Skype to Get Real-Time Multilingual Voice Translations in the Near Future


Microsoft has unveiled a new future which may shape the future of calling altogether. In a demo at the Code conference, the company showcased a new feature for Skype which allows voice-calls to be translated into a different language in real-time.

While how broad its feature-set will be remains to be seen, a few notable exceptions such as the English to German translations are going on pretty successfully. It is still not quite accurate, but the people on the other side of the display (who were speaking German) did get the point.

The translating feature, which is said to have come out of Microsoft’s Research division rather than the Skype team, is said to have come to life after it was worked on for 15 years.

The feature will arrive as a beta app in Windows 8 by the end of 2014.

What also remains to be seen is the pricing. It is not known whether it will be limited only to paid Skype phone-calls, or whether it will be exclusive only to a particular OS version or not.

Whatever the case though, the tech sure can bring huge benefits in the future, and can play a vital role in connecting the various ethnicity of our world together.

It is worth noting that this project is far from the first one around. Even Google has a similar program going on, in addition to the gazillions of projects it is involved in. However, in Skype’s case, it becomes much more important as the service is used in most parts of the globe by more than 300 million active users per month.