EatOye, an Online Food Ordering Service Launched

Group picture shows Jamal Khan C.E.O of ARPATECH, Nauman Sikandar C.E.O of EatOye Pakistan and Founder; Rai Umair C.T.O of EatOye Pakistan and Founder; Mobin Nasir Business Development Manager of ARPATECH; Natasha Rizvi Brand Manager EatOye and others at the launching Ceremony of EatOye Pakistan.

EatOye, a indigenous online food ordering company, has commercially commenced with a launch event that happened in Karachi this week.

EatOye aims to become the most trusted home in Pakistan for online food ordering or table reservations.

With over 700 restaurants already on-board, EatOye offers its customers in eight major cities of Pakistan to order food online or lets them reserve a table before going out. This all can be done instantly and for free.

Simply visit this website: and start exploring unresisting fooding options.

EatOye is quick, safe and most convenient way to gratify hunger pangs without any extra costs involved.

EatOye said that it has a 24/7 contact centre already up where professionally trained Customer Service Officers work as personal concierges. The team is fully trained and equipped to serve our customers from all walks of life.

Anyone can call at 111–HUNGRY to let the food fun happen.

Rai Umair, Chief Technology Officer, EatOye, said, “EatOye is proud to be Pakistan’s most convenient food ordering company that has grown tremendously over the past 6 months, by providing services to more than 30,000 satisfied customers and over 700 restaurant partners in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Uncompromising quality and customer services is our prime focus. The food ordering market continues to grow strongly, and we see tremendous future potential.”

Launch event was attended by leading lifestyle, food and technology bloggers and some prominent restaurant groups in the country. Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonald’s, 14th Street Pizza Co. to name a few.

  • Honest advice: Try to NEVER give them your mobile number for ANY reason!

    I once checked out their website for the phone number of some restaurant. When I called that number, it turned out to be EatOye’s call center. I then asked the call center guy for the phone number of that restaurant. He asked for my cell phone number, saying they’ll send the requested number on SMS (I was calling from landline). I gave them my cell number and soon after the call received the SMS. That number turned out to be that same one which I just called i.e EatOye’s call center! Then I suddenly realized why the call center agent was asking for my cell number instead of just telling me what I asked for. I immediately called EatOye back and told the call center agent that I gave my number by mistake but please remove it from your database and I don’t want to receive any spam SMS or call from EatOye. He said yeah we’ll do it. But the damage was already done: TO THIS DAY, I AM SUFFERING FROM EATOYE’S SMS SPAMMING. :(

    • Let me explain, we have 3000 restaurants of which we have opened up 700 for ordering, as a courtesy to users we do entertain calls for non serving restaurants and need the mobile number to send an SMS. Which restaurant did you enquire about, we keep all mobile numbers private and do not share with any one. Please contact us on [email protected] to have your number removed.

      • Asking for mobile number of people is stupid. How many centuries do we need to understand the simple fact that people hate spam messages and SMS. Pakistanis are not material of providing good customer service. Look at their attitude at roads and they bring same attitude in business. All operators and everyone is doing spam. Dealing with pakis on day to day basis is like hell where they show no ethics and emotional intelligence. Seems like the theory is right that most good people have gone abroad and only garbage is left behind.

  • They have a better service then even restaurants, we have reserved in Karachi and Lahore in the past through them and even got 15% off at Marco Polo. 700 lives menus is no joke.

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