Zong Unveils its 3G Packages


As we reported earlier this week, Zong yesterday commercially launched its 3G services in the country.

A launch ceremony was held at Zong’s headquarters in Islamabad in which Zong’s top management, Dr. Ismail Shah, Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, along with other members of PTA were also present.

With this commercial launch, Zong’s 3G services are available in Lahore and Karachi. Zong’s 3G services will be made available in Islamabad with-in next couple of weeks.

Now let’s get to Zong’s 3G Packages.

According to the information we have received, Zong will offer daily, weekly and monthly 3G Packages for its customers. Check below the details:

Zong 3G Packages:


So as obvious from the details available in the table, the maximum data limit one can get in a month is 4GB, and this plan is priced at Rs. 650 per month.

Add-ons for 3G Packages

Zong is offering Add-ons for its 3G Packages. Add-ons are basically a value addition in the package that will allow customers to use more data with-in time duration of package selected against a price.

Below are add-ons that Zong is offering for its 3G customers:


Again to explain the add-ons, if you are on a weekly package with 150MB limit, and you are nearing your data limit even before the expiry of the package, then you can select any of the addon to continue using the 3G services.

Add-ons will expire along with the data-package that you have selected already.

Out of Bundle Charges:

Once you are out of bundle, and you haven’t added any add-on to your account then 3G services will be charged as following:

  • Rs.1 per MB
  • This charging rate will expire along with the expiration of basic bundle that you were subscribed to.

Default 3G Package:

Default 3G package or default 3G charges for Zong’s 3G services  — when there’s no package selected – are as following:

  • Rs.10 per MB

Free Social Package

Zong is offering a free social package for limited time. With this package, customers can use unlimited Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter for free. Below are details:

  • Package name: Social Pack (Unlimited Facebook, Whatsapp & Twitter)
  • Volume: Unlimited
  • Charges: Free
  • Validity: 3 Days
  • Activation Method: SMS ‘Social’ to 6464

Check Remaining Data Limit

You can check remaining data limit of your 3G package by Dialling *102#


  • What is Add-on:
    • Add Ons are small volume increments that can be purchased to keep enjoying 3G experience.
    • Customers would be recommended to buy Add Ons when they reach 80% and 100% of their bundle utilization.
  • What is Out of Bundle Rate:
    • If a user does not purchase an Add On after reaching volume cap of his data bundle, he/she will be charged an out-of-bundle rate of Rs.1/MB instead of Default rate of Rs.10/MB.
    • The validity of this out-of-bundle rate will be the same as validity of base package.
  • Will Zong Cap Speeds after 3G Bundles are consumed?
    • Yes
    • After reaching volume cap of a bundle, the user’s mobile internet speed will be decreased to 2G speeds (256 kbps) to protect him/her from consuming too much data at 3G speeds and receiving a bill shock.
    • The normal 3G speeds will be resumed once the user buys an Add On or upgrades to a higher bundle.
  • Keeping an Eye on Remaining Data Limit:
    • For Daily bundles, usage notification messages would be sent at: 80% utilization only.
    • For Weekly & Monthly bundles, usage notification messages would be sent at: 20%, 50%, 80% & 100% utilization
  • How many times a bundle can be Re-subscribed?
    • After reaching volume cap, all packages can be re-subscribed multiple times within the validity period
    • The Daily Packages cannot be resubscribed multiple times in a day.
  • How will Auto-Renewal happen?
    • All packages will be auto-renewed (automatic resubscription of package).
    • After 4 days of low balance, customer will be unsubscribed
  • When will the Default Package be charged?
    • If a user has not subscribed to any bundle, default rate of Rs.10/MB will be charged.
    • After 1 MB of consumption, subscribers would be down-throttled to 256 kbps for customer protection.
    • 3G speeds will be resumed once he/she subscribes to a bundle

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