UMT Student Gets Busted for Posting Girls’ Pictures on Facebook


A student of University of Management and Technology Lahore was busted by Police for invading privacy of female students and for posting fellow students’ pictures on Facebook, sources have told ProPakistani.

Named as Abu Bakar Minhas, a student of Software Engineering at UMT Lahore, was allegedly found to be an admin of a Facebook page that was involved in posting fellow female students’ pictures from his campus on Facebook.

A status Update from UMT Official yesterday said that the student in question has been expelled by the Rector and that those who were aiding him were also wanted and may face similar consequences.

Gang was said to be busted by Social Media Team of UMT.

This particular post on UMT’s Official Facebook page has been deleted now.

A UMT official confirmed ProPakistani that a student was arrested by Police for invading privacy and carrying out indecent activities online, however, no further details were shared.

Abu Bakar was allegedly running at least two un-official university pages, where users were encouraged to make confessions and post pictures of UMT female students.

Posting pictures of fellow female students online is fast becoming a trend in local universities. Students maintain unofficial pages for their universities where indecent content, commentary and pictures of fellow female students are posted for reasons not required to be mentioned here.

This incident of taking hold of Abu Bakar will only set a good example against such students.

Just to mention, Pakistan is yet to get its cyber crime law and there’s practically no way of dealing such cyber crimes in the country. Out of necessity, police registers fraud and other irrelevant cases against culprits for prosecution.

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  • Great Step…!!! I am amazed how they were able to detect him? Do the police have an ability to access Facebook accounts like the CIA, FBI etc.?

    • They would have investigated the fellow students and someone would have told the police about this. Thats the only way I guess.

    • Lol. Bro, it’s the police force not a national security agency which is assigned billions of dollars from the budget!

        • For that they will have to have contract with facebook and I am pretty sure they are not gonna give access to a third world country. However, they have a program under which governments can request them to tell about which page is being run by whom, so Pakistanis can follow that way. But i guess they does not reply immediately in that case as well before making sure the admin is doing something wrong and abusing the service in any way.

      • teri soch ko salammmmmmmm.. har chez mein nude hi dekna hota hai tum ne.. agr girls pix leti b hain tu is ka ye matlab nai ko koi b jaa k fb pe post kar dy.. tum ne tu har chez mein meera type chezen hi talash karni hoti hain.. Allah tum jaise logon ko hidayat day ..

          • Thori sharam karo madad sahab. Agar un mein tumhari behan ki pics bhi hotein tou phir tumhein bhi takleef hoti. Jab dosron ki behnon ko apni behan samjho ge tou tab hi dosray tumhari behan ko apni behan samjhein ge. So Simple

        • tumhari akal kuch kam hai i think comment daikha nahi k main ne kya likha hai bus tumhain nude k word nazar aya. Maira matlab tha k agar pics nude thin phir tu case banta hai os boy par agar normal pics thin jo amm larkiyan share kartin hain facebook par phir as such case main koi jaan baqi nahi rahti may be kisi larki k sath an ban ho gai wo is ki aur os ne ya issue bana kar intazamiya ko bata diya ho.

          • Read the initial lines :

            “was busted by Police for invading privacy of female students and for posting fellow students’ pictures on Facebook,”

            Its is clear he took pictures of females in private circumstances. He can’t be expelled on taking pictures of females in ‘Burqa’. Got the point??

      • Yar sab ne salam kr lia hai, me reh gya hun. @Madad teri soch ko Asalam-o-Alaikum

    • It is called social engineering, you necessarily don’t need to hack as these “Khuwaar” people are up to the brim despo.

    • He was on hist list of University….yesterday idiot guy was using uni wifi to post things…as server monitors whole activity so he was caught and was handed over to Police..

      • Seems strange. Facebook uploads are through https, how could they sniff his encrypted traffic?

        • what strange… each university using different monitoring softwares to have a close look over such things… every things goes filtered and remote desktop can also be possible in case of https etc…

          • BS. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

            If you use Chrome no one can put a MITM https attack for many sites. There is no way to see inside https traffic that way.

              • arastu bhai, ab app hardware level monitoring par aa gyay hein. Zara ye tu bata den k ye hai kya? Apko pata bhi nahi k hardware ‘level’ monitoring ka technical name kya hai aur isky liay kitny resources chahien. aaj kal Google search aur wikipedia ny har kisi ko IT expert bana rakha hai.

