First Ever Pakistan Start up Report Reveals Great News for Investors


We Pakistanis are witnessing a quick rise in the field of entrepreneurship and marketing. With all these workshops and growing startups the future scope of Pakistan does seem fine and concrete.

And to reinforce it, a report has been published by the “World Startup Report” about Pakistan named as Pakistan Startup Report. It is basically a compilation of a brief encyclopaedia of the country’s startup culture, the document, along with its wiki.

Just in case if you aren’t familiar, World Startup Report is a Silicon Valley-based organisation that builds community-driven entrepreneurial guides for every part of the world. It was launched by Bowei Gai, SV-based serial entrepreneur and founder of CardMunch that was acquired by LinkedIn in 2011.

Pakistan Start up Report is co-authored by Gai and Adam Dawood of DYL Ventures Pakistan with cooperation from the country’s startup community.

Report says:

We wish to share this report pro bono to encourage investors to take advantage of current opportunities.


According to the report, interest of the international players in Pakistan has increased to a noteworthy extent and they are collaborating with various Pakistani firms to expand and multiplicate their businesses. This of course is mutually good for both considering the dynamic potential of Pakistani market.

For example Rocket internet is running 8 different ventures in Pakistan; namely, foodpanda, lamundi,, etc. Naspers sponsers Shibsted Media Group has also launched in contrast to OLX.

Pakistan’s 90 Universities combined with various incubators and accelerators and different co-working spaces are on their way to bring about a startup revolution in the country.

According to the statistics, the coutry’s pro-investor policies are considered to be one of the most broad-based liberal in nature.

Right now, there are innumerable amount of startups working in Pakistan and a square of it is heading towards the industry.

Report mentions the fact that entrepreneurs have to face lot of obstacles to achieve their position due to the lack of the country’s basic infrastructure, poor transportation system, religious extremism and no proper law and order condition in case of cyber crimes which not to mention are second highest in Pakistan.

The report said,

Due to the sensitive nature of certain religious and cultural issues social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter have been banned at various points in the last five years. YouTube is still offline, and recently Twitter has been blocking certain tweets.

Now if we reveal some exciting and encouraging facts then Pakistan bears the sixth largest population of 180 million people on the planet out of which:

  • More than half of it are under the age of 50
  • 30 million Pakistanis are hooked on the Internet
  • Almost 14.4 m of them are found on Facebook
  • Around 6.8 million are the smartphone users

Moreover, with the advent of 3G/4G technology GDP value is getting high and according to a survey, it is expected that the rise will result between 380 billion/PKR and 1,180 billion/PKR up to the advent of 2020.

Now withstanding the stated facts, report said, global players are looking forward to the country’s growth which is pretty much in the hands of the juvenile lot. And they are working firmly towards the improvement of the start up industry.

We can foresee that the country is on the right path of evolution and development and indeed this is the most fertile land to invest right now.

Check below the slides from the report:

  • Great, useful and informative article!

    That’s amazing fact, percentage of population that’s speaks English in Pakistan is 55% while in India is 10%, how? I presume that 55% is actually the literacy % of Pakistan? Am I right?

  • Although this report may be useful in some sense, but it is mostly flawed. It is only focusing on promoting websites that are owned by the panelists/board members. For example, is no longer a player, in classified area, is second after olx. Also it is a strong local startup. Also there are so many others that were missed and many were added to the list that shouln’t be there.

    • mobile penetration is measured by number of sim subscriptions – not individual accounts. One person can have multiple sims (for handsets, ipad, etc). The number of mobile subscribers mentioned for Pakistan (around 130m) are the number of SIMs active on a 90 day basis – not the number of individuals with phones. In future it will include all connected devices (like cars, fridges, etc). Hope this helps.

  • Would be great if Pakistani professionals huddle to share more details here in the following areas to make such an effort even more fruitful (no matter it is promoting someone and not others):
    taxation, company laws, payment systems, transport/delivery systems, ICT Infrastructure, university-industry relationship and above all Government incentives for Entrepreneurs

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