UMT Student Gets Busted for Posting Girls’ Pictures on Facebook


A student of University of Management and Technology Lahore was busted by Police for invading privacy of female students and for posting fellow students’ pictures on Facebook, sources have told ProPakistani.

Named as Abu Bakar Minhas, a student of Software Engineering at UMT Lahore, was allegedly found to be an admin of a Facebook page that was involved in posting fellow female students’ pictures from his campus on Facebook.

A status Update from UMT Official yesterday said that the student in question has been expelled by the Rector and that those who were aiding him were also wanted and may face similar consequences.

Gang was said to be busted by Social Media Team of UMT.

This particular post on UMT’s Official Facebook page has been deleted now.

A UMT official confirmed ProPakistani that a student was arrested by Police for invading privacy and carrying out indecent activities online, however, no further details were shared.

Abu Bakar was allegedly running at least two un-official university pages, where users were encouraged to make confessions and post pictures of UMT female students.

Posting pictures of fellow female students online is fast becoming a trend in local universities. Students maintain unofficial pages for their universities where indecent content, commentary and pictures of fellow female students are posted for reasons not required to be mentioned here.

This incident of taking hold of Abu Bakar will only set a good example against such students.

Just to mention, Pakistan is yet to get its cyber crime law and there’s practically no way of dealing such cyber crimes in the country. Out of necessity, police registers fraud and other irrelevant cases against culprits for prosecution.

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