                • 1122 ..oh sorry 1211 sahib… if u are an IT guy then you are welcome… but I never wish to go into this level of depth.. it was just a incident in which a boy was caught by university administration through ANY MEANS… and that’s it.
                  I hope it will be enough for you and many others… :P

    • This guy was caught by university extra efforts and security he is suspended now and was handed over to police by UMT team after that…

    • i believe he was unlucky as his father was not a politician or wadera coz law is for weaker persons.

      • How in the hell could you justify what he did by accusing LAW for arresting him? Don’t you agree invading ANYONE’s privacy is disgusting act? Seriously dude, don’t just BRING your hatred for WADERAS in every thing,

  • Someone was telling me its seven years in prison in Pakistan if you take someone’s picture without permission

    • Without the cyber criminal bill anything regarding cyber crime can not be persecuted. So, people try numerous appeal of different laws being broken to try and stick some jail time. The sentence might vary depending on how mischievous one was.

  • it is University’s own fault – first their create an environment where is there is no moral teaching – then they “bust” their own “creations/products” (students)….

    • People go around taking pictures of women in shopping centres and public places like that. Which authority will you blame for that?

      One group you never blame are the PARENTS.

      [Comment Edited by Admin]

        • If I was the admin, I would flag or ban the idiot commenters. But if I did that there would be very few comments.

          then how would this blog get any traffic? :):):)

          • How can you say, this comment is any different than them. You would have just replied yes or no. :-) Why things have to be so complicated always.

            • ok, more plainly: no i am not an admin, and i do not have any official connection with the site other than as Professional Annoying Commenter aka P.A.C.

              • @Shahid Saleem
                Ap ka naam har post k comments mein dekh k itni adat si hogI hai k agar kisi post pe apka comment na aya ho to wo post complete ni lagti. :)
                You sir are a true example of a bad a** xD

    • Universities aren’t suppose to teach you morality. That is done when you’re in school and by your parents. Doodh peetay bache ho? Choosni chahiye mun main? Even a 10 year knows better than this.

  • Whatever, This is the best thing happened. I just checked obscene facebook pages made by students of our university and most of them are unpublished after this news :-) Even there is no cyber law in country, this is still enough that he is expelled from the university and will spend few nights behind the bars.

  • That means Pakistan has entered in a new era of Social Media Surveillance. A sigh of relief that was more needed than desired. Whatever applaud comes would be insufficient but key punches in continuation of such raids in future.
    Culprits must face the music of their wrong doings.

    • don’t be so happy.. this was done on university public wifi which was being monitored by university authorities.. else there is no way to detect such things but to contact with Facebook for help or blockage…

      • Ma is nojwaan ki hosla afzai ni kr skta ye keh kr k ye shahrukh dikh ra hy, okay??

        • Whatever, why don’t you just upload your picture, let’s see what it tells us about your CHARACTER.

          After all, we already know you can judge someone just on one look.

          • So who gave him the right to upload pictures to the fb page withou consent? Ayse boys py lanat hi behtar hy jo parh likh k bhi jahil hain!

            • What he did or didn’t do is irrelevant, if you think he is beghairat from his picture I want to know what you look like, maybe you are also beghairat

              We won’t know until we see your pic so start sharing!

              • Shahid Saleem you are just a time waster. I read your comments. You always comment on anything and everything and want to prove yourself by disagreeing with everything or anything. You are a ‘pugilist’, opposing everything.
                Aflatoon, some people have face reading ability. And most of the criminal minded people have a negative aura around them which is scanned and recognized immediately by most of the honest and face reading people. I bet your face would be similar to George bush who picked fights with everyone on non-issues.

                • in other words, you’re saying i should be okay with Habib for claiming that the caught person (allegedly guilty, I might add — no evidence is provided) is guilty.

                  So, stand by and let the idiots be idiots, or argue with them. I take the latter approach. You chide me rather than them. WOW.

          • Mr Shahid you post your pic and i would not only tell your character but your immediate families character also. Jus dare post your pic

            • Ha ha! No need, you don’t need my picture to curse me, my parents, everyone associated with me. Tiny minds such as yours cannot even comprehend half of what I write, so what would they do with a picture?

              No. Need. At. All. Feel free, mister patriot!

