ProPakistani Writer Ali Raza Khawaja Killed in Karachi


I am distressingly sad to announce that Ali Raza Khawaja, a friend and a long-time author at ProPakistani, was shot by two unknown gunmen in Karachi yesterday.

I am unaware of the motive behind his killing, but I assume he was randomly shot dead by the notorious killers of Karachi.

Ali, who was just 25, became victim of the violence in Karachi that we all curse, but unfortunately no one is doing much to stop it.

I don’t hope that the government or the law enforcement agencies will catch the killers. I am saying this because killers of Benazir Bhutto, one of the strongest families in the country, are still not brought to justice then how come a common man can expect anything here.

Ali worked with ProPakistani for over five years. Ali was mainly responsible for reporting cyber security matters during early days of ProPakistani till somewhere around 2011. He and was a security expert himself.

Ali used to manage the security of ProPakistani’s servers during 2008-2011. During this period, he was the one who made sure that ProPakistani’s website is up and running despite all the DDoS attacks we faced during that time. He played a major role when ProPakistani traced hackers who had attacked our website in 2010.

Ali also represented ProPakistani in various TV shows to discuss cyber security matters.

Ali had deep connections with all local and regional white-hat or even black-hat hackers. He always preached the hackers to not to deface websites meaninglessly, instead he used to push them to use their abilities for constructive work in the country.

Over the time Ali remained a security consultant for various local and multinational companies.

Ali’s demise is a personal loss. I pray to Allah to grant his soul the eternal peace. Ameen.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

        • yar ye shia or sunni se bohat aage ki bat hai. He was a soldier of Pakistan Cyber Army. Us ne Pakistan ko protect karte karte jaan de di or hum abi tak shia or sunni mai hi phasse hoe hen.kam se kam ek bar us k bare mai read zaroor karen k wo tha kon or mere or ap k liye wo karta kia tha. then comment

          • Don’t be delusional. A bunch of computer geeks don’t go gunning people down. Cyber warfare, if there is even such a thing, stays cyber.

    • What kind a joke is it?
      there is lot of Umar, Usman killed in karachi are those Sunni Killing?
      Its just a killing and we are sorry for him ALLAH janat main ala mukam ata kry

      • Yes write, 5 sunni’s are killed for each 100 shia’s…! to make people believe it’s not a shia killing, however, i do not have any differences or hartred against my sunni brothers, we are all muslims, but fact is fact, believe on it.

        Lastly, united we stand, divided we fall, so come up sunni brothers, let’s join together to stand as one nation.

        • You could start by not discriminating against Shias and Sunnis. Why not just refer to them as Muslims?

          • It’s time to start educate the un-aware people, on what’s actually happening. If it was Muslims only killing, then the members wouldn’t be like above, but it is a sect killing, maybe to divide them, fight them with each other, but admit it, Shiites having the highest number of people getting killed in Pakistan!

          • True but no one will listen to you. Media outlets and people are in a habbit of painting their own picture and diverting from the real issue. Irony in Pakistan

  • A very sad news. Allah magfirat karay.

    Btw, Typo in the post bro
    Ali also represented ProPakistani (is) various TV shows to discuss cyber security matters.
    Should be “in”

  • May his soul rest in peace and may Allah grant his family the courage to bear this tragic loss. Ameen.

  • At one time only people like cobblers, bread makers, carpenters, roadside hawkers were targeted but now even respected professionals are not safe from these target killers! R.I.P :(

    • Are you implying that a cobbler’s, baker’s, carpenter’s and roadside hawker’s life is less valuable than anyone else’s?

  • May his soul rest in peace, and may ALLAH give strength to his family to bear this huge loss, Yet another innocent Shiite Became victim, really either The Killer’s brains are completely washed now, or they have become Takhfeeris, our Beautifull city has been made a hell of a place to live by Terrorist, i don’t think anyone would have any problem with him sharing cyber security news, so definitely, i believe his cast maybe the reason, hope his Sacrifice of live will not go in vain, and help changing the law and order situation in Karachi.

  • A very sad news indeed and a time to think that we need to unite as a nation and try to create an environment where everyone is safe from such inhumanely matters.

    May his soul rest in peace and may Allah grant his family the courage to bear this tragic loss. Ameen.

  • I am very sad to hear this.What is happening to this country.In which direction we are heading?I can only pray to God to show our people the right path to choose.My prayers are for him and for his family to give them enough strength to deal with this tragic accident.

  • Very sad news, despite the so called targeted operation law and order situation in karachi is becoming worse with the passage of time. It is mainly due to the incompetence and political expediencies of provincial and federal govt both.

  • Very sad,, Allah Pak hmare iss shaheed bhai ki maghfarat farmaaye aur iske ghar walon ko be panah sabr ata farmaaye, (Aamin)

  • ProPakistani has a large audience. Can’t we at least start a full fledged campaign on Social network to stop these target killings in Karachi. No one is paying heed. Maybe it bring any good…

  • Aamir – I think you should not rule out the possibility of another hacker groups carrying out this heinous act. I am sure you have watched Mickey Virus.

  • Inna Lilahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajeoon.
    Allah Mugfirat firmai
    Very Sad News

    Please forward my condolence to his family.

  • Ameen..Sum Ameen..Uff…i feel really sorry for his loss..May Allah grant his family with patience..!!!

  • انا للہ وانا الیہ راجعون May the departed soul rest in eternal peace and May Allah give strength
    and courage to the bereaved family to bear this irreparable loss. Ameen

  • انا للہ وانا الیہ راجعون، اللہ شہید کے درجات بلند فرمائے .

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