Everything You Need to Know to Setup Solar Energy Plant in Pakistan!

Energy crisis in Pakistan is neither new nor it is going to end any time soon, we know this for a fact.

While you may agree that energy situation has just bettered (during Ramzan) but we aren’t sure if it is going to remain the same in coming days or not. I personally suppose that situation may remain uncertain for at least few years.

Considering the situation, businesses and home users have long been working to find the best alternate energy solutions to meet their energy requirements. UPS is a solution for some, generators for others but both involve energy input in one way or the other, leaving the whole equation somewhat unviable, especially when 16 out of 24 hours are spent without power.

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Solar power is one avenue where Pakistanis have found the ultimate solution. It requires no external input – other than the sun shine – and can operate flawlessly for years and years.

General impression is that solar energy is expensive. It is. But probably not as much as one might think. Also the cost that solar energy can save you in the long-run brings you equally good ROI for well-structured investments made today.

In this post we will try to give you an idea of estimated cost that setting up solar energy system may require. So let’s go straight away to the business.

Planning the Solar Energy Plant

First thing you would want to do is to plan the solar energy plant as per your load requirement. That is, calculating the magnitude of electric load your solar plant will be required to produce.

For the purpose, the first thing you need to do is to make a list of things that you would want to run on Solar energy. Naturally, more load will mean more investment requirement and vice versa.

Power Required for Home Appliances:

To help you with calculating the energy load, we are listing below few things with the respective energy load they consume to operate:

  • Energy Saver: 10/20/40 Watts
  • Fan: 90-110 Watts
    • Some Older fans consumer 120 Watts
  • Tube Lights:
    • Full tube: 40 Watts
    • Half tube: 20 Watts
  • LED Bulbs: 7 Watts
  • LED TV (Almost all sizes): 30 to 40 Watts
  • LCD TV (Almost all sizes): 90-100 Watts
  • Old TVs: 300-400 Watts
  • Iron: 1000 Watts
  • Refrigerator: They consume 250 Watts to 700 Watts depending on make and type
  • Deep Freezers: 600 Watts
  • Water Motor
    • half horse power: 325 Watts
    • One Horse Power: 750 Watts
  • Laptop: 15-20 Watts
  • Router/Modems/Chargers (Combined): 10-15 Watts
  • ACs:
    • During first half an hour or so when compressor runs at full throttle: 2800-3000 Watts
    • Rest of the time when temperature settles down: 1500 Watts
  • Invertor ACs:
    • During first half an hour or so when compressor runs at full throttle: 1800 Watts
    • Rest of the time when temperature settles down: 500-600 Watts

Items listed above and their corresponding energy requirements may vary for different situations, depending on conditions, make and their age. But we can take above mentioned values to plan our solar energy plant.

Just to mention, Invertor type ACs are comparatively a new thing, they cost little extra. For example a 1.5 ton Invertor AC from Haier will cost you around Rs. 60,000 as compared to Rs. 40,000 for usual AC from the same company. But they save energy and are usually recommended when your energy source is powered by a solar system.

Things you need for Solar Energy Plant

Below are three things that you will need during the entire setup of

  • Solar Panels
  • Batteries
  • Invertors

Solar panels are those black plates installed on roof tops. These panels are responsible for converting the sun-shine into electric energy. These solar panels come on per watts basis, that is, a solar panel can be of 100 watts. Putting two such panels will get you 200 watts and so on.

Batteries are required to store electricity for night-time load shedding. During day time your system will power up the appliances, but you have to store energy to make sure that appliances are powered smoothly during night time load-shedding when solar-plant isn’t producing any electricity.

Inverters are used to convert electricity into a form that is usable by our appliances.

Cost of a Solar Plant

Above mentioned three items will cost according to the electricity requirements we may have depending on our needs.

As a reference, let’s assume following situation:

We need to run following items on solar energy:

  • 2 Fans
  • 2 Energy Savers
  • 1 laptop
  • and few chargers

Here’s the corresponding load we will need:

  • 2 Fans: 110 x 2 = 220 Watts
  • 2 Energy Savers: 20 x 2 = 40 Watts
  • 1 laptop = 20 Watts
  • and few charges = 10 Watts
  • Total: 270 Watts

Ideally speaking we will require 270 Watts of energy to be produced by solar system that we are going to deploy in our example case.

Practically, we will deploy 540 Watts panels, because when on Solar energy – during day time – we need to power our appliances with 270 watts, plus we need to charge our batteries too for usage during load-shedding in the night.

Here is the corresponding cost for 540 Watts of Panels:

  • Solar Panel: Rs. 100 per watt = Rs. 100 x 540 = Rs. 54,000
  • Invertor – we will need 1KW invertor = Rs. 26,000
  • Batteries: 2 x 200 Amp batteries: Rs. 13,000 x 2 = Rs. 26,000
  • Total Cose: Rs. 54,000 + Rs. 26,000 + Rs. 26,000 = Rs. 106,000


  • You can use one battery instead of 2, but that will store lesser amount of electricity – which will give shorter back-up time during nights. Same as we deal with UPS batteries — more the battery power will mean more back-up time.
  • With two batteries and the load requirements in our example case the back-up time will be around 4-6 hours during night.
  • Please note that during day time you won’t require batteries, so technically speaking – you can run this solar plant for assumed load for whole day (as far as the sun is up).
  • Since the load is 540 Watts, 1KW inverter will do the job. If load was 2400 Watts then you would have to use 3KW inverter.
  • Pricers of bigger inverters are given below.

So you need to spend Rs. 106,000 for the solar plant to power up 2 fans, 2 energy savers, one laptop and few chargers for seamless up-time.

Here are Few things to note:

  • Price of solar plant may differ. Above mentioned price of Rs. 100 per watt solar plant is market average rate for premium quality Chinese plants
  • You can get European (German) solar panels for Rs. 150 per watt, but that’s just additional cost as Chinese panels work fine.
  • If your load exceeds 500 watts then you will have to use high-voltage inverters, that is 2 KW, 3kW or above. Here are estimated prices for bigger inverters:
    • 1 KW Inverter: Rs. 26,000
    • 2 KW Inverter: Rs. 35,000
    • 3 KW Inverter: Rs. 45,000
    • 4 KW Inverter: Rs. 60,000
    • 5 KW Inverter: Rs. 80,000
    • 10 KW Inverter: Rs. 200,000
    • P.S. Prices of inverters also vary, depending on the quality and made. Prices mentioned here are for good quality Chinese inverters
  • Number of batteries will also depend on the load you may require to store. Here’s the desi formula for calculating back-up timing of a battery:
    • Amperes of battery x number of hours with sun-shine / load = Back-up time in hours
    • Example: (200Amp + 200Amp) x 10 hours / 540 Watts =  around 7 Hours

Amount of batteries required in your solar plant can be determined by using or re-arranging above desi formula:

  • Back up time  = Amperes of Battery x Number of Hours with Sun-shine / Load
  • Amperes of Battery = Back up time required / Number of hours with Sun Shine x Load

Further things to note:

  • Life of solar panels is around 25 years, however, with time the efficiency or electricity-production ability of panels lessens
  • Life time of dry-battery is around 5-7 years
  • Life time of liquid-battery is around 2 years
  • Solar panels work fine below 45 degree Celsius
  • Solar panels work well even in hilly areas, such as Murree

Disclaimer: Anything mentioned above is produced after market survey with purpose to give you an idea about solar plants and its pricings. These rates, however, may vary to any extent. Special thanks to Waqas Khaleeq for helping us in preparing this post.