            • I’m not judging anyone’s picture….he is. I’m pointing out that he shouldn’t judge someone’s chracter based on a picture. That’s the point of my comment.

              You should get off the internet, it seems you can’t understand anything that isn’t literally spelled out to you.

              • I’m pointing out that you should stop this pointless debate. You should learn some manners first before suggesting others what they should/shouldn’t do.

                • Are you defending Ahmed now??? Amazing!

                  This debate only existed because he did the wrong thing and I corrected him AND YOU DIDN’T UNDERSTAND MY ACTION.

                  • I’m definitely NOT defending anyone.
                    “It seems you can’t understand anything that isn’t literally spelled out to you.”

                    • Unfortunately, you don’t know what you’re talking about. It is respectable to admit that. It is foolish to go on.

                    • Unfortunately, you don’t know what you’re talking about. It is respectable to admit that. It is foolish to go on.

      • yar shahid bhai jab aap logon ki pharte hain na… speechless..keep up…

  • Fruits of intermingling of opposite genders, hail co-ed, hail extra curriculum activities and may we have more universities with co ededucation enabled without deciplinary committees. A paradise for boys and not any less for girls either.

    note to obtuse: it’s called sarcasm.

    • Completely agree, with your point about universities being co-ed etc. But this act could be done by anyone and to anyone’s pictures. In this case whereas, the pictures were taken from girl’s Facebook profiles, how can you stop that? Unless you suggest that there should be no such Facebook activity or a Facebook ban? (activity specifically -posting of one’s own pictures as profile pics?)

      • Excellent point. This makes the whole arrest very hard to prove in court. Prove = show evidence of a crime.

  • Islam Mein orat keliey Parda Hai.jitni Marzi roshan khayali phaila dein Lekin apko apny tamam issues ka solution Islam per Amal ker ky hi Mily Ga Insha Allah…

    • No Doubtl! The solution of every problem of Pakistan is lie in Islam. But! people like DemocraZy.

        • I think you don’t know about Islam’s Shariyat! Do you know Hazrat Umer R.A era?

          • COMPLETELY USELESS IN TODAYS ENVIRONMENT. Why? Because we don’t live in that era any more.

            Yes, Umar’s selection was accepted and approved by his peers who also had good character, were close to Our Prophet (PBUH) and were excellent Muslims. But it was a succession to Abu Bakar (R.A.). And it was followed by another succession of the same kind to Uthman (R.A.) and Ali (R.A.).

            In today’s environment, we do not have that kind of succession. In Muslim countries we have either democracy, monarchy, dictatorship. You do NOT have any way to go from democracy to Kalipha other than election.

            • We can if we want! Mostly people in Pakistan do not want this system because they think when we filch hand will be cut, if we rape with a married girl we will be hanged (according to the Islamic rule) etc…. But! It is the solution, after this nobody will able to crib again. The Quran has every solution of every problem even in the next one thousand years. If you are talking about that technology has no rule in Islam, have you forget about that we can find every solution of any problem in the light of Hadith and Quran. Tell me clearly, you want Sharia or not in Pakistan?

              • If you don’t want this system, what will you do? Take guns and shoot politicians? Force people to live under Sharia by gunpoint? Kill everyone who does not 100% agree with you? Kill all Sufis and Shias and everyone who isn’t 100% follower of your branch of madhab?

                WHAT WILL YOU DO?

                Give me practical answers, not hand waving words like DemocraZy.

                How do you get from TODAYS society to SHARIA based society? PRACTICAL STEPS PLEASE.

                This is where you fail. This is where everyone fails because they are inexperienced and unable to learn from history because you know what? YOU ARE NOT THE FIRST PERSON TO THINK WE SHOULD MOVE TO SHARIA. History shows: you cannot do it with force.

                • We can’t do because we are in canton form (Firqabandi). It is not true to kill a scholar of any cast. I am against it. The USA and other our worst enemy don’t want Pakistan to join as a single unit. They are paying the huge amount of money to fake scholar to spread this type of Firqabandi.

                  Dajjal is coming..!! One Eye is gradually spread around the world to addict the people as such a way that it is just a fun.

                  Big Boss. NOD32 Antivirus, Despicable Me, Assassin Creed so on.. have one eye system. I know it is not your answer! But you may know if you look deeply. I don’t want to talk anymore about this topic.

