Technology to be Developed to Help Farming Sector


The Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) is looking to develop new technologies to assist Pakistan’s farming sector.

These technologies are expected to include remote sensing, laser land-levelling, bio-fertilisers and solar tube-wells. The introduction of such technologies will enhance the efficiency of Pakistan’s agriculture sector. This will also be a cost effective solution for some of the issues pertaining to the agriculture and livestock sector of the country.

The aim of deploying these technologies is to develop genetic modification expertise for producing high yield/pest resistant crops.

MoST has said that these technologies will help them produce, preserve and process fruits and vegetables that satisfy food chain requirements of the international market.

“The ministry will establish facilities for producing quality controlled halal food for Muslim consumers in different parts of the world and will support schemes for modern techniques in poultry, livestock and fish farming,” an official told the media.

The agriculture and livestock sectors contributes around  20-25% of the GDP and are among the key industries of Pakistan’s economy. It is important to assist the farming sector through relevant technologies to allow them to compete with other international competitors.

  • Shumaila

    No need to develop anything, it is already availble as M2M technonoloy with Telenor Pakistan. Please contact muhammad ali khan at Lahore

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    acha let me call him aik minute