United Mobile Launches Octa-Core Voice X5 in Pakistan


Local mobile phones distributor, United Mobile launched its latest and most expensive android smartphone yet — the Voice X5, the first smartphone from the United Mobile to feature an octa-core processor in Pakistan.

X5 features a large 5-inch OGS crystal display, 1080p screen resolution and 440ppi pixel density. As compared to other smartphones by voice it has a better build quality with a sleek and stylish design, however it is strikingly similar to Xiamoi MI-2 .

As I mentioned earlier this phone is packed with an octa-core processor, we are not sure about the actual performance but clocked at 1.7GHz it will surely beat the competition. The phones comes with 2GB of RAM and 16GB internal storage with an option to expand storage up to 32GB.

Voice X5 also features 13-megapixel primary camera with dual-LED flash and 5-megapixel secondary camera for video calling.

Other notable features include Dual SIM functionality, NFC and USB on the go, so you can also use your 3G dongle with it.

All the specifications seems very nice on the paper but the 2000mAh battery is the deal breaker. The company claims that their battery saving technology will help you get this phone running for a single day but I guess power users will have to charge the device multiple times a day.

Voice X5 comes with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean out of the box, when asked about future upgrades we were shocked to hear that this phone won’t get any OS updates officially.

Pricing & Availability:

This phone is available with one year warranty of United Mobile all over Pakistan and comes with a hefty price tag of Rs. 39,000.

Currently it is only available in White color (White back).

Do you think this device is worth 39,000? and can it beat the market giants like Samsung, Huawei or even QMobile? Do share your opinion in the comments.

  • My Views About This Foolish Launched Handset

    1. Too much over-prices. Reasonable price would be Rs. 30,000 or a little less
    2. Battery at it worst, only 2000 mAh in again too much high-price
    3. No market reputation of the brand
    4. No resale value, if you have to sale it in emergency then you will get hardly Rs. 20,000 for this
    5. Poor Customer Services & After Sales Services
    6. Rude behavior of CSR & Sales-persons is affecting the sales of Voice Mobile
    7. Huawei is going to launch its octa-core 3X G750 in this month with a screen size of 5.5″ FHD with 3000 mAh battery; other specs. are almost same.

    Now fools will buy this & rest will wait for Huawei & QMobile to launch a high-end octa-core handset in a reasonable price

    • Q-mobile please.. q-mobile is the same knock off company as this stupid VOICE.. now Huawei is something that i would support..

    • big pooonkaaa MWM to you bhaiiiii ….. Q mobile quad core single sim , without memory card kareena ka chehra karaa kar 35000 ka bechna chahraha hai aur aap us say expect kertay hou k woh octa core achi price main launch kareeega loooser ,,, bhai reality k saath jeena seekhou lol

    • Your arguments are totally null and void. United Mobile has been the top mobile phone distributor in Pakistan since its inception in 2001. The company reputes itself upon its Customer service, before and after sales. This mobile phone is well worth of its price tag. I have used it myself and no other phone present in the market comes near it. The battery time is sufficient since the Octa-Core is very efficient as saving battery life. Overall, this phone is excellent. The market response is amazing for this set.

  • Which OS? KitKat? That is tuned to use less power and resources.

    For comparison, Nexus 5 is 2300 mAh and Moto X is 2200 mAh. Nexus is 4.95″.

    • Voice is a new brand introduced by the premier Mobile phone distributors in Pakistan (United Mobile) hence the resale value for voice is seemingly good as its backed by United’s warranty. Q-mobile has yet to establish itself as a premier company in Pakistan. Its just a brand

  • Xiamoi quality, design, software support competes with Apple devices. they are much better than any other android devices even better than Samsung LG etc

    Xiamoi devices are cheaper than this voice phone. Latest model price was around 35000Rs.