                  • Congratulations! You have ignored all my questions and thus failed to show any path from democracy to sharia. I know why you ignored them: you don’t have an answer. You don’t have a path for our society.

                    Before dajjal there will be many many people like them and many confused people like you.

                    • I have an answer,but it needs research, proof. Without proof, I cannot say anything. If you want your answer then go to any well-known Mufti they will give your answer clearly. It is not a difficult question. You can get your answer if you want. If you believe that you are all known about Islam. it will be the biggest fault of you.

                    • Why do I need to ask someone? Don’t they publish pamphets, books, articles, videos? How will you do research?

                      No it is not a difficult question. It is a VERY difficult answer.

                      Step by step, tell me how to move to sharia as a society (instead of as individual). You make bold statement about demcrazy but you don’t know answer??? you sound like an ignorant troll.

                      I have done research. I have looked at attempts to set up sharia in many countries over past 200 years. All failed.

                    • Why you don’t clearly tell me that what you want Democracy or Shriyat? I think you love Democrasy right? The answer should be only one word.

                    • Did I say one word in favour of democracy over sharia?

                      Look up and down at all my comments carefully. Did I? If so, point to it.

                      If you can’t point to any comment like that from me, then congratulations, you are a failure at reading comprehenson.

                    • I want sharia, and I want to know how to transition from current government to sharia.

                      NO ONE can tell me how to do the second part. NO ONE HAS A SOLUTION.

                • Brother your comments are showing that you don’t know anything about ISLAM .
                  And you really need to learn about Islamic lifestyle and Islamic education.

                  • Ah but you have no idea how to measure my knowledge.

                    but I think it is safe to say that you also cannot show us how to transition from democracy to sharia. What does that say about your knowledge?

                    • In that case, you must be a Hindu too, because you don’t know either :):):)

            • Mr. Its Usman R?A and not Uthman (naoz billah). Tm mjhy angreez ky pitho lgty o!

              • Wow, you are so ignorant. Do you even know Arabic? In Arabic it is Uthman. THE END. It is an Arab name, and you should learn the Arabic pronunciation if you don’t know this.

                How do you even read the Quran properly without knowing this letter???

                • You can not teach me Quran, do you? I am hafiz e quran, so leave this point!

                  2nd thing is, you are so much communist then why don’t you follow community rules? You are kind a person neither here no there. Your own mind is mixed up, how can you decide others fate?

                  I knew its in arabic spelled uthman but now it is spelled usman after persian now a days.

                  You even do not follow your own way of thinking really unfortunate.


                  • Ha ha! Oh man the ignorance you display proudly is amazing!

                    There are so many many problems with your comment.

                    #1: Let’s start with your link. Ok, I read your link. It says

                    Arabic Origin: Osman (pronounced [ˈosmaːn]) (also spelled Usman) is the Turkish, Persian, Pakistani, Indian and Bosnian version of the male Arabic given name Uthman.

                    Look at that. The last word is Uthman. What happens if I click on it? Amazing, it takes me to the page for the second khalifa Uthman ibn Affan (RA). And not only does it show the spelling in ENGLISH to be Uthman but also the ARABIC pronunciation to be same as Uthman.

                    So even YOUR LINK agrees with me and not you.

                    #2: Let’s search Google, shall we? Google for “Uthman ibn Affan” and also search for “Usman ibn Affan” (with quotation marks). Results of the first name: 242,000. Results of the second name: 187,000. So even worldwide more people use the name I use and fewer use the name you prefer.

                    In fact, look at what is the first result for the second name? The same wikipedia page that says Uthman ibn Affan.

                    Ha ha! Even ENGLISH speakers spell his name correctly, apparently only you are obsessed with using the wrong spelling.

                    Let’s go on. back to your comment.

                    #3: WHAT IS IMPORTANT IS HOW THE NAME IS PRONOUNCED. And the right pronunciation for the name of the second khalifa (RA) is Uthman, and ONLY Uthman. It was Uthman the day he was named, and Uthman on the day he is resurrected!


                    Why would I care how Persians spelled it? Arabs named him, Arabs called him Uthman, I WILL WRITE UTHMAN.

                    #4: It is the same with EVERY name with “tha” sound. Sure, you can call people Soraya if they prefer it or Usman if they prefer it, but in Arabic, they are Thoraya or Uthman. PERIOD.

