Haier to Sell 100,000 Laptops to Pakistan, Setup Assembly Plant in Lahore


Haier, a home appliances and electronics company based out of China, has confirmed Pakistani government that it will open a laptop assembly plant in Pakistan.

This deployment of laptop assembly plant is provisioned against a supply order of 100,000 laptops that government of Pakistan has agreed to buy from Haier for its Prime Minister Youth Programme.

The decision was reached during a meeting between Maryam Nawaz Sharif, Chairperson Prime Minister’s Youth Programme, and delegation of Haier Pakistan, comprising Mr. Khalid Afridi COO Haier Pakistan, Mr. Tristan Wong, GM Haier Computers, along with MD PTV.

Haier’s laptop assembly plant in Pakistan is realization of the efforts that were made recently by the government of Pakistan to equip the country with manufacturing facilities.

A salient feature of the Laptop Scheme launched under Prime Minister’s Youth Programme was the local assembly of laptops.

Now it has been decided that Haier is up to get a Laptop assembly plant running in the country. For the purpose, appropriate space will be allocated for setting up the Assembly line at Haier Pakistan premises in the outskirts of Lahore.

The laptop product coming out of the local assembly line will have label saying “Assembled in Pakistan”, whereas the same Haier model which is currently imported will be produced locally having same quality standards.

The local assembly of laptops is believed to small in numbers but this would certainly act as a seed initiative for the IT manufacturing industry.

Earlier, a contract signing ceremony for supply and commissioning of 100,000 Haier laptops to government of Pakistan was held at HEC Secretariat, Islamabad on Monday.

It is expected that the Government’s intent to continue this project for next four years.

Local assembling, which is expected to expand towards manufacturing, will contribute towards GDP and the re-export of the IT equipment out of Pakistan would bring significant economic impact as well as convey soft image of Pakistan internationally through a product labelled as “Made in Pakistan”.

Initially, this laptop assembly plant is aimed at meeting local demands primarily and then to export laptops to foreign nations in future.

In the long-run, the overall per unit cost of laptops is expected to decrease substantially and so will help leveraging ICT for socio-economic development of Pakistan.

Via The Nation

    • Shukar karo Haier he aa rha hai…koi to plant lag raha hai…lagay ga to or b ayngay

  • No expertise of Haier in Laptops and after few months you will see most laptops will be issues of parts because Haier is not a brand in laptop making.

    Very bad decisions by govt with smell a bribe.

    • better option they allow hair to assemble LED or other Electronic Appliances instead of LAPTOP ……LOSS of time , money and human effort

    • No one is expert by birth, if you think that dell and hp will built plants in Pakistan it’s very difficult. Be hopeful Pakistan has talented worker that will help to boost the quality. I agree with you initial there will be issues but having fear shouldn’t stop you from taking a good step. There will be plenty of jobs for computer engineers

      Govt should also go for setting up mobile company plant.

    • Dear Saeed, China is manufacturing more the 80% of the world electronic market all major multinationals get manufacture their things in China.

  • Very very good, but the main thing is price, will there be difference in price?

    • ghareeb ghurba wali soch !
      China has the largest number of multinational plants but do Chinese people get low prices compared to markets for Apple, Intel, Dell etc. ?

  • Main thing is the price. If they will offer low price and a good marketing they will soon cover the Pakistani market, example is Q mobile.

    • Good step like some other good steps by Govt, when no body is willing outside to invest in Pakistan, its a nice move

      • yes, indeed. let them invest in laptops first, if it got popular and if their market grows, maybe they will invest in other electronic goods too like tv, refrigrator etc by implementing their plants too in Pakistan.

  • Finally a computer hardware manufacturing plant in Pakistan. However Paki gov have to step up their game to bring in more manufacturers, specially the popular ones like Del, HP, Sony, acer etc, lots will prefer those over haier, but still its an encouraging news.

    • Why would they bring Dell? Dell is now a private company but I think the largest shareholder is the founder, Michael Dell. Michael Dell is Jewish. We all know how much Pakistanis love to hate Jews.

      • oo teri mehrbani rehnay dow jews ko. Pathar uthao tu neechay jew hi milay ga. Learn to live with other.

        • I don’t have a problem with trading with Jews. (I prefer not trade with ISraeli Jews but otherwise).

      • Thanks for the update. It means Dell is a Jewish brand and Pakistanis should avoid it.

        • Beny Alagem, Israeli-American founder of Packard Bell[48]
          Steve Ballmer, former CEO of Microsoft[49]
          Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, Inc.[50]
          Michael Dell, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Dell[51]
          Lawrence Ellison, Founder of Oracle Corporation[52]
          Larry Page, CEO and co-founder of Google Inc[53][54]
          Philippe Kahn, creator of the Camera Phone, Founder of Fullpower, Borland[55]
          Benjamin M. Rosen, founding investor and former Chairman and CEO of Compaq[56]
          Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook[57]
          Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and CEO of Facebook

          They’re all Jewish, bhai abb kon kon si cheez say avoid karo gay.

      • I think its not something like you go an ask Apple please setup plant in pakistan and they say ok sir !
        The popular companies like Dell, HP have their plants in Taiwan, I don’t think they really need assembling or manufacturing plant in Pakistan or India to reduce the cost which they already reduced moving from USA to Asia
        One more thing the labor in our country is not cheap than others like China, India Indonesia, Taiwan etc
        These Big Companies need cheaper and cheaper labor and Government rules/ Political Stability
        Companies like Haier, they can come because we can facilitate them well but not those big corporations

  • Haier is an OEM manufacturer whereas HP, Dell are product designer and marketers. The world is moving to Tablet PC, so bring in Haier will reduce cost and provide jobs.

  • Why our government is not giving laptop to Federal Board students, I got 85% in SSC exam in the previous years, but did not receive any laptop :(

  • This is the very good start in the Pakistan, Quality do not come in one day, this is the continue process, i hope, pakistan will progress in this field.

  • unfortunately
    somebody stolen my Hair laptop can fined my laptop by Tracing method.

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