Rocket Internet and Ooredoo’s Collaboration to Bring Investment to Pakistan


Rocket Internet, a German start-up incubator, has partnered with Ooredoo Q.S.C a Qatar based telecommunications provider to form ‘Asia Internet Holding’ and will jointly build and fund existing e-commerce startups especially those focused on mobile services.

This merger will benefit Rocket Internet’s ventures operating in Pakistan.

The collaboration is expected to bring in heavy foreign investment to Pakistan, especially through Rocket Internet’s most successful venture Kaymu (an online market place), which spearheads operations for the entire Asia region out of Pakistan.

Oliver Samwer, co-founder of Rocket Internet, commented, “We look forward to working with a partner as innovative and customer-centric as Ooredoo in Asia. Our Partnership will accelerate the development of Asia Internet Holding in the region and help our businesses succeed. We feel that by bringing e-commerce models that have worked well elsewhere in the World to Asia, and that by partnering with an operator like Ooredoo, we can jointly bring better services to customers.”

Commenting on the collaboration Ahmed Khan, MD Asia said, “The investment is greatly based on the success already achieved in Pakistan. During investor presentations in Singapore and Indonesia, Pakistan was shown as the success story on which the potential of the region is gauged.”

Looking into the future, m-commerce seems to be hovering over every business horizon; and keeping that in mind this merger of e-commerce and m-commerce presents a lucrative business opportunity for both companies.

The business models are going to be more social and transactional, and with the commercial launch of 3G in Pakistan expected in the next few days this collaboration will benefit the country’s e-commerce in general.

Rocket Internet has worked tirelessly to maintain high quality standards and customer service support in order to build its reputation and brand name in the entire Asia Pacific region. With its unsurpassed success and reputation under the diligent leadership of Ahmed Khan, MD Asia for, Rocket Internet has not only managed to harness recognition but has also helped in realizing the enormous potential the e-commerce and digital industry in the region.

  • this is the way 3G can be benificial for our economy instead of watching Youtube and Dailymotion for fun only.. lol

  • These are the positive outcomes of 3g already. But the thing is, we are still not being
    entertained by Paypal, which is becoming a huge hurdle in receiving the payments. Skrill and others are not a suitable substitute. :(

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