If there’s anything un-answered or not clear, please go ahead and ask in comments below and I will do my best to address them.

Tech and telecom reporter for over 15 years

  • Please give suggestion about
    02 Fans,
    03 Energy Savers,
    01 Fridge,
    02 Chargers,

    • You could calculate it yourself… here’s how we do it.

      Power requirement:

      -2 Fans = 110 x 2 = 220 watts
      -3 savers = 30 x 3 = 60
      -1 Fridge = 700 watts
      -2 Chargers = 20 watts

      Total = 1,000 watts

      So you need a solar panel that can power 1,000 watts. As a rule we will multiply this with 2, so 2,000 watts panel plates are required.

      Solar Panels = Rs. 100 x 2,000 watts = Rs. 200,000
      Inverter (since it 2K watts so a 2KV inverter will do) = 2KV = 35,000
      Batteries (For four hours of back-up time during night) = 2,000 x 10 / 10 = 800 Amp = Four batteries of 200Amp will do = Rs. 14,000 x 4 = 56,000

      Total Cose: 200,000 + 35,000 + 56,000 = Rs. 291,000

      Hope it helped.

      • if you can make a small software for load calculations, we just enter the no of appliances and it calculates the load :P

        • Here’s the formula: Amperes of Battery = Back up time required / Number of hours with Sun Shine * Load

          If you get 1200 Amperes then 6 batteries of 200Apm will do.

          • when calculating backup time you must also consider that typical led-acid batteries should not be discharged below 50% to keep those working for longer period of time.
            whereas you can discharge a deep-cycle battery upto 20% though they cost much more than led-acid one

            • Dear brother thanks a lot for this survey. i would like to please extend your description to address the following questions. Q1. What will be the idea to use DC appliances? Does it mean that in that case we will get rid of inverters? Q2. As far as my experience is concerned i think the conventional lead acid batteries have poor performance owing to their smaller life time. what would you suggest about using Li Ion Batteries? In that case what kind of changes we will need to bring in the above plane you discussed? Please suggest the charge control mechanism for using Li ion Batteries since these require more sophisticated charge controller that i cant understand fully inspite of extensive googling. Q3. Sir kindly can you help me find some reliable suppliers of Li ion batteries in Pakistan to get these from. finally with many many thanks i am waiting impatiently for your kind response. Kindly if possible send me an sms on the cell number provided when you reply to my post
              Muhib Ullah 03339423353 i need help

        • or you can google , there are many calculators online already :P

      • Aamir you consider liquid batteries, thats mean you need 56000 after every 2 years. Lets suppose this panel runs for 25 years. it will cost you 25/2(years) x 56000= 700000 —-> Minimum running cost will be 500/month (150000 for 25 years)—-> thats mean total cost for this unit for 25 years will be round about 12,00,000.

        Per month cost 1200000/25= 48000/year = 4000/month

        Lets say it will cost you 900000/25= 36000/year = 3600/month
        If you add depreciation cost of total unit, you can add 500 more :).

        If you use wapda energy it will cost you maximum 3000/month or might be little bit more. So all these (ups, solr etc) methods are not feasible at any cost until !

        Government reduce tax on raw material or promote local production.

        • for a thousand watts usage for around 12-15 hours per day means 450 KWH energy consumption per month. I wonder how u get billed 3000 for 450 units of electricity ? it may cost above 10000 in Pakistan.

        • dear it is best solution for load shedding. why you are comparing 18 hours loadshedding wapda power supply to home made solar system…

      • but this is for off the grid living right – i,e, 100% independence from k electric (for karachi i.e.)

      • Hello, Would you please suggest me that for example for 200 AMP liquid battery how much plates enough to charge it like 3 plates of 150 watt can be charge the battery full?

        • 1000 watts is for your appliances, and the remaining for charging the battery during day time.
          it will also help you if sometimes your usage appliances exceeds 1000 watts

      • Dear brother thanks a lot for this survey. i would like to please extend your description to address the following questions. Q1. What will be the idea to use DC appliances? Does it mean that in that case we will get rid of inverters? Q2. As far as my experience is concerned i think the conventional lead acid batteries have poor performance owing to their smaller life time. what would you suggest about using Li Ion Batteries? In that case what kind of changes we will need to bring in the above plane you discussed? Please suggest the charge control mechanism for using Li ion Batteries since these require more sophisticated charge controller that i cant understand fully inspite of extensive googling. Q3. Sir kindly can you help me find some reliable suppliers of Li ion batteries in Pakistan to get these from. finally with many many thanks i am waiting impatiently for your kind response. Kindly if possible send me an sms on the cell number provided when you reply to my post
        Muhib Ullah 03339423353

        • 1000 watts is for your appliances, and the remaining for charging the battery during day time.
          it will also help you if sometimes your usage appliances exceeds 1000 watts

  • Banks or Government should provide interest free loan to set up solar plants instead of wasting money on Youth Loan scheme

    • thank you for the Mashwara:
      think in a broad way. Youth Loan Scheme is individual empowerment, if you provide only the solar panel the individual will use it for his ownself and nothing will be done which he we do after investing and hiring more people under him which will enable all the individuals to buy any thing for their families it could be the solar panels as well.
      so think out of box.

      this is Macro Economics.

      • Imran Khan Simply Say, ” Taleem Ek Nhi Hazroon Zindagi Badal Sakti Hai” :D

      • Similarly , this shitty youth scheme was for PEELI TAXIS , where are those taxis on roads ? I have came back from middle east on vacation and yet to see a single taxi which is actually working as a TAXI.. Every one is either using it for their personal use or they have painted it.

        You are right that this is Macro Economics but it is not applied in Pakistan. Both the government and nation is misusing it.

      • bhai in what world you live in? read your own words.
        countries empower by putting hi tech factories , by looking at the big picture not like Sharif brothers which give UN laptops for free . its not even their scheme. taxi scheme cost billions of losses for the benefit of individuals.
        energy is the single need for any economy that ca take you to the future .
        there is a great brain drain in pak which is evident in your post.

      • Paa ji . apni website pe spelling mistakes to theek kar lo. aur jo free template uthaya hai ap ne template monsters se , us ma kuch lines abhi bhi kisi aur language ma likhi hoi hia , un ko theek kar lo. aisi website dekh k kon order dega ap ko ???

      • Dear brother thanks a lot for this survey. i would like to please extend your description to address the following questions. Q1. What will be the idea to use DC appliances? Does it mean that in that case we will get rid of inverters? Q2. As far as my experience is concerned i think the conventional lead acid batteries have poor performance owing to their smaller life time. what would you suggest about using Li Ion Batteries? In that case what kind of changes we will need to bring in the above plane you discussed? Please suggest the charge control mechanism for using Li ion Batteries since these require more sophisticated charge controller that i cant understand fully inspite of extensive googling. Q3. Sir kindly can you help me find some reliable suppliers of Li ion batteries in Pakistan to get these from. finally with many many thanks i am waiting impatiently for your kind response. Kindly if possible send me an sms on the cell number provided when you reply to my post
        Muhib Ullah 03339423353 jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

  • Thanks for the guide, I wanted to know how is the performance of a solar plant affected when there are clouds or rain?