                    #5, last point: to blow your ignorance out of the water, I suggest you look at the name Mehmed on wikipedia. If you start writing Mehmed instead of Muhammad, will anyone take you seriously? Will you be able to defend your decision by saying “but the Ottomans and Turks use that spelling!”??? Of course not.

          • Why don’t you go live in the Islamic State of North Waziristan and do what people with guns force you to do? Mabye you prefer it to democracy.

          • No, its not, I was listening to an Islamic scholar, he said in Islam only Allah’s will can be imposed, but as per now,.the revolutions are stopped. also prophets and those trained by them are not in us anymore, than the will of majority in Islamic state is way to go. And that majority is called Democracy.

            • Quran: “Aur Jo Log Allah Ky Hukam Ky Mutubiq Fasla Na Karain Wahi Log Kafir Han”

        • Islam is against Democracy, Islam is against all those form of the governments which is against The Quran. I think you haven’t read first 5 pages of a first year Islamiyat book (PTB)
          Quran: “Aur Jo Log Allah Ky Hukam Ky Mutubiq Fasla Na Karain Wahi Log Kafir Han”

          • If Allah gave us a political system, then there would be no Islamic monarchies, and yet in almost all the history of Islam there have been monarchies.

            Something is missing here in your understanding of Islam. Do more learning, please.

    • In public places, yes. But are you 100% certain all the alleged shared pictures were taken from PUBLIC places? people hide cameras in bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Surely you do not think women shower wearing purdah!!!

      • Those hide cameras we called them bad people. Bad peoples are from the beginning.
        Don’t know about your thinking. Following Islam is for yourself it is for you. Those who did wrong to others will be punished here and on Judgement day.

        • Pointless comment. Reply to Waleed’s misconception, not my comment.

    • You are absolutely right but why we always blame women, mardon ke andar bhi sharam o hiya honi chahiye. According to a haidth mard ke liye ghair mehram aurat pe dosri nazar dalna bhi haram hai. Yeh hamari sari taan aurton pe hi aa ke kyun tutti hai, mardon ko kab se shutar be mahar phirney ka liscence mila hai

  • Prevention is better than cure.
    Now here no one will speak about the cure.
    Every one is speaking against that guy without proof because “men’ are culprit and women are “angels”. this has been put in our minds.
    What if it happens with us ?any girl can complain against anyone.
    Public photography should be made legal in Pakistan .
    If anyone has problem he/she can use Hijab

    • Both men and women equally responsible.
      Both need to follow the teachings of Allah and Quran.

    • I already raised question of “if he is guilty”. We really don’t know.

      It could be just like that Lecturer in Bhawalpur who was accused of blasphmeny without any proof and his lawyer was killed a few days ago.

  • Expelling him was not correct and now that you’ve expelled him, he will definitely show some reaction.

    Once a girl and boy were caught in bathroom in UMT, i don’t want to disclose their names. they were fined 40thousand rupees each, Although they should be arrested for sexual activities.

    This reminds me of mark zuckerberg, he was expelled for the same reason, putting his uni’s girls pictures on internet, now we all know who mark zuckerberg is.

    Way to go brother. What you did was wrong. But i hope everyone of us who are exposing and destroying a boy’s future are also accountable. God bless you and All of us. Ameen

    • Um, such lies. Wow. LIES LIES LIES. Can you even write anything without lies?

      Zuckerberg was NEVER expelled.

      • SANA rehman nai yaar Shahid Saleem sahab. lol, jao aur jaker Rector Sahab say poch lo.

        AND WHAT IS THE LIE HERE, itnay aap diyat dar. Mjhay tau Qiyamat ka din yaad raha hai jis din Shahid saleem tumhari sub batein hamaray samnay ayein gi. JUI k bekar log !!

      • Mark was accused in the similar scenario, he was about to get expelled. But he won the case which made him stay in Harvard.

        Shahid Saleem bro, You called me a liar, i will never ever forgive you and inshALLAH Qayamat k din apka sir jhuka hoga is ilzam ki wajah say.

        PS : Sana Rehman ka mein name nai laina chahta tha but Tmhari hushyarion ki wajah say tumhein name lay ker batana para. Ager thori c bhi gairat hai tau idher likho aur batao subko k mein sach bol raha hun. SANA REHMAN AND OMER SHEIKH !! dude, tum chupa lo, hum nai bholtay !!

