Warid Confirms Its customers About 4G LTE Launch in September


Warid Telecom has finally come out of stealth mode for its 4G LTE launch plans as it is now communicating its customers about the launch of 4G LTE services in the country.

While we have been rigorously following and covering Warid’s 4G LTE developments, but it was only recently that Warid officially confirmed its customers about 4G LTE launch date that is likely to be somewhere in September 2014.

Earlier, after a press advertisement during first week of May that properly hinted Warid’s 4G launch, company was reportedly asked by regulator to not to make any public announcements about its 4G plans. Sources say that regulator didn’t want to make Zong unhappy after it invested US210 million dollars for 4G license, while on other hands Warid was going to launch 4G network with its existing license.

This pressure from regulator pushed Warid to go into stealth mode, however, it didn’t stop pursuing the goals of deploying 4G network and kept working without officially confirming anything.

During this, company affirmed its plans of investing 400 million dollars in Pakistani market for deployment of 4G network and closed a deal with Ericsson for the rollout of network.

Warid, during last week, finally decided to go public and committed with its customers about 4G LTE network launch in September.

Check below a letter that company sent to its corporate customers:

Dear Valued Customer,

Warid has a long and successful history of staying a step ahead in the telecom industry in providing the best and the most innovative services to our customers. We have always focused on creating the most reliable network in Pakistan as we continue to enhance the quality cellular services.

Keeping up with our promise to provide state-of-the-art technology to our customers, we are currently upgrading the network to 4G/ LTE (Long-Term Evolution) which is the most advanced mobile communication technology available globally.

The 4G/ LTE technology evolution will be able to provide the most advanced data services and a richer data experience will be available to our customers by September 2014.

Warid has contracted Ericsson, the leading global vendor in provision of 4G/ LTE infrastructure, as its technology partner to ensure steady and quick roll-out of these services. Through this network upgrade, we will further improve what is already considered to be an enjoyable network experience by our customers to complement our seamless voice connectivity.

The Management and Shareholders of Warid Telecom would like to thank its patrons, the customers and the business partners, for exhibiting their patience and having faith in our promise to deliver the best technological solution of voice and data services.


Director Customer Services

Warid also sent a text-broadcast to its entire customer-base confirming them about the availability of 4G services soon.

Check below screen of a text message that Warid customer received:


Sources in company shared following text with ProPakistani that is communicated to customer service staff for possible 4G related queries:

Dear All,

In reference to launch of 4G LTE Services, please note that Warid is sending 4G LTE announcement letter to its customers. Please find below given points to handle customers accordingly:

  • 4G LTE is expected to be launched by end of September’14
  • Copy of formal announcement letter is attached for reference.
  • Letters will be dispatched from upcoming 04 Bill run (8th July) via email & postal address to postpaid/corporate customers.
  • Letters will be dispatched to those customers where ‘city’ in TABS address will be either Lahore, Islamabad or Karachi.
  • Below given are few more FAQs to cater customer’s queries over it:

Q: When Warid is going to launch 4G LTE?
A: 4G LTE will be launched by the end of September’ 2014

Q: Do existing Warid SIM will work on 4G LTE?
A: No, to use 4G LTE, customers would be needing new 4G LTE enabled Warid SIM. SIM price will be communicated later.

Q: What are the charges/offers which Warid will offer for 4G LTE?
A: Charges/offers details will be announced upon launch of 4G LTE.

Q: What is the coverage list for 4G LTE?
A: Initially 4G LTE will be launched in Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad. Further coverage will be expanded soon.

Work Code: (Only for Business Center & Call Center) 3G/4G related info

If you need any further assistance, we would be happy to serve you.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Tch tch.. Zong need to learn something.. Zong also had technology neutral license.. Let see

    • License lay laina, launch kar daina not a big deal. asal kam hai quality maintain karna. lets see wo kon kar pata hai jab users zada ho jain gay.

