Policy Directive from MoIT for Withdrawal of ICH

As we reported yesterday, Ministry of IT and Telecom issued a policy directive to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority for withdrawal of International Clearing House.

According to details mentioned in the directive, MoIT’s earlier directive for establishment of ICH is withdrawn. With this new directive, PTA is now mandated again to determine ASR and APC and to work-out the termination of ICH.

Directive said that for time being, the APC for international incoming traffic is set at Zero.

Directive will be in-effect from 1st August 2014.

We are presenting below the copy of Policy Directive issued by MoIT for our readers’ reference:




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  • protest also started against this decision… Couldn’t understand who is right.
    another group is saying that this update will only help foreigners. locals operators will be suffer.

    • It’s the government’s own fault for only giving out licenses to a few companies and then not giving licenses for eight years or some long period.

      Had the made more licenses available, then it wouldn’t be a problem.

    • The groups that say this update will only help foreigners are the ones actually behind making of ICH and people who are involved in Grey Traffic business. ICH was never made for the benefit of anyone EXCEPT those 14 BADMAASH LDI companies including PTCL. Actually ICH is just a cover name for a mass scale CORRUPTION agenda.

  • i guess the what N Govt is doing is trying to withdraw all the decisions made by PPP Govt. without consulting any one whether ICH or as a matter of fact any decision made is in the interest of Govt. Pro Pakistani has done a good job by uploading the letter. what is not clear what was govt for last one year doing. Ms. Rehman (Gullu Butt) has worked in telenor and siding telenor by terminating ICH i see a big NAB reference when this Govt leaves. Giving benefits to Foreign operators and closing business of Pakistani operators is beyond my imagination.

    • ICH stifled competition, dissolving it makes it somewhat a level playing field and increase foreign exchange. Now only if they would directly issue licenses to small business (the grey traffic companies) and they will increase foreign exchange directly rather than another 3rd party paying for termination from abroad.

    • Abeh Tutoo,

      “Giving benefits to Foreign operators and closing business of Pakistani operators is beyond my imagination.”

      Of the 14 operators, 12 operators are foreign owned. Only Telecard and 4B are locals. These also have foreign investment.

      Check facts before barking. Anyway party for LDI operators is over. Now they should clear all their old outstandings.

  • This is great…no more incentive for “grey” trafficers…let the free market reign supreme :)

  • why ministry of IT not uploading all the directives on the website. I can not understand that what is the purpose of these websites if no official documents are to place.

  • Policies, Policy directives, minutes of meetings especially board of directors meetings chaired by ministry of IT and telecom should be on the website. This is the only way we could analyse the workings of institutions of ministry of IT and telecom

  • My dear, PTET Pensioner you are right but NAB reference should be made against this dummy section officer sahib who have issued this policy directieve number 2=8/2011 on june 17, 2014 to with draw the earlier reference i .e. 9-1/2002-dt on august 13, 2012. What is this showing is easily understandable who work in government. It shows that he has mislead the case to top management from the wrong file without presenting all facts to them.

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