PITB Develops Electronic Challan System for Traffic Violations

PITB Challan System

Punjab Information Technology Board has developed and deployed new Ticket Charging System for Traffic Violations that uses Android phones and Bluetooth Printer to get the job done.

With this new system, Police Officers will be able to charge traffic violation tickets on the spot.

Upon a violation, Police Officer will enter driver’s license number in an Android app to match the number with the central database for authenticity. After authentication the type of violation is input in the system to ultimately get a printed ticket through bluetooth enabled portable printer.

Driver can pay the ticket charges to get the license back.

With the deployment of this new system, the individual log of violations against each driver can be maintained. Moreover, the flow of violations – on a whole – can also be determined to better understand the challenges faced by drivers on the road.

This new electronic system of charging tickets will not only speed-up the whole process, but will bring in more transparency to once notorious traffic ticketing system.

Via Faisal Yousaf &TGW