Huawei Launches Ascend Y511, a Budget Android Phone, in Pakistan

Huawei Ascend Y511

Huawei has launched its latest mobile phone in Pakistan. The Ascend Y511 is now available at Huawei’s retails outlets across the country.

With a 4.5 inch display a full touch supporting 5 point multi touch, this phone is ideal for the internet savvy and on-the-go workers. Ascend Y511 comes in two classic colors- black and white.

Huawei Ascend Y511 is a lightweight and compact Dual-SIM smartphone running on Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean). Huawei Ascend Y511 is powered by a MediaTek MT6572 processor, with a clock speed of 1.3 GHz and complemented by 512 MB RAM.

On top of that 4 GB Storage is provided, which you can expand later by adding an extra microSD card.

Here are the specifications again:

  • CPU: Dual-core 1.3 GHz
  • Chipset: Mediatek MT6572
  • OS: Android OS, v4.2 (Jelly Bean)
  • Design:
    • Dimensions: 5.23 x 2.65 x 0.41 in
    • Weight: 150 g
  • Display:
    • 480 x 854 pixels, 4.5 inches (~218 ppi pixel density), IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen
  • Memory:
    • RAM: 512 MB
    • Internal: 4 GB
    • Exteral: microSD, up to 32 GB
  • Connectivity: GPRS, EDGE, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB
  • Camera:
    • Primary: 3.15 MP, 2048×1536 pixels
    • Rear Camera: VGA
  • Battery: Li-Ion 1730 mAh
  • Price: Rs. 12,500

Price of Huawei Ascend Y511 in Pakistan is around 12,500

  • Raja Maja

    what is good in it as compare to Qmobile A65 (Rs. 10,800/-)…………….

    • Raihan

      A65 does not support 3G. Plus you can get an update to android kitkat incase of Y511.

      • AlexG


        I am from Philippines and kitkat is not yet available for Y511 :(

    • Ubaid

      Huawei Y511. Huawei is an international brand available in almost every country of the world. It has a good repotation and its a big brand. Where as, Qmobile is rebraned.
      Huawei is more durable, Their warranty claim is better. Huawei is a far better choice compared to Qmobile

    • irfan

      aoa wrwb! i was also a fan of q mobile a65, it was my first smart phone, but when i purchased it, i experienced 2problems, camera result not satisfactory&battery timing is very weak. then i exchange with Huawei ascend y511, its battery timing is good but camera result is almost same.(a little better than a65).

      • amaar iqbal

        please tell me about battery life

        • AlexG

          Batterly life takes me more than a drain, thisis already using the phone for gaming plus wifi

          Good job huawei for the battery life of this baby

  • Saeed

    Qmobile is now only targeting to sale out the sets but they are not maintaining the quality as day by day every sets has issues etc.

    Hope Huawei will consider these things if they wanted to stay in the Pakistani market.

  • Kashif

    Is that the wallpaper from the Samsung Galaxy S3? That UI is quiet similar to TouchWiz. What is going on here :D

    • Sohail Arain

      Well at least there is an App drawer now :P

  • Bilal Iqbal

    Good thing…

  • good one, very reasonable

  • shujaswati

    RAM is too low.

  • Danish

    I bought Huawei Ascend G510 for PKR 15,000 in april, how quickly prices came down :(

    • rana qadeer

      danish can u share your experience with Huawei Y510……battery time, mobile feature and any other problem u had faced during the sue of this handset

      • Danish

        G510 is a good set, i found it satisfactory in my use, battery timing is also good, there was only one issue of speaker which was covered in warranty

    • amaar iqbal

      tell me about battery life bro

      • Danish

        Here is battery life

  • Κ@§ђ!ƒ @ђм@đ ♐

    What;s so special about this set?
    Its similar to my #QMobile #A50 :-p

    • ubi

      There is a huge difference between Qmobile and Huawei tbh

      • Κ@§ђ!ƒ @ђм@đ ♐

        Share some details of these differences ;-)
        I don;t think so there is any much difference in these 2 sets…

        • Only Pulse

          Huawei is a leading brand and has superior quality than Qmobile. Huawei’s phones are launched worldwide including USA & Europe. Just search Huawei in Google News.

          • Κ@§ђ!ƒ @ђм@đ ♐

            What difference does it make?
            My point is both models are similar, what do you say on it???

            • Only Pulse

              It DOES make a difference. Why Samsung is expensive than Qmobile? Since you are interested why it’s better than QMobile A50, it has bigger screen and faster processor than A50.

              • Κ@§ђ!ƒ @ђм@đ ♐

                Only brand names makes products expensive, BTW large screen and faster processor is appreciable feature…
                But I still love my QMobile A50 :-)

                • Bilal Iqbal

                  i am also Q user but Huawei is better… possible updates and roots easily available…

                  • Danish

                    have you tried rooting huawei?

                    • Bilal Iqbal

                      no but it is general phenomena.. big names like samsung and huawei are rooted by international users and custom roms are provided in XDA forums… you may find your answer there….

                • ubi

                  Its not about brand, Huawei has trust of people from all over the which is one thing that makes Huawei stand out. If you were buying a Juicer/Blender, and you had two choices, Panasonic and some other local or an un-familiar brand and both are in the same price. Which one would you buy? Panasonic, Right? Because it has a name and customers trust it.
                  Secondly, Huawei’s warranty claim is far far far better than Qmobile’s warranty claim. Qmobiles warranty claim sucks tbh.
                  Thirdly, Qmobile sets face alot of Boot loop problems and you end up wiping your data.
                  Trust, Warranty Claim, Durability is what makes Huawei stand out from Qmobile.

                • ubi

                  Big fishes like Cynogenmod does make Custom roms for Huawei sets but not for Qmobile sets, That is another set back.

            • Tayyab

              The big difference is of GPU. QMobile A50 has Andreno 200 and Huawei Y511 has Mali-400MP as in Samsung Galaxy S3. So you cannot play Heavy games on QMobile A50 and Huawei Y511 support most 3D games.

              • Κ@§ђ!ƒ @ђм@đ ♐

                Thanks for pointing out this feature :-)

  • Noaman Ahmed


    How is it compared to v40 and v30 extreme?

    • ubi

      Voice has just entered the market and Huawei is an old and reknowned brand. I would prefer Huawei.

  • aasim

    really good mobile .. if this mobile had at least 1 GB RAM , LED FLASH … i would consider to buy this ..

  • muhammad tauseef

    how can i activate 3g on huawei y511?? plz assist