    • They work fine. Consider that solar plants are installed in northern Europe too. For reference, assume solar calculators and the way they can work.

      • A.o.A bro meine 1ton ac use krna hai to os k lye muje btain kitny soler palit or kitne battery hony chahyen ….

    • Yes, output is reduced, but not that much. It stil depends on how much cloud cover is there.

  • Thanks for a useful write-up. More informative and practically useful information about current technology will be welcomed.

    • please inform me on 03339423353 about solar room coolers market place

  • i am very happy with this article mostly people dont know about solar panels and its load managment

  • @aamir7:disqus
    Truly Speaking,This one is An Excellent Piece Of Helping Article

      • Plz ye batain ke agar 1 ghar men me 5 fan/2 LCDs/1 AC / 6 savers/ Water Pump/Washing machine /REfrigerator/rion wagera istamal karna chahta hon or hamar aload appliances ke lehaz say 4000 watt banta hai lekan ham sab chezen aik he wakt men istamal na karen to yani jis wakt washing machine istamal ho rahi ho us wakt ham iron or water pump istamal na karen to phir kam load par beh kam chal sakta hai ya nahim

          • Hi Zubair, can you please tell me how much will it cost to set a solar power system in multan to run one complete house with the followings,

            ceiling fan 4
            1.5 ton air con 1
            350 liter fridge 1
            40 watt energy savers 8

            how much is the average life of dry batteries ?
            what is the average cost of dry batteries ?
            how much for the lead acid batteries ?

            is there any company in pakistan providing the systems with 25 year real warranty ? if the warranties are available ,which of the components are covered under warranty.
            can you please reply on my e mail fayyaz_k@yahoo.com
            as this is the first time I am on this site

  • This looks quite expensive at almost 2 USD per Watt or 2000 PKR per Watt. If I compare to a normal 2 KVA UPS which is around 50K with batteries, how is the business case for solar justified?

    • You aren’t getting the real idea: this solar power energy will get you (almost) free electricity for 25 years.

      • The batteries have to replaced every few years and we should also assume some O&M costs after 5 or 7 years. Practically it becomes difficult to break even although convenience is there.

        Do share the cost break even working if possible so I can see where I am going wrong.

        • The energy in the UPS costs something around Rs. 20/kWh (including the charging/discharging/rectification/inversion losses, but excluding battery replacement costs).

          So if you do the maths properly, solar will turn out to be a very worthwhile investment for the majority of Pakistani households.

    • First of all Solar System in Pakistan is for comfort and peace of mind not as business case , Secondly UPS can never be compared with solar system , since UPS waste lots of energy while charging and discharging the batteries . There is no running cost of Solar system . In most cases Solar gives its ROI within 2 to 3 years .

  • Ye sab kuch bohat aala hai but murree jese thanday shehar ke liye, Q k punjab mei to temperature 45+ rehta hai aur 1 ghar ka load near about 1500 watts hai bina ac ke , batteries cost boht ziada pare gi,

  • the average at my place during day is 1200 but during for an hour it touches 2200 due to iron… what should i do ?

  • aoa,

    i have alread ups 750 watt with 200 ampere battery… i need to run two fans, 4 evergy saver plus charger

      • Asslam o Alaikum Mr.Khaleeq;

        I have installed 1040 watts system at my home with 200 amps battery. Running all appliances (like fans, Desert colors, laptop and LED with few energy savers). Mostly in day time my load remain 300 watts max. I just want to ask you if in day time i can run my refrigerator on it as i have Axpert KS 3 kva inverter and my refrigerator took about 8 amps starting load (Normaly it takes 200 watts max) or should i replace my inverter with 3 kva xpi inverter which is transformer based. I am hesitating to install transformer based inverter as i read online its consume more electricity and generate less (means to say it losses electricity during operation as compared to transformer less) Awaiting your comments

    • yes what is the price of charger controller? and also can we use same controller to all like 1000 watt or 2000 watt solution or it may differ. advise pls thanks

  • I will suggest to use DC fans and lights/leds. to maximum utilize the energy and this will also require less solar panels. No need of AC/DC converter – everything is DC. Less cost. What are your thoughts?

    • DC solution is good for small houses but not good for large house , because there is a huge ampares loss with length of DC wires and cost of replacing AC to DC appliances till be much more higher than cost of an inverter . plus DC solution is not too much reliable

      • waqas Bhai, kya solar system sirf day time k liye use kia jaa sakta hai, without battries, or uski cost or efficiency kya hoo gi. 3 fans, 3 energy saver, few chargers, laptop, modem, mobile…

        • Hi, could you please provide some information and total cost for solar water pump 1 horsepower or less including the panels required, as stand alone system, and where to get it from in rawalpindi Islamabad area. Thank you in advance.

    • I want to kknow answeres to following 3 queries.
      1. Can I use a battery less solar solution for my home ?
      2. Can I use solar panels in front of my existing UPS ( in day time only) with touching to existing wiring and any thing else. In evening UPS will use WAPDA as it was using before solar installation.

  • Does solar panel work well in Karachi? Asking b/c you mentioned solar panels work in 45 Degree and there is hardly 45 degree in KHI

    • Solar panels work when temperature is below 45 degrees, so Karachi should be okay.

      • remove this reference about 45C.

        that 45C is for cell temperature, not your local weather. Most people are miss-interpreting it.

  • for cost calculation i will suggest aamir if you make an excel sheet (template) which will help users by selecting their requirement.

  • I have installed 4 solar panels each of 150W and the DC output of these solar panels is connected to the same battery that is charged by UPS. So almost all the day time my UPS battery is full (When it is charged by both solar panel supplied current and traditional electricity). I operate 2 ceiling fans and a desktop computer (with LCD) on battery and current level in battery floats around 80% to 85% when it is solely being charged by solar panels. I believe its a good option to install solar panels for atleast meeting core energy needs of homes.

  • So, this will only works in Morning time? 4 hours back up for the night will be too short.

    • Install a larger array along with matching battery bank. It depends how many days/ hours you need of your solar system.

  • @Amir7 bhai I have question for you are you sure battery price of 200 ampere is 13000??

    • Yes that’s the approximate price of wet-cell lead-acid battery which lasts around 2-3 years (provided you take good care of it and use a good-quality charge controller). For sealed, maintenance-free battery, the cost is around twice that, but may last up to 7 yrs, as mentioned in post.

  • You forget to mention the Solar Charge Controller, which is the key component in any Solar Power Plant.

  • Amir bhai Kindly include renewable energy field propakistani.com’s scope as well. Thanks.

  • Solar panel are available in Pakistan @ Rs. 50 to 70 per watt not Rs.100. If you have already UPS installed then no need of inverter and batteries.

    • Yes we heard about low priced panels, but watch out they might not perform well. Also their age isn’t usual 25 years long.

  • Hey Amir, this is a great post, I have to congratulate you and Waqas on this. Very informative, to the point, very useful. You have no idea how pleased I am that you published this kind of information. I don’t intend on setting up solar myself, but this is the kind of information that needs to be out there. I have a few ideas for you.

    1. How to actually set this up: Basic connection setup guide.

    2. Is dust an issue? How about cleaning solar panels?

    3. An infographic with the key information (for passing around facebook).

    4. A translation of the article AND facebook into Urdu, for more to read.

    5. Someone below mentioned bank loans. Maybe include information on that.

    This kind of information is very valuable, and could also bring in some readers to propakistani if it gets passed around facebook enough.

