3G / 4G Auction Starts: Four Operators to Submit Sealed Bids Today


Telenor, Mobilink, Ufone and Zong are submitting their sealed bids for 3G and 4G licenses today to leave behind Warid, the only operator in the market to have not participated in the bidding process.

Market sources confirmed ProPakistani that four operators are submitting their sealed bids today in order to qualify for the final bidding process to be held on April 23rd, 2014.

Unlike it was speculated earlier, there is no new entrant submitting the sealed-bid today, leaving only four operators to compete in the spectrum auction.

There are a total of three 3G and two 4G licenses to be auctioned, however, there is a possibility under which four operators might get 3G licenses.

Warid will remain the only local operator to have not participated in the bid. As anticipated, it is likely that rest of the four operators are likely to get equipped with at least 3G license.

10Mhz block of 3G spectrum (2100Mhz) is base priced at US295 million while a block of 10Mhz block from 4G spectrum (1800Mhz) is base priced at US210 million.

As per the plan, today (4PM – Pakistan Time) is the deadline for operators to submit the sealed bids.

In today’s sealed bids, operator will show their interest in amount and type of spectrum they want to buy in the bidding. A upper floor of 15Mhz for 3G spectrum and 10Mhz for 4G spectrum is applicable.

Operators – along with bid application — will submit pre-bid deposit for 15% of the base price of the amount of spectrum they stated in their Sealed-bid offer in order to qualify to participate in the auction.

Qualified operators will move on to next round of bidding to be held on April 23rd, 2014.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority will notify about the qualified bidders on April 17th, 2014.

Pakistan is aiming to generate at least US 1.305 billion dollars from the auction.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Abu Khuzaima

    so no new operator….

  • Khalid

    Hope for the best

  • Tauheed Issa

    It makes a sense, Warid is going to sell out its whole share in coming years.

    • Saleem Agha

      Why Warid is then testing LTE 4G on their sites ??

      • Muhammad Aamir

        Did you test Waird 4G?

      • WISEGYE

        who tells warid is testing LTE 4G

        • Bheria Town

          I guess ufone will get 3g. ufone will buy warid and warid will get 4g. That is the only possibility.

        • test

          Ericsson got contract from Warid to upgrade 1000 site on LTE.

      • Alamdar Raza

        It’s not warid, it’s wateen and qubee towers which are being upgarded by huawei for 4g, probably wimax.instead of lte.

        • test

          @alamdar: This is for Ericsson it Warids order.

          • Alamdar Raza

            @test: I don’t know about that. There wasn’t even any article on the news or web about it…where did u hear it from ?

      • Saad Aftab

        warid is testing LTE for wateen, not for cellular purposes

      • raza

        for upgrading wateen’s wimax to lte,

  • Umair Mirza

    Waiting for new Revolution of internet in Pakistan

    • Yasir Mahmood

      That Will be More Surprising then Existing Pathetic PTCL evo

    • Laraib

      Umair bhai …..i m sure this revolution heavily cost us

  • xsan

    I am curious about the Waird, do it have some other plans? Waird should be in the game. they cant stay out ;)

    • Osama

      Warid is one of my all time favourite and hope for the best

  • MiDz

    5:00 Bajay Pata chalay ga .. Kon In hai Kon Out :D

  • Yasir Mahmood

    @Aamir Attaa
    Please Elaborate that Warid wont be able to offer 3G?

    • test

      Warid is going for 4G. Do not worry.

      • having 3g is necessary to have 4g ?!?!

      • Muhammad Aamir

        But How?

        • Junaid

          Warid is an associate to Wateen. When wateen and qubee would get the 4g spectrum, some of it would be shared with warid . Thus Warid will get 4g spectrum, without buying 3g. …Tada!! :)

          • Muhammad Aamir

            WOW!!! Any idea, how many month or years it will take place?

            • Junaid

              As soon as Wimax providers like Qubee/Wateen and Wi-tribe acquire the 4G license.

