up religion but our religion doesn’t say anything about “culture”. In Arab lands, when Islam came down, the only thing that stopped was cultural things that were against Islam. Like names of people that were like shirk. Like killing civilians in battles. Things like that. Nothing else changed. Some things were modified, but MOST things were unaffected. Everything that wasn’t against teachings of Islam was still permitted.

          All I keep asking is, WHAT IS OUR CULTURE. You live here, you go outside and interact with Pakistanis everyday, why is it so hard to explain what our culture IS? Why is the first statement about what our culture ISN’T?

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