    • Thank you for the kind words. I have noted your suggestions, we may work on them.

  • Hey… a few corrections:

    1. For 270 watts, you will need at least 400 watts of panel.
    2. You need to be careful about Voltage of panels, it ranges from 12 Volts to 150 volts. You need the right panel also.

    Whilst mono-crystalline and polycrystalline panels are 12, 24 or 36 volt, thin film are of higher volts (100 ~ 150 volts) and are commonly used to run tube wells through VFDs.

    So for home solution, you need to match up your panels with inverter. if inverter is 48volt input, then you would need 4 panels of 100 watts each with 12 volt to match up total power and voltage to work the system properly.

    There are alot more other complex issues in solar designing, but overall, your post is great (Y).

  • btw I couldn’t read the whole article but I think the writer did not mention that you cannot provide electricity to others, even your neighbor because for this we have wapda and one cannot provide electricity to anyone except wapda. So we can use this energy for our own use only.
    For this whole article see the picture below.
    well done good work Q Mobile/Motorcycle or laptop apka hua

  • Yaar, Khanewal ki garmi main zaleel ho geya hun, koi mujy just ek pankha ka batao, 24 hours tak chalta rahy bus. aur kitny ka ban jaye ga?

  • Thanks Aamir, just to add couple of things because i recently installed my Plant for my domestic purposes… Cost of solar panels (good Chinese) is quite reduced now. GH Solar costs Rs. 83 per watt. However; if the market is looked in bit detail, good quality panels can be found as low as Rs. 70 per watt.

    2nd, Hybrid inverter cost is also reduced. Cherry’s hybrid inverter of 5KVA now available in market in about 50K. However; the good quality of Inverex inverter in market is now sold around at 70K.

    A formula I’d mention here for many calculations: Watt = Volt x Amperes

    Another important element: Solar panel of 18V actually provides 12V at the inverter. Similarly, 36V panel provides 24 volts and 72V provides 48V at the inverter. The solar companies while mentioning the wattage of their panels calculates on the rated voltage i.e. if a solar panel of 18V gives maximum of 6 amperes, they’ll rate it as the panel of 18 x 6 = 108 watt. While actually that panel gives 12 x 6 = 72watts only and that too while at peak. To cope with normal sun shine, we need to have a 20% freeboard. Thus this panel which is rated by the seller as 108 watt should be considered as 60 watts.

    Just a lil further detail, if we need a system of 270 watts, we’d need to calculate it as below on the grounds of 24v (two batteries system):

    = Load x 1.2 (freeboard margin) x 1.33 (discounted rated power)
    = 270 x 1.2 x 1.33
    Lets simplify it
    = 270 x 1.6 = 432 watt panel.
    Now this is the power without any storage capability. To add up for the charging of the batteries, we need at least 1.5 times more of panel. Now this load shall become = 432 x 1.5 = 648 watt panel.
    As a simple solution, we simply need to multiply the load with 2.4 (lets call it coefficient).
    eg 270 x 2.4 = 648 watt panel shall provide the 270 watt load plus battery charging as a backup. Whatever is the load, to cope with the change in sunlight intensity, solar companies rated power factor, charging etc… simply multiply it with 2.4 to determine the panel capacity.

    • Calculations start from load, not from Panels required.
      0.77 is taken as a factor for gridtied solar systems.

      0.52 is for Off-grid/ UPS systems

    • I’ve been doing research on internet for a couple of days, Asking from all experts.
      If there is 1000 watts UPS (Same case with solar inverters, not talking about hybrid inverters or priority based), and let’s say 450 watts panels, a charge controller.

      Assume the scenario:
      1. If UPS is charging the battery and at the same time solar panels also, would the battery not get damage, because the battery is 12v, the charge controller already giving 12 v, while the UPS also charging at the same time.

      for a full sunshine, 450 watts panels, how much it will giving back up time for AC electricity, suppose load is 200 watts.


      Please recommend me with specs, a good solution for good loadshedding (Battery type, inverter type), load is 300 watts.
      @aamir7:disqus @aslam @ahmad shahzad.

  • Just to add one more thing… there are two types of panels i.e. Monocrystalline (Mono) and Polycrystalline (Poly). Poly panels are designed for the areas with comparative less sunlight… like in Pakistan can be used in Swat, Gilgit etc. While the Mono panels are designed for the areas with plenty of sunshine.

    They laymen of solar installers install Poly in the areas with plenty of sunshine which reluctantly gives more output of amperage but its life is reduced to about 17 years only. Just food for thought.

  • Question: Which laptop consumes 20 watts ? as every laptop charger I ever had was at least 60 or 80 watts.

    • 20W is the average load, since most laptops are not running at full load 24 hrs a day.

  • 2 Savers, 2 Fans, 1 Laptop? With 106,000? And how much reliable is solar energy? I mean i’m no expert at this. But what happens when weather is not that hot? or how long does the energy lasts you? Considering it’s solar, It must be weak. I’m better off with my 70k UPS system. 50k battery and 20k inverter. It runs 3 Desktop computers, 2 fans, 3 savers, All at once for 5 hours! Lasts 2 days if we don’t use computers. Runs tv and everything else perfect. so yeah..

    • Solar Panel performs better in in moderate weather. why you have both a 70K UPS and 20K inverter ?? A

      As for Solar people live off-grid on it 24 hours a day can your 140K system ill-designed system can do that ?

      • I’m sorry but these karigars always confuse me with stuff. I meant 50k battery and 20k UPS. they call it “inverter” locally, yet again i’m no expert at this. But you need a inverter and a battery both to call it a “UPS” system no? Well, I’ve no plans for going off-grid. I don’t have big bangla and garden with it, to set up these gigantic solar panles! I live in a 4 room flat. Where do i set up these solars? Also, my UPS is pretty much up to my needs. Anyone like me should go for UPS i think.

  • Is there any reliable compnay in lahore who is providing services like visiting home calculating load, identifying the aera and so on !!!!!

  • I think we are missing one very important component here and that is the charge controller which gets installed between solar panels and batteries. Its controls the voltage coming out from solar panels and can also stop the current from following to the batteries in case the batteries are full with current.

    • you are right but i all solar system inverters come with built-in charge controller. specially when it cost Rs. 26,000 for 1 KW…
      otherwise you can get inverter for as low as 6-7K

      • You need a pure sine inverter for pure AC experience. 6-7k inverter is not pure sine wave.

      • Inverter: A device for changing DC Voltage into AC Voltage. See also: http://www.solar-ele….r_electric.htm
        Inverter/charger: As defined for Inverter, but with utility or generator input for a built-in supplemental battery charger.

        Not all inverter come with a builtin charger. Indeed most american inverter don’t have a builtin MPPT charger like chinese do.

  • Dear All

    I myself own a company and have been dooing a power business since long i also started off the business thinking it is the most feasible thing on earth. After a few years of work and some calculations i realized that the payback period for this setup is 18 years. The inverter they are talking about is chinese go for a good one and you will find it for 3-4 lac. The panels also being used are of low quality. The problems with panels is that even if a single edge is damaged the whole panel would stop working so the whole 1lac goes down the drain. I have made many feasibilities for a number of companies they all come out to a negetive ROI dont understand how his calculation comes out to positive maybe he is not taking in 3 years replacement cost of the batteries. The battries cost also seems to be odd but lets stick with it. My recommendation to those companies is use the diesal generator that is cheaper to you. So until and unless you are environment savy person and wish to see Pakistan green dont go for this this is total loss of money 18 years payback is like too long. The technoogy is developing but it isn’t developed yet. We people just make dicisions looking at the top like the pani ke gari of agha waqar which came in US in 1800s so i recomment my brothers not to use it in any case eventhough this will result in my loss but this is the truth.