        • Ha ha, first you say mark zuckerberg was expelled (FALSE), then you say he wasn’t expelled (which is what I said), and you accuse me of calling you a liar? What did YOU do? If not a liar, you are certainly not telling FACTs, which leads us to either liar or unreliable.

          Who is Sana Rehman? I have no idea who you are talking about.

  • That’s very good news. Unfortunately we don’t have any cyber law but still our police try to help the victims.
    After seeing comments we all know if we follow Islam than we minimize our problems.
    Islam has given the right way to spend our whole life, we just need to follow.
    If we see this example, what if boys and girls both have knowledge and have inspiration to follow Islam, maybe this wouldn’t happen.
    There are bad people in every era from beginning and they will be till the end but that doesn’t mean following Islam is not helpful or not the only option.
    From Adam A.S to our last Prophet Mohammad P.B.U.H, there are always good and bad humans (Both Male and Female)
    The only solution is to follow Islam and the teachings of Allah.

  • i think he is a victim of a girl’s powerful father.
    if girls care so much why dont they do parda at first?

    • Maybe the next person who robbs you at gunpoint will say: I think if salman care so much why didn’t he stay at home???

    • So you are suggesting people should take pics of whoever they want and if anybody has a problem they should not go out. I would be interested to know how would you feel if people stand outside your house with a camera and take pics when ever your family steps outside.

    • I have a weekness, I cannot read idiotic comments and not respond.

      This blog attracts many many idiots.

      • You Reached Well.
        But SomeThing is Called Agenda,Which You Doesn’t Possess ,
        You Dont Like Pakistani Culture
        You Neither Liked Western,But Never Declined It

        What You Want in Real?

        • I honestly do not care for any culture. As long as the person follow Islam and is not prevented by society from following Islam, that is enough for me.

          You can find good things and bad things in every culture. This is Pakistani culture today: you cannot do official things easily without bribe or without visiting officials 10s of times. In that aspect Western culture is better. But in Western culture you have things like legal alcohol and dogs as pets which is very much against my religion. And on the other hand you can get everything done and live a great level of life without ever committing moral crimes like bribes.

          One thing to note…to all who love Pakistan culture: do people in Pakistan want to emigrate to other countries or do other people want to emigrate to Pakistan? Everything is the first way, right??? For example, if I could move to Saudi Arabia, I know my children will have a better religious life. If I could move to Canada, I know my children will have access to better quality of education.

          But even I am not naive to think there is no bribing in Saudi Arabia, or no worldly temptations in Canada. I certainly will not be able to go to any random restaurant in Canada and eat a halal shawarma. (On the other hand, do I really want to know how animals are kept & slaughtered in Pakistan for restaurants??? I don’t think so — I would be disgusted).

          So I live with my compromise: I don’t like any culture.

  • is mn sirf un girls ka qusur he unhn ne pics kion captured kerwain

    • What do you think he was thinking?

      “the girl was so beautiful i was FORCED to take her picture and upload it”

      Is that why he did it?

  • UMT is a biased UNI, Jamiat k badmash !
    Allah pochay ga tum darhi mein shaitanoo ko.

  • Can anyone tell me that under Pakistani constitution what crime did he commit?
    or is it some kind of mullah law which he broke?

      • If he invaded privacy (i.e. using secret or pen cameras in private rooms) then there is major concern that he did the wrong thing.


        Well we do not know if he invaded privacy. If the pictures were only taken in PUBLIC PLACES then it is a very strange situation legally and ethically. For example, imagine if I take a picture with a camera and far in the background someone is walking, can she complain that I took a picture of her deliberately? Can she accuse me and force me to delete it? In some shopping areas you are forbidden from taking any pictures. I once took a picture of a beautiful ceiling design in Pace Lahore and the security guard made me delete it. Of course there were no people in the picture but rules is rules.

        Think about it, in a few years everyone will be walking around with Google Glass type glasses. Someone did a breakdown and found out that while Google is selling them for $1,500, it only costs under $100 to make, so I am sure the tech will soon be very very widely available. When that happens, what will happen to “privacy”?

      • I believe all photos were taken from the facebook profiles of GIRLs.

        why did girls put them there in the first place? to show off… well this guy just helped them show off…

        • Very strange if true.

          I think Facebook profile pictures cannot be hidden but all others can be.

          • He was a student of the same university… he could be friends with many of the girls on facebook to get pictures.. and since many girls have group pictures.. he could have had access to pictures of girls he was not even friends with….

