Broadband Subscribers in Pakistan Reach 3.35 Million

Broadband users in Pakistan crossed 3.35 million mark in January 2014, up from 3.02 million subscribers in October 2013, said recently issued stats from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Broadband operators — mainly the PTCL — added 317,481 subscribers on their networks in last three months.

Main contributors remained the EvDO technology, which acquired 256,543 new subscribers – or 80 percent of new broadband customers — in last three months. This was made possible through back to back aggressive offers from PTCL for EVO services.

Total number of customers on EvDO networks surged to 1.52 million, which account to 45 percent of marketshare in terms of broadband subscribers.

DSL remains the second top technology in terms of broadband subscribers with a total of 1.20 million subscriptions.

WiMAX companies, following the trend during last few months, didn’t perform anything and added mere 1,269 new subscribers in last three reported months. Total number of subscribers on broadband using WiMAX technology stood at 566,879.

PTA didn’t say anything on companies’ marketshare, however, it is evident that PTCL controls majority of broadband subscribers in the country with roughly 65 percent market share in terms of subscribers.

It is still unclear if churned customers were excluded from the stats or not. Market sources confirm that churn-rate of PTCL’s EVO customers has risen significantly due to attractive plans for new subscribers. It is often seen that customers with old plans discard their in-use EVO devices and get new ones.

Not to forget, PTA has recently hinted that it might implement single mobility rule for EvDO broadband subscribers after the auction of 3G/4G licenses, a move that can potentially write off 1.5 million EvDO subscribers from the records, which will shrink total broadband subscribers base to just 1.8 million users again.

Having said this, it must be noted that Pakistan’s broadband market is all set to grow exponentially after the planned auction of 3G/4G licences, which is just a few weeks away now.

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