  • Ammar

    Sad day for Warid, it really it. Been a customer for nearly a decade.

    • Riaz Shamim

      Same feelings.

    • I shall still stay with Warid because I don’t have a 3G phone

      • Osama

        I shall still stay with Warid because I love their quality services

  • Tariq Karin

    some thing fishy why not t mobile or vodafone part of this bid,

    • LMAO

      HAHAHA never go full retard man.

  • No new operator :( awam old operators ke mehangai ki unity main pisti rahay ge

    • Amir

      Muft chahye services ?
      Is se zyada kia sasta hoga ?
      10 RS main poora din call or sms kar kar k ab tak thakay nahi ?

      • aisay packages ka to pata nahi laiken networks kay self imposed call centre taxes, balance checking charges, call connect charges, delivery reports charges, maintenance kay naam per charges wagera in sab chezo kay bawujod nakammi quality ke services say zaror thak gaya hon
        in networks ko moqa milay to service centre visit aur incoming calls per bhi charges laga dain. Aur ye sab ikathay plan ker kay implement kartay hain.

        • Amir

          Lagta hai aap ne foreign operators k tariffs nahi dekhay. You can afford to have 5 sims in Pakistan only. Had u been in europe, america or even middle east, 2 sims rakhna bhi aapko mushkil lagta. You are paying peanuts dear. Us pe bhi shikway hain jo khatam nahi hotay. Kitnay kharch kartay hain aap ? Monthly kitna bill aata hai ya kitnay ka card dalwatay hain ?
          1000 ? 2000 ?
          I doubt :)

          • Jitni kum sim utni kum headache for both sim owner and his callers :P

            And compare our non free balance checking delivery reports etc, even in poor african countries they are free. Some poor countries even have free voice mail facility and our country telecoms have disabled voice mail service.

            Since the beginning of my convo with you I am not comparing rates. As our telecos don’t have any good offer. Sasti call lo to sms ke taraf say mar pardti hay. Sasta SMS lo to call rates ke taraf say mar pardti hay.

            GPRS sasta hay, laiken mobilink warid gprs to waisay he failed hay, tower to tower travel kay waqt GPRS hang ho jata hay. ghar main bethay istemal karo to theik hay.
            Telenor main sasta internet chahiyay to djuice kay mehangi calls walay packages per jao.

            Jitna awam pay kar rahi hay utna aur usi quality ka unhain mil raha hay. Laiken wo extra deductions 100rs say 40 to aisay he companies aur taxes main chalay jatay hain. Kia faida balance checking per charges laganay ka agar balance do teen dafa string mila ker errors dekhnay kay baad zong per ata hay. Konse quality kay naam per ye companies bheek lay rahi hain.

            • Peter

              So sad and what about Ufone Stealing money have you ever experience that ?

              • yes balance stealing and automatically Utone service activations were the reasons we whole family ported out from Ufone network few years ago

          • Peter

            Hmmm I guess our Currency in in Rs not in $$$ brother.

      • Saleem

        Good reply. Majority is so cheap that wants everything for free…without even thinking that nothing is free in this world. Telecom must stop offering such packages and upgrade quality of the service.

  • Laraib

    aaah…..!Monopoly of government and Operators (who fight in front of awam and united on the back hand)…. i wish koi ne entrant fight karta …where is TURKCELL???

    • Rizwan Yaqoob

      Current conditions aren’t suitable for new investors.

  • Qasim Siddiqui

    approximately when i can use 3g in pakistan

    • Ammar

      10-15 minute baad.

      • Azi


      • Eli Ehsan


        • Qasim Siddiqui

          btao bhi yar

          • May kay month main, Inshallah

          • Peter

            You shall wait for them to fulfill PTA conditions after auction. It may take some time. 2-3 months i guess.

    • 2 or 3 months after the auction may be..
      @Amir bhai..??

  • saira

    There are few changes made to the IM as well. I have read a in depth document and analysis on another website. The revised IM had given great advantage to the new operator which wants to operate in Pakistan. So why no one is interested ?