    • Dear Dunamis, ur post is good but a lil bit lack in de tendency of realistic approach. As detailed above, I myself installed a solar plant for my domestic purposes. Mono panel of 200 watts cost u around 14k not a lac. 5kva hybrid Inverter costs u around 70k. Damage to panel is of course a loss but y to let it happen? My installed system is of around 6kva, 4 dry batteries, hybrid intelligent Inverter. And I’m off grid every morning till evening. Load I use is water pump, 2 refrigerator, 2hp motor, washing machine and spinner, iron, and one air-conditioner. Fans and bulbs I do not count as load :). My system is working excellent since last 1.5 years with no power outage even for a second. Total cost was around 700k which includes 24 panels, Inverter, 4 batteries, DC cables, panel frames and stand. The power I use till now is around 600kwh per month. The bill which wahda shall charge u for this much load is more den 10k per month and return shall be in about 6 years… Plus the luxury and comfort is an additional advantage. If anyone want some information from my experience can contact me a.slam12511@gmail.com
      U can write ur viber or whatsapp number I’ll share pics of my system also.

      • if you can post here the pictures of your system…
        at which angel you put the panels
        and at which degree you can get best results or power from solar panels

      • I think u are talking right, rest of they just trying
        to be number scoring ?……………….., rest of drink that?????

  • Really nice article!! Anybody actually using this setup and which company, please share your experience.

  • What about space requirements? Not everyone has space available for required capacity panels. There should be information about this factor too.

    • For those with limited area to place panels, they should go for higher efficiency mono crystalline panels placed on a movable solar tracker, with MPPT charge controller. All this will cost more, but you’ll be capturing much more energy from the available area.

  • Someone forgot to mention charge controllers…… well you can’t do without it. In Pakistan ideal solar power system for home is some 1000W system, 500W to use on lights, fans, misc small appliances and 500W to charge batteries for the night. Do not plan for fridge or AC as it is very expensive….. a frdge consumes 500-700W on average but won’t start on less than 2000w system

    • Average-sized fridge uses average of around 200 W. The problem with fridge is not its power requirement, but energy. Since it runs for approx 12 hrs per day, making it the highest energy consuming item in most homes (without AC).

      The extra cost to run a fridge will almost double the cost of a small household solar installation (like the one mentioned in article).

  • mera ak masoom sa sawal hai ke ak panel kitne amps de sakta hai real time pe so aj kal jitne bhi panel a rhe hein sub china hai 150 watt ka panel asal mein 100 watts bhi nahi hota bohat rare case mein 120 max jis ko 150 kah ke becha jata hai or dosari bat ap ne laga die 150 watt ke 3 panel or ak laga dia 100 watt ka 550 watt ho gae ab internet per or books per or panel kahte hein ke ap ke pas aye 30 amps got it?? likin asal mein ap ko practiclay 22 se 24 amps milein ge 10 amps ak pankha leta hai 20 amps 2 pankhon ko chale gae baki 2 amps se 200 amps ki 2 battrey kase charge hon gi???dosara sawal ke 20 amps fan ke pas us ke bad light kase on ho gi 2 amps to ap ka inverter le jata hai to mera ap ko ye mashwara hai ke ese fake posts mat karein agar kisi ko shak hai to mein proof deta hon come to my home practicle kar ke dekhata hon bahi 150 watt ka ak panel 6 amps max current deta hai mein ne 90 AH ki battrey rakhi hui hai to ak panael se 90 ah ki battrey 6 hours mein charge hoti hai

  • use solar with DC devices not AC solar best hai DC devices ke lie mere ghr mein 4 dc fan hai jo sara din chalte hein sari rat chalte hein 150 watt 2 panels one 90 ah battrey 4 dc fans 24 hours without wapda or ye sub just in 45 thousand. AC devices ke lie solar intehai costly solution hai……………..kisi bahi ko akhtalaf ho to us ko kahon ga pahley a ker mere ghr dakh lo phr kharedne jana solar warna paise hi barbad karo ge use solar with only DC devices and enjoy summer. DC fans DC motors DC room coolers DC fridge DC ac all things are avialable in market

      • i have seen some of LED street lights having a solar panell of possibly one meter square its just a supposition bcz i haven’t measured and it produces almost 30 watts of electricity which is better to run that LED light

  • This is one of the best post ever. I am really thankful to Mr. Aamir Atta for such a useful post which is needed currently.

    I wish Govt. Import those solar panels on lesser import taxes rates OR invest in solar panels industry here in Pakistan so the prices will be affordable for middle class families.

  • Muhammad Aamir i want to know that if power usage at my home is about 3000 Watts
    and according to your formula multiply by 2 for battery storage so this would become 6000 Watts or 6 KW.
    1- Tell me first that the value i have calculated above 6 KW is for a day or for hour?(6 KW)
    Now tell me i am i Islamabad region and if i want to install solar panels at my home of
    2- What length the solar panels required and i what number they would be required to manage my home electricity requirement.
    Suppose if the length is 1 meter square then,
    3- How much number of panels i have to install?
    4- Tell me the Energy produced by the 1 meter square of solar panel?
    (w.r.t. Pakistan n also for Islamabad)
    5- Which angel is the best for more energy production?

    The below Picture is the example how can we use any place for production of energy and it is much effective.

    • I can’t understand the matter how the picture is not shown in my comments.

    • i’m waiting for your Answer Aamir
      i think there are more ideas would come from many of minds tu make electricity from solar panells like i have posted a picture

  • I have seen 65 Watts and 85 Watts written on laptop chargers, you are only counting them 20 Watts, How?

    Lagta hai khood hi beth kay hissab laga liya, itna hona chahyay… hehe

  • Excellent article. I have heard that there are many shady vendors. Can you please suggest some reliable ones. Thanks

  • Is there any contact number or something where can i call and find the system which good for my house ?

  • Thanks for your post , but personally i have experienced that 150W panel gives full output upto 90W during full sunshine. as temperature increases efficiency decreases, it is all my personal experience as i have a solar plant at my home.
    Final words : Solar Energy is too expensive.

    • It seems your system is not optimally configured. Use MPPT charge controller first of all.

  • Dear Sir,
    Please help me in calculating the cost for following things , but condition is that i dont want to use it on night time, and thats y , i dont need BATTERIES.. i have to use the following things in day time till sunshine directly.

    1) Inverter Split Air condition 1.5 ton ( 1800 Watt )

    thank you.

    please reply

  • 4 bulbs, 1 A/C, 1 Refrigerator and 4 ceiling fans….. how much could be the cost…!

  • You guys changed whole criteria of calculation for solar systems.

    Look at this desi formula you mentioned yaar hud ho gayi aysay b solar plants design hotay hain?