        • agr us ne profile pictures lagayi hain to i agree 100% with you free thinker.

  • Dunya chand pe pohanch gyi hmyen looosssss marnay se e fursat ni mlni

    bandroon ki haath ma machis hogi to yehi kch hoga

  • we should raise a campaign to pass a bill in cabinet to set a proper cyber crime Law as in other countries

    • Actually more than that. It is about parents and elders teaching kids how to behave. No matter how many laws we pass (which I will note we have 1000s of but never follow), we cannot progress until we teach children adab and right from wrong.

      It is not about passing laws.

  • Facebook pe tu millions mein aise pages hon gay jin pe aisa stuff publish kia jata hai, mere khayal mein tu FB pe her 3rd users fake hai.

  • aisa lag raha hay jaisay log 3G ko bhoul kr isi topic k pechy par gay hain… new interesting topic for many.. :P

    • Bhai Jan! Ab ka kya khyal hai, is topic par bhi 3G aur 4G ky darya baha dain ;D

      • nahi lakin itna emotional horahy hain log k jaisay pata nahi kia hogya.. any one did wrong and caught.. it would be a lesson for other culprits… but there is lot more than this …
        I hope you understand for whome i am talking about… lol

  • Aj kal ki larkiya bhi kisi say kam nae.. Not saying he is innocent just don’t the whole truth. MuSalmano chor do yeah chuti batien aur namaz kaim karo

  • Indeed, a very good step which will set an example for other people who are involved in such activities. Moreover, government should emphasize on such issues as these sort of activities are increasing rapidly. In fact i heard that a cyber crime law has been passed but don’t know if it’s true or not.

  • he should be stripped naked on liberty chowk and pelted with stones, the humilating pictures should be put on his fb page,. his family should be punished for bringing up such a perverted individual, shame on him and shame on his family.. Such people are a disgrace to this nation. He should be made an example for others…

    • Actually its a very sad story. If you think rationally you would understand that police arrested this guy even though there isnt a law that says he is wrong which means the institution is abusing its powers. Secondly no one is guilty unless charged, go look into the history of islam Once Hazrat Ali (r.a) who was the khalifa at that time lost a case to a jew because he failed he bring forth the witnesses required to prove he was right. If a Khalifa of Islam can loose a case on such technicality and the Jew who clearly was wrong can win it then my dear this is your Brother, (as muslims we are all brothers so dont give me shit) if you arent willing to give him the benefit of doubt and act humanely towards him then you are clearly doing something that is against the religion.

      Now about humiliating, again READ A LITTLE HISTORY. Muslims are supposed to look out for each other, if this guy really did what the police charged him with then after he is sentenced it should be ensured that his family’s name and their respect is not harmed, ANY IDIOT CAN TELL YOU THAT NO FAMILY ENCOURAGES SUCH AN ACT so why should they be bullied over a kids mistake.
      Lastly its not about what he posted but the real problem is the source, im pretty sure he posted pictures that were taken by someone else. If its the owners themselves then he should be charged with invasion of privacy but if the pictures were taken by a third party then they need to be caught and prosecuted under privacy laws only that will discourage people from doing these things. And we need to create awareness for such acts because there is no way to stop it, anyone with a little knowledge and understanding of proxies like TOR and etc can easily by pass all filters and post pictures anywhere without ever getting caught because tracing the identity would then be impossible

  • Iss tarah tu hota hai is tarah k kamon mein……I think any informer played an important role………..

    • Chalo ho bhi jye, is ko aur us ky khandan ko izzat mili hogi wo aap jan sakty han, is news ko dekhny ky baad wo kon hoga is ky ghar sy rishta jury ga. Zara Sochye!

  • University nay app pakerwaya hoga this job is completed by Social Media Team of UMT i appreciate this team great job…

    sadi police adi efficient and educated nai hoi so far so poor so far..

    But it is a good example we can make a big difference and make this country better by implementing law on cyber world… Pakistan should have controlled internet & media services like any advanced country in the world.. |

    Pakistan can be a best nation If you can escalates such indecent & activities..

    • Let’s start with driving properly in Pakistan. Can we get that? If we have hundreds of traffic police on the streets (I live in Lahore) and we cannot get rid of traffic problems, then clearly…. we are not going to progress much.

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