    • Truth

      Because of the licensing fee, hardware cost, opportunity cost
      and poor ROI. Warid is still struggling to survive/sell its business to cut
      their losses. Why would a new operator will join such a market with extremely
      low ARPU, bad data penetration, low
      elasticity to prices, high taxes, bad law and order situation, electricity load
      shedding, diesel theft, bribery, network shut down…. and the list goes on. Our telecom industry is involved in self
      destructive, non-sustainable price wars. This can’t go on forever. Even
      existing operators would have to cut their losses at some point of time. Jobs
      will be reduced, costs will be optimized, prices will increase and market will
      consolidate. It’s just a matter of when. There are a lot of better opportunities around
      the globe with far less risk and far more ROI for new entrants.

      • Muhammad Aamir

        No Doubt..!!! Agree….!!!

      • Daud Khan

        very fair comment

  • Jahangir

    I am sure 3G itni sasti nahi hogi jitna log excited horahay hain, majority will definitely get disappointed with the prices.

    • Saeed

      Your are right say! – Pata nahi log kuch zyada excited ho rahay hai – shayad yeh cheez abhi ankaoon say deki nahi hai isi waja say :)

      Abhi 2GB bandwidth kam say kam Rs: 200 rupees ki hai tu 3/4G par yeh bandwidth kia Rs. 50 rupees ki hoge?

      I have friends in KSA and already compared the rates so its not cheap as compare with their 2G.

    • محمد بلال

      150 rs men 1gb use kar saken ge i think so

      • mera andaza 500Rs ya us say above main 3G packages hongay

    • Amir

      Off course. It will be not cheap and all operators will be united not to be involved in a price war

    • Bhai cheez aaye gi to sasti ho gi na. Getting the 3G/4G licences is the first step towards getting competitive services.

  • billabadmash

    Warid is the best operator and he is not in the race :(

    • Amir

      aap k naam se aisa lagta hai jaisay aap zong ya ufone use kartay hain

    • SamSal

      She kyon nahi?

      • Daud Khan


  • Saqib Mufti

    Guys… Warid is going to be merge with Ufone… Reason behind the cause is that
    Etisalat Telecom is going to buy Warid. Same the PTCL who already bought Wateen Telecom within Pakistan. Hope for best…

    • Wateen

      What is your source regarding news about wateen?

      • test2

        How PTCL will operate LTE 4G, they already deployed LTE network at karachi, lahore and islamabad

      • Muhammad Faraz

        I can also confirm that Ufone is most likely in buying Warid.
        While Zong is another one who want to buy warid.
        PTCL sources.
        The use of Ericsson services in first place was the biggest disadvantage to warid instead of the cheaper and easily controlled huwai servers and BTS …

    • I will portout of Warid if this happens. Kion kay us kay baad Warid ke quality PTCL aur Ufone network jesi nakammi ho jani hay.

  • sulman

    Anyone tell,
    When it Practically Implemented?
    i mean when we will be using 3G (in April ? May? June? or something else)

    • Usman Ali

      in major cities, isl, rwp,lhr,kch, and one or two more..you will get at least in two to three months.while all over pakistan it took morethan a year or maybe two

  • US 1.305 billion dollars more yani dollar rate aur neechay jaye ga?

    • Daud Khan

      can not be speculated, but it will help economy overall.. and more money to operators in yearly income will bring more taxes, more technological growth and penetration, helping businesses of people. So overall, it will help the economy to grow ..

  • Muhammad Aamir

    Oh! Warid is not participating…!!?? What is the reason behind that? Is Warid a poor company? they have not enough money to buy a single licence even 5Hz? Or they have less customer level as compared to other operators?

  • test

    Warid submitted bit for LTE. Confirmed new it have just live update.

    • Annie Jafar

      How can they submit the bid if they are not going for 2100 MHz spectrum?