    Har solar panel company ka different efficency level hota hay or Amp per hour b voltage per depend karta hay…. lets say zarori nahe k har 100 watt ka panel apko per hour for example 50Ah he day… efficency level or voltage different honay ke waja say yeh kum or zyada b ho saktay hain…

    And getting Ah/hour from each depends on climate as well… lets say agar murree main 100 watt solar panel apko 4.5Ah day raha hay to wohe panel lahore main apko 5.6 b day sakta hay…

    • Hassan, all these calculations are for estimates with clearly communicating that these figures are for estimates with margin for error. We weren’t invoicing anyone, instead were giving a vague idea about pricing — so those who were frightened with solar energy related costs — and never thought it as an option — are compelled to consider it as a viable alternate (if affordable).

  • mary pass 30 waats wali solar plate ha, kiya main is say koi fan chala sakta hon?

  • My house’s electricity usage is 300 units per month, according to reading on wapda bill.
    What would be the cost of solar plant If I want to run my house on solar panels?

    • ups hai to 30 to 45 thousand lagy ga ups wali sab cheezain free ho jain gee bas ac frg or motor wapda par ho gee agar control kro gay to 50 unit say ziada wapda ka bill nahi aye ga

  • Please give Sugestion:
    01 Desktop Computer
    01 Laptop
    01 Projector
    02 Ceiling Fans
    08 Energy Savors
    01 TV 42″ Plasma
    01 AC Split (Optional)

  • tell me if i’m wrong! i heard that if we install solar plant for household we have to pay certain amount or tax to our regional electricity provider or government.

  • Hi, I just have a quick question. The data in your post, you say is a result of a market survey. Can you share the market survey conducted for this. I am reasearching on Solar in Pakistan, and that would really help in my research. In case you cannot, can you guide me to someone who might have some solid figures backed with data points. Thanks!

  • not a realistic analysis . you skip the main gadget thats the heart of this solar energy system is a CHARGE CONTROLLER . m using EP solar 40 amps RN4215 solar charge controller and thats cost around 27 to 29 thousand these days.

  • SOLAR ENERGY BASED WATER PUMP .4/5 INCH Regular Flow With Crystal Water Purification Filter
    3000ltrs/day purifide water If you searching Water arigation Pumps kindly Use Just Power Supply see up to colum # 5 and easy calulate PRICE as own installed Tube Well Power. DC Heavy Pump Systems are Flop Because they cant provide water or grid base tube well, and stopped at night time.Power Supply Systems are Succsessful way.

  • Great information, thank you! We are putting solar in a school (charity), there are 15 desktop and 15 CRTs. Should we calculate power requirement separately for the desktop and CRT? We have calculated 110 watt per CRT. Is this estimate OK?

  • A very helpful article. How much prices of solar gadgets reduced after withdrawal of Govt. duty on these gadgets?

  • salm.i have 2200watt submiserable water pump.i want convert it to solar.i want use it just day time ,then how much cost it ,pls guide me

  • is it possible to go off grid and be completely self sufficient in islamabad with a solar generator like the “be prepared solar” 30KW solar generators which come with 2 (though i want about 20) 240w panels. its seems expensive at 4 lakhs but if you generating your own power your not paying bills…let me know why you think its a good or bad idea (like not enough sunshine etc)

  • how many watts are required to run a tube well can you recommend something if we need to irrigate 8 hours per day. many thanks

  • Waqas bhai agar 1 ya 1.5 ton ka A/C chalana ho to kitna kharcha a ya ga only for notification plz ya bata dain

  • Salam aamir bhai, main rwp k qareeb rawat ka rehnay wala hun. Mjy solar ki zaroorat pari to google pe search kia aur ap article perhny ko mila.bohat malomaati article hai.thnx. article to july 14 ka hai per main ny abi perha to ab ek 2 cheezain poochna chahta hun agar ap reply kerain to!

  • Hey guys, I need an estimate for running 2 inverter AC’s, an apple laptop, 4 ceiling fans, 1 midsize refrigerator, just regular lights in bathroom and bedrooms and reading lamps etc. Thanks.

  • hi , i just say 1 thing that you are awesome you have done a great job Weldon i really really appreciate that even i was in search of such kind of information from such a long time but because of my work and i am in uae so i was i was unable to get the perfect pricing and knowledge about solar system now thanks to you this post really helps me alot if i have any other question may i ask later on ..?

  • please give suggestion about this
    6 ceiling fans 1 water pump at home 1 cloths machine 1 frige 1 computer 8 lights
    and 1 ac

  • AoA,
    My name is Shahid and i want to know that i have an UPS of 750 watts. i want to put that UPS on solar panel, Please guide me what should I do? how much watts of solar panel and charger do I require?

  • assalam o elekum .. brother i need some experts in multan … i want to run inverter ac and other load of my house like electric water motor and fridge 4 to 5 fans and around 10 energy saver ..any idea thnx

  • assalam o alaikum. good article. normally u put the solar panels on the roof top of your house to receive better shine. please let me know how much dangerous will it be in thunder storm against lightning and against wind? Suggest solution as well.

  • Thanks alot sir….the best information ever I got from internet about solar energy in pakistan…thanks again

  • Sir can u give me some information about the water pump or tube well for agricultural purpose operated on sollar energy. ..and also tell me that can we run it only in day time with out batteries. ..

  • sir 270 load k liye 540 watt k panel use honge agar hum battery use na karna chahe to kitne panel use hoge plz guide kijiye

  • some one told me that if i install solar panels …..then i have to buy special solar fans and appliances…is that true ???

  • Sir,

    We are interested in Solar Panel directly operated unit without batteries, for our RO Plant having following 3 phase 50Hz motors as under:

    1. 7.5 KW …………….. 1 nos.

    2. 4.5 KW …………….. 1 nos.

    3. 3.5 KW …………….. 2 nos.

    Kindly indicate sizes of Solar Panels and price of soler Panel and, control units and other equipments along with your lowest possible price.

    Thanking you

  • please tell me about my required solar panel with complete installation.
    3 saver
    3 fan

  • What about inverter fridge any idea on the consumption , I’m thinking of investing but building it my self instead of going through a company , should run 7 solar fans + 10 led lights + 2 led tvs + 3 inverter a/c + + 1 inverter fridge , what do u think what kind of consumption I’m looking at as because of all this new tech of inverter fridge and inverter ac bring consumption pretty low , wanted ur opinion

  • how to run the day time solar penel with out battry 500 watt load. i have 600 watt solar panel setup. thanks

  • Hi brother
    i just want to run a room cooler for a whole day, plz tell me how much watts required for it.

  • i just want to run a room cooler for the whole day. plz let me confirmed who much watts of solar panel need???

  • I wanna ask if i just want to put my internet modem and laptop charging and a small fan on solar panel. How can i achieve this?

  • I am wondering if we can use it for office AC which only runs in day time. Can we install it without batteries?

  • A few heads up on this article:

    With fixed mounts, solar panels will only work during sun hours; lets say 09am to 04pm.

    A day has 24 hours and electricity is needed for almost entire 24 hours for a typical residence (family based) in cities like Karachi & Lahore.

    So, even if we consider 100% power output for 07 hours (which is not the case), the max power we are getting is 540*7 = 3,780 watts.

    2 Fans: 110 x 2 = 220 Watts * 20 hours = 4400 watts
    2 Energy Savers: 20 x 2 = 40 Watts * 8 hours = 320 watts
    1 laptop = 20 Watts * 4 hours = 80 watts
    Few charges = 10 Watts (required for 02 hours) = 20 watts
    Total: 4,820 watts daily usage

    While you’re generating 78% (3780-watts) energy to start-with.

