TEDx All Set to Hit Murree on June 7th


TEDx is actually a local program of self organized events that aim to bring people together to share a TED-like experience; giving them a way out to welcome them into a wonderland of optimism.

They are now coming up with an event called TEDx Murree which is going to hit the mountains of Murree literally and figuratively on Saturday, 7th June, 2014.

It will serve you as a psychological resource to eradicate the vibe of failure by embracing every issue with the vibe of success.

This event has been organized with the theme of “Resurrecting Optimism”. Finest speakers across Pakistan are being invited to address the subject. It is expected these these brilliant minds will combine to conduct deep discussions in small groups, bringing out the best ideas from the batch. List of speakers is as following:

  • Wahaj us Siraj CEO and Co founder of Nayatel
  • Zubair Khan CEO Tranchulas
  • Owais Anjum Founder and CEO eMumba and Cricout
  • Nigar Nazar First Female Cartoonist
  • Saima Khan Founding Director and Senior Executive at SOL
  • Izzah Ahmed Entrepreneur
  • Zeeshan Shah Chief Operating Officer at Corporate Art task force

TEDx Murree promises to give you a chance to learn about the newest innovations, ideas, meet great minds, and share your thoughts.

So, let’s gather together to let the wave of optimism embrace us starting from the hills of Murree, stretching to entire Pakistan.

Event Details

  • Day: Saturday 7th June, 2014
  • Time: 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM
  • Venue: Lawrence College Murree, Ghora Gali, Islamabad.

For more details keep checking the Official Website & Event Facebook Page for registration process and speaker list.

  • They should do a TEDx to tell us what TEDx is because I’ve been hearing about this for several years but have no idea what it has achieved thus far.

      • if something worthwhile ever came out of it i would heard about it on Twitter or Facebook

          • I’m ill-informed? Or is TED doing a terrible job of informing people of what it’s doing? All I hear 24/7 on Facebook and Twitter is about some upcoming TED conference. I never hear about what was actually achieved, maybe because it’s usually nothing.

            • Yaar ab TED walay bijli ghar toh laganay say rahay… If in your views achievements are only those things which have a physical presence…! In that case Yes, they are doing it wrong.

    • main kitni sari raat Islamabad ki barash main bhata rha bilkul bhi nhi ghabriya

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