  • test

    Warid just submitted offer for 4G

    • Omar

      Test, Kindly update us about bid submitted companies.

  • Muhammad Dildar

    If there are only four operators for submitting the sealed bids it means auction is over today. So we will not have to wait till 23 april.

    • Omar

      @Aamir Attaa Better Knows, What you say Aamir Bhai about this comments.

    • Usman Ali

      you have to because the final list will be announced by the pta and auctions will be finalized..they just submitted their proposals.
      who submitted what, no body knows
      their offers,i.e 3G or 4G lisence, fees etc

  • test

    Warid got fresh induction of money up to 600million dollar

    • Na Kar

      Bakwas na kar yaar. 600M rupees maybe. Dollar impossible.
      2 months ago it was being sold off for $1Bn and nobody was willing to meet that price.
      Warid also has to renew its 2G license for $280M.
      Yaar please don’t spread these things. Its bad.

      • test

        just wait for few days.

        • Jamil

          Looks like you operate a Warid franchise. Denying the facts and still insisting that Warid will get 4G!!!
          Thik hai Sheikh sb ka bohot asar o rasook hai Pakistan mein but PTA oun kay abba gi ka nahi kay 4 din baad bid submit kar daien gaey.
          Grow up!

        • Mat Bun Bandar

          yaar faltoo batain na kar yaar. Better realise Warid and Wateen are winding up and selling out assets soon. Be prepared and work proactively to save your career. Dont keep denying yaar. Act before its too late bhaiyya.

          • zubairali

            No that’s not true. Wateen and Warid are not winding up there business.

        • Sumair

          Where is your Warid now, huh?? You have been saying all over that Warid will get 4G bla bla, now what? They didn’t even submitted their bid LOL

  • Mani

    Telenor has submitted its bid as CEO has confirmed in an email to employees.

  • Source

    Auction is over. Only 4 Companies BID For License and now no more Electronic Auction is required. On 17th April, 2014. We will be able to know that who will be the winner of 4G and 3G Spectrum.

    Wish you best of luck all the operators. :)

    • Omar

      wow, baday baday daway Thoosssss……

    • Alamdar Raza

      Apparently both Zong and Mobilink want 10 mhz instead of 5, so an electronic auction will take place on the 23rd of this month.

  • Musikbeat

    vry nice

  • Riaz

    When we got the results?

    • Omar

      17th April

      • ak

        i think it is 23rd

  • ak

    i think it is the 23rd April

  • What about who can’t afford smart phone and want to use high speed internet on PC..

  • Sadam Waqas Khan

    Pakistan is going to run side by side with whole world after the auction of 3G/4G

  • naveed

    with this submission of bids,this is now confirmed 3/4g license will be obtained by the operators

  • Umar Afzaal

    Very good step by PTA .This is a time for 3g and 4g to enter in country like PAKISTAN.Some non state actors are sabotaging this auction towards failure.We are with you PTA.Puppet Media should take responsibility.Come on guys Developed countries are progressing towards 5g.

  • Karigar

    so the 5th operator must pack off and its customers switch over………….

  • Jawad

    Welldone PTA and its Teams..

  • Jawad

    The reports from reuters is totally baseless.. even on base price, 3/4G will fetch more than 1.3B US$.. This will be a productive auction..

    GodSpeed PTA

  • Jawad

    The reports from reuters is totally baseless.. even on base price, 3/4G will fetch more than 1.3B US$.. This will be a productive auction

  • sana

    the auction is going to be held on 23rd of this month..and after two weeks 3g will start operating..good news as well as a good sign for us..

  • sana

    ya hope for best..just thanks that 3g and 4g both are coming..if govt just wait for new operators then it may take more time to start 3g or 4g..so its good that its going to start.

  • Bilal

    Although the four are the best mobile operators working in Pakistan and when it comes to 3G tech , i t will will be more like an achievement

  • Agr 3G anay k bad, meray mobile pay evo jitni internet speed ho tu sabr hi kafi hai!