    Now there is a whole lot of inefficiencies to add up to already 78% power; i.e., temperature loss (could be up to 20% for temperate regions including Lahore, Multan, Karachi and interior regions of Punjab & Sindh), inverter inefficiency (4~5%), wiring losses, etc.

    So forget about your batteries getting charged with a 540-watts system!!

    While I appreciate the efforts gone into writing this article but it seems to be focused more towards marketing efforts.

    Suggested reading:


  • i have an old ups but battery were lost, now i want to ask you tht may i run the solar panel without battery?

  • Thanku very much you guys… i want to ask that can we run our shop appliances without batteries, because it use in daytime only, no need of saving of charge… if possible plz tell me about cost for project having
    1*air cooler
    1*Energy saver

  • Can I use solar plant without batters at day with 3 fan ac and witch plat are used

  • Dear brother thanks a lot for this survey. i would like to please extend your description to address the following questions. Q1. What will be the idea to use DC appliances? Does it mean that in that case we will get rid of inverters? Q2. As far as my experience is concerned i think the conventional lead acid batteries have poor performance owing to their smaller life time. what would you suggest about using Li Ion Batteries? In that case what kind of changes we will need to bring in the above plane you discussed? Please suggest the charge control mechanism for using Li ion Batteries since these require more sophisticated charge controller that i cant understand fully inspite of extensive googling. Q3. Sir kindly can you help me find some reliable suppliers of Li ion batteries in Pakistan to get these from. finally with many many thanks i am waiting impatiently for your kind response. Kindly if possible send me an sms on the cell number provided when you reply to my post
    Muhib Ullah 03339423353

  • Hi
    i have few questions here
    if we r not home for few days won’t panels overcharge the batteries because power is not being consumed.
    Suppose v have panels generating 200 watts and v put the load of 300 watts on it. Is there any device that put extra 100 watts on wapda and the initial 200 watts on solar panels. If there is such a device it ll be so convenient to put the whole house on solar. As the loads increases the excessive power required is shifted to wapda

  • If each home start spending even 100000 rupess for only this bull shot elec. Then think about those millions homes in pakistan
    Thats why this artificial electrical defeciencey is created to earn more
    And obviously 2nd biggest reason is too de-estabalize pakistan for there pig father’s

  • Please tell me sir, I have a battery of 52 Ah Capacity, then how many hours a 110 watts fan will work ?

  • i wil need a solar panel that will run my air coditiolner(1.5ton) 24 hours , how much for the solar pannel

  • i want to run a DC Split with out batteries @ day time is this possible if so than how many solar panel do i need and what is the cost of 1 ton DC air condition split. plz give me full detail i have to install 24

  • dost , you dont understand solar energy … first off all unlike UPS , it produces its own energy.
    2.if every single house has atleaset 300w from solar we can free the current load from wapda or k electric.
    3. see the big picture.
    4. government should make this compulsory .
    5. you dont needto to go all out first try with the minimum then go up.

  • There is a better way of running 2 fans 2 led lights 1 lap top and few telephone chargers. Instead of using 275 Watts Ac current system, the DC system will draw 54 watts with 4 to 5 hours back up with a 30 watts solar panel. The cost for above referenced system with one DC fan is around Rs 16,500 . Much cheaper than Rs 106,000 AC current system.
    Arshad Kazmi Los Angeles

  • hi can you reccomend someone i rawalpindi please
    we are using at the moment
    2 lcd tvs 22 inch
    1 iron
    4 big tube lights
    4 energy savers
    4 mobiles in house iphones
    4 fans
    two water lahore coolers
    one small motor for water
    one big pel arctic fridge
    what size would you reccomend
    also i have ups at the moment could i use the two batteries 170
    batteries they are 5 months old
    please if you can give rough idea or if you can reccomend someone good thank you

  • how many solar panel and which one invertor are required if I want to run a 12000 btu
    AC in only daytime…and batteries are required or not?

  • Salam and thnks for giving help
    i have a doubt in my mind that how The solar pannel dc current will be dirct converted into AC curent ??? is it possible are not

  • and give a suggestion about
    03 fans,
    05 energy savers,
    01 router,
    01 refregurator,
    1 hrs power water moter

  • assalam alikum. i am also planning to install solar panels at home. kindly tell me about some cheap 300watts solar panels , sold by pathans and they also assure that it gives 8.5 amp….
    i want to know that should such things be bought …. as they say check the current and volts prior buying….?
    moreover is it good to install 300watts plates with 3kva inverter 24volts

  • Hi. I am doing a story on solar energy and need help with calculating how much it would cost a middle class home of four people who have ACs, geyser, fans, light, TV, computers, iron, music system, toaster, hair dryer, washing machine etc to install solar panels and the capitsl cost.

  • Well agar aik.ghar monthly 150 se 200 unit bijli.kharch kare to solar system lagane per kitna kharcha ayega? Please reply

  • AOA,

    I am based in Kohsaar Hyderabad and my monthly consumption is about 700 Units and Its really costing me too much therefore please suggest me I have the following things

    20 Savers
    2 Fridges
    2 Computers
    2 LCD
    2 Irons
    2 Mobile Chargers
    6 Fans
    Half Horse POwer Water Pump
    1 Horse Power Router

    Any Solution for these things please

  • A.a sir mera total load 2000 watt ha.. is k liye shayad 3kw ka inverter lagy ga.. mujhy pochna ha is inverter k sath 250 watt k kitny panel lagy gy? or kiss tariky sy lagy gy series or parallel? mazanjavaid4@gmail.com

  • Salam!!!
    sir i want to install a solar system,
    already i have 18 panels with 10 batteries(each battery 12 volt),,
    sir now how much approximate power can produce it,
    nd which type of invertor is required to operate it,,,
    plz assist us in this regard,,,

  • Govt. Should Introduce Solar Farming Concept Here, So that Power Generation Companies can buy it from local farmers and then supply it to consumers.

  • Helo …..
    I want to know that how much it cost to install solar planet in home for….
    4 fan
    8 saver
    1 Ac
    1 water moter
    1 refrigerator
    And many little usable things thats need in daily life….
    And what what I need …how much bateries , plates, converter….

    Plz …tell me

  • Dear Sir I have Required 5000 watts Poer Backup please suggest me Total Cost and Duration of Power Backup

  • I have 150w x 4 panels I want to run the 4 fans in day time only. Did not want to used the wapda in day time. How is this possible. Please suggest me the other requirements and instrument. Thanks

  • Correction: laptops maybe using 15-20 watts when the battery is full but when the battery is charging they consume at least 65W . my laptop has 120W charger.

  • This article was written 2 years ago. Almost all prices are now changed. I recently installed a solar system in my house and following are the specs :
    6×250 watt renasola mono crystalline panels
    4×200 amp acid batteries
    5kv mks hybrid solar inverter 48 volts by Tesla tech. (basically these inverters are used worldwide under diffrent brand names but internally they are exactly same you will find them as infini, Pip, red giant etc just rebranded everything else is same to the software and screws)

    Other things are aluminum alloy stands and high quality DC cable and dc breakers. These things are expensive as hell and probably the most important things you should not make compromise on.

    What I am running on my system :

    4-5 ceiling fans, number varies depending on the time of day
    3 laptops
    6, 10 energy savers number varies.
    Fridge is on 24 hours a day.