  • Bullshit is all i see here.. this is just a xiomi knock off and not a very good one even at that. i mean in 39 k you have a whole plethora of excellent smartphones that would undoubtebly perform much better than this piece of crap..i would guarantee that if put under benchmark tests this would fail miserably..

  • Do any Pakistani (read China) made Handsets officially get Android OTA updates? utter bullocks this.

  • I think we should appreciate
    the fact that United Mobile is the first to launch Octacore processor phone in
    Pakistan. Whereas battery is concerned the little amount of knowledge that I
    have Octacore consumes 28% less battery due to heterogeneous architecture of 8
    cores, also Voice X5 is with rapid charger HW support which decreases total
    battery charging time by 15-20% as compared to same weight age of batteries,
    and 2000 mAh battery of Octacore is equal to 2600 mAh of Quadcore.

    • Very Logical Jahangir Noor Shaikh , you are right , most of the user here are compasing Quad Core Batteries with Octa Core Battery usage , they even dont know that in Octa Core Heterogenous technology is there to offshore and save battery usage in all media applications , wifi , high LCD resolution and other features ,,,,

  • I have bought this mobile last evening from lahore and its awsome as compared to my earlier S4 , Camera is just awsome and i can take pictures while making video this feature making this device very unique , i have used Z4 and Nexus 4 last month but this X5 is something very fast i must say here , i have played 02 videos FHD 1080 resolution last night and battery from 92% lasts about 3 % in total 5.5 hours of usage which i can see the real cut off advantage of octa core over quad core battery usage , must appreciate United Mobile Here for their big launch and giving Pakistanis real edge over other international players and customers to use Octa Core by 2014 Q1 ……

  • Chaaa gyaa hai United Mobile , i have bought X5 from Hall road on 2nd day of their launch on Saturday , in my last 3 days of usage its giving me tremendous response to my long calling and specially its giving me multi tasking support as well , downloading + skype + back ground audio player and with charging its processing really fast and not heating up as compared to my earlier Z4 which i have resale around 22000 just after 16 days of usage , Z4 is pathetic when it comes to multi tasking and battery consumption , X5 battery charging is simply great total it takes around 1 hour 30 minutes to charge battery from 10% to 100% , earphone and accessories quality is also international standard . i am very happy k ab Q ko sahi competition mileega werna Q Single Sim or Without Memory card support k 35000 ka quad core bech ker bara profit kama rahay they

  • alaaaa Cameraaa hai yaar simply ,
    FHD 1920 x 1080 Display bahut alaaa hey , my friend showed me this mobile today in office and i was checking its price over internet so found your blog here so i must appreciate United Mobile aur Baaap Baaap houta hai United Mobile 15 saal puraana khilaari hai aur Q mobile abhi 3 saal ka chussnii peenay wala bacha hai lol my friend showed me 64GB tak ki USB attach ker saktey hain aur direct video and audio play kersaktey hain aur forward aisey kerta hai jaiey phone memory main video paree hou lol i am using Samsung S3 aur aaj shaam serena man bechnay jaraha hoon aur Voice X5 leker ap logon ko 2 din main mazeed update kerta hoon ..

  • ghatiya voice mobile. jo comnts ma praise ker rahay hain woh sab fake ha. Ma ne try keya ha. china set ha total flop. qmobile bhee iss say acha ha. samsung ka muqbla krney chaly bc octacore

  • bhaiii jaan sab he china hai Nokia , Samsung , Apple , Q sab China man he banrahay hain please raise your standards lol
    we should be proud k Pakistan main pehla OCTA CORE introduce karaya United Mobile nay ab kitna bikraha hai kitnaa nahi yeh unka naseeb hai but as a Pakistani we should feel proud k United Mobile nay OCTA CORE launch kiya jo bahut say mumaaalik main abhi tak launch nahi huaaa hai ,,,,, Jayyy Hooooo !!!!!!

  • Best chinese company is vivo…which is itself innovating..it has launched a new mobile vivo xplay 3s with dts surround sound and amazing other features which no other mobile in the world has.

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