    Double impeller Water pump 1.5hp as needed when wapda is gone for hours.

    I can run above mentioned load for 7 hours in day time when sun is out without any input from wapda at all.

    Main thing is you always keep your load at least 30 to 40 % below the energy produced by your panels. I can go nuts and put 4k watt of load but I will be asking my batteries to fill in extra 2500 watts so Batteries will be empty quite quickly.

    On two occasions wapda went out for whole night and with 600-700 watt load my system provided around 11 hours of backup. For few hours we didn’t knew that wapda is out :D

  • Plz give suggestion in choosing between Mono and Poly Solar panels. Plz also define if i can use both of them simultaneously.

  • Will it work If we don’t use batteries and utilize Wapda’s electricity in night time because as far as I have heard and listened, solar panels also work in normal cloudy day?

    • Well NO! Thing is you never ever use electricity coming from the solar panels at any stage bcz it is dc current and it is on diffrent voltage. Our appliances run on AC 230v so Comes the inverter. It takes input from solar panels and convert it to DC 12,24 or 48 volt that goes to batteries. It also takes back the DC current from batteries and convert it to 230v Ac which can run appliances.
      This transfer happens so fast that it seems that we are using current from panels directly.

      Why batteries need to be there? Well because solar potential is not always content it keeps on changing during the day so sudden increase and decrease in solar power can be super uncomfortable for the appliances. Imagine running your laptop directly on wapda without the battery..

  • In a given scenario where (fans, lights and routers etc) are running on general inverters, is it possible that the battery serving as a backup for those inverters is charged using solar panels? If yes, then what is the power rating that must be chosen for the solar panels required to charge such batteries?

    • Depends on the battery bank if it is a 12 volt battery you need to have a 12v charge controller if you attached 2 batteries and went for 24 volt then you need the charge controller of 24 volts and so on. Same is the case with solar panels they come with specific voltage ratting you need to be plan the whole thing out depending on the whole system.

  • Hi, I want to ask about day time consumption, are all electronic appliances going to run on solar for the whole time of sunshine, how long will it take batteries to store full electricity

  • Please Give Me suggestion

    50 Internet Device ..

    2 fans …

    2 Energy Savers,

    How Much Cost .. and kitny Amp/volts wali bettery lagygi ..

  • Please Give Me suggestion

    50 Internet Device ..
    2 fans …
    2 Energy Savers,

    How Much Cost .. and kitny Amp/volts wali bettery lagygi .. and supply karny k lye panel and inverter ki zarort ha lazmi ? ya me bettery charger lay kr chala sakta hu itny devices ??

  • 4 led 6 fan 1 full size fridge 1 freezer 1 dispenser 18 to 20 lights of energy iron and 2 AC recommendation of above appelances with price required

  • I want to buy brand new German or Japan made 10 KVA Inverter for my solar system. Can any one please let me whee to buy?

  • Sir, What is the difference in Lead acid battery, deep cycle, VGLA, GEL and acid battery. Which one is the best for solar system

  • Salam Bhae sb,
    You don’t hane mention about the charging controller and and Cable quality and cost please.

  • 3 ciling fan
    1 stand fan
    3 energy saver
    1 led TV 32 inch
    1 water pump 1 house power
    solar panels price in lahore
    please tell me.?

  • We want to install solar panel system for our 240yards house, our requirement is written below
    6-7 Fans
    2 AC
    1-2 Computers,
    2 LED Tv
    40-50 led bulbs in overall house
    2 water moters but we can run 1 at a time
    1 Fridge and 1 deep freezer
    and some misc .. however we will also have generator for some time use

    Can you please tell me the cost ? we are located in karachi


  • Salam Everyone,

    1.@Propakistani: If Acid battery of 200Ah can give me backup time of 4 hours, how much a deep cycle jel battery well do? assume homage battery.
    2. Homage solar inverter of 1kv, Will this bear load of 2 fans directly from 3 solar panels of 450 watts, not from battery, assume sunshine is good.
    Let me know.

  • Qasim Garden Raiwind ki sb se Best Location pe .upto 10% Discount Avileble on purchase before 1st May .5 MArla D block Files of Qasim Garden .
    File Price 350000 – 100000 (Discount) =250000
    Per Mounth installament = 135000
    Five year Plan
    Possecion in 3 years
    No Hidden Charges
    Best Investment Opertunity .
    Profit of atleast 100000 in max one mounths on Discount Price .
    Contact# Build Earth Developers

  • hi, i,ll ask a v simple information, i live in rawalpindi, for my 3 room flat i just need to know the price of whole system for1.5 tr ac with other small things like fans n lamps ???

  • dear , I beg to state that the formula for Amount of batteries required is VERY FLAWED.

    because starter batteries (pani wali battery), its not designed for deep cycle charging and ideally good to discharge only 70% while deep cycle batteries remain happy if you discharge them only 40-50% and that too depending on temperature, while every thing is meassured at ideal 25°C, in Pakistan it goes upto 40°C, and many chargers / invertors dont compensate for higher temperature, with results in heaating battery = reduced battery life.

    The result will be if anyone using the above formula and discharging batteries will be battery life reduced 4-5 times, i.e. it will start degrading only after 6 months (source: past 5 years of experience and research)

  • Please send me your contact details for the solar system. I’m interested

  • Gentlemen
    I need a solar panel to run the following :-
    1) Three off 1.5 Tonnes DC invertor ACs
    2) Four off ceiling mounted fans
    3) Say around 20 off energy saving 18 or 25 watts lamps.
    4) One Refrigerator big, 22 Cu Ft. 5) One Refrigerator medium around 14 Cu Ft.
    5) One Deep Freezer, 12 Cu Ft.
    6) PCs, printers, fax machines, Chargers, etc. (load say 500 Watts average continuous)
    7) Misc other occasional intermittent loads, say an average of an additional 500 watts continuous.

    Would any specialized in this work be kind enough to advise what capacity power solar system should i install, and the main components of these.


    Anwar Qureshi

  • I need to run 2 1. ton inverter ACs for 12 hours continuous. one inverter 20 cu. ft refrigerator 24 hours.
    4 80w each celling fans 24 hours. 200W of lights and misc equipment 24 hours. 1 1400W washing machine 8 times per month for 2 hours each time.
    will this be covered under 5KW solar system. what is average price for 5KW system including batteries /inverter etc..

  • Solar system work fine up 45 temperature what about if it more is it not feasible or what and what about the performance guarantees are these provided by complete system providors if so how performance bond and/or bank guarantee pls comment

  • very informative article. thank you. any recommendations for someone who can help us install solar in isamabad?

  • We are solar system Installer , we have installed many systems in Homes, Hospitals, Factory and Hotel Industry. If you are looking any reliable solar solution than Pakistan solar traders a best company taking care of allyour needs.

  • Sir Kindly help me, I only need to know what are the savings one is making by installing solar energy setup in karachi? I mean I need to know how much it costs per KWH or per unit or any specified example which simply shows how many units of K.E supply one saved by installing a solar panel. For this I need to know what is the billing method of K.E and how much they charge normally and after installing Solar System what will be the reduction in billing??
    Kindly rep me .

  • Aoa, good but my Q? Is, can we use totally 12 or 24 v panels with 12/24 v fans.lights or direct charging. No need to invert or convert.

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