      • 4g license lay kar aishan kia hay zong nay.3g bhe un ka ghatiya chalta hay.4g un ka agle sal ke end me aye ga.Zong ke pass koi infrastructure available nahi hai.Package bhe itne manghay hay.

    • look who is saying, bhai apko 2025 main 4G LTE mil jae ge ,till then app EDGE use karen jo apko boht pasnd hai ;)

    • I don’t get it.

      Can you kindly shed some light on the background of your argument, as in what exactly were you saying?

      • Perhaps you are new on this blog. You can read the previous articles about Warid 4G LTE where some people was saying that Warid is just playing a game. And How they could bring 4G without buying a licence whereas Zong spent more than 500 million dollars to buy a 4G licence as well as Warid did not spend a single cent on licence purchasing.But I was saying that Warid will prove that they are the best to bring 4G LTE technology.

        • No i am not new to ProPakistani. My ‘internet memory’ isn’t really that strong, so i might not remember old discussions very vividly.

          And Warid had showed some unsatisfactory actions, but when i read the news about their “previous license”, which they had purchased but never utilized, i became certain that Warid will most definitely jump in the game. Because without it, they just cannot remain competent in such an environment.

          HOWEVER, i do disagree about them being “the best”. Overrated at best. In the past, Telenor has been the one with fastest (and expensive) EDGE network, but now the 3G/4G game is changing its players. Zong is emerging out to be the strongest of the lot, so far. I am sure Warid will offer something great considering their userbase is much less than the competition, so they just might end up providing a better quality of service than others.

          Lets wait and see.

          • Telenor with fastest & expensive EDGE netwrok? Really?? Recently they did a network upgradation by huawie or zte. While Warid still have Ericsson also for 4GLTE roll out.

                • You are kidding me right? Are you by any chance making the Huawei’s smartphones branch as a basis of assessment for the company? You do realize that Huawei is one of the MAJOR networking companies in the world. Not only they boast greater revenues, but also greater products and services. They are by no means “cheap”, if thats what you are implying by ‘chinese vendor’. Don’t under-estimate these guys.

                  • I’m not underestimating anyone. I’m just making my point clear. Ericsson is far more better in terms of price & quality. That’s a simple fact

  • Good news i zong internet sucks big time i hope warid offer good packages with good speed.Zong 3g launch is total disappointment.

      • I am in Lahore ran speedtest in DHA and Gulberg.Not getting more than 1 mbps.Speed get stuck to 0.91 mbps.And when i asked their customer service they say it normal.IF its normal then why they are calling them super 3g provider.They cannot provide proper 3g and dreaming about providing 4g.I am happy warid is launching 4g.This will also end zong monopoly and force them launch 4g early and improve their super 3g speed.

        • Im getting this speed in johar town lahore and i also used this at lums dha same speed i get there too i dont know whats wrong with ur sim or u have underperforming mobile handset

        • This is zong speedtest from ichra location lahore and i have done many speedtests to check the stability and quality of network…i was getting an average of 5mbps on speedtest and a maximum of 7mbps…who says zong is not faster than all…check your smartphones then.i have also used ufone telenor and mobilink 3G….no comparison with zong although iam a permanent user of mobilink…

        • I took this today for sharing here what do u want i should take every time new screen shot and end up like whole data bucket use only for this purpose na na na bro im not that much generous.

          • Oh ok. So u r using very low data limit package. Is that enough for use? What’s ur general usage of 3g?

        • Yes coz that is the one saved on my office PC :P and that is more than enough to conclude thatt ZONG has good speed :P

              • Mobility. I have 8mbps connection at home, I keep a Nitro and a Laptop with me at all times but still I use 3G because of its mobility, less battery consumption (compared to wifi) and plainly because its cheap

        • If you have any problems with the screenshot :P you can check this latest one :P

    • Well Zong’s GPRS and EDGE was THE WORST i had ever used. But their 3G network is really making me amazed. Its obvious that they have invest some deep $$$ to make this system work because it actually does offer great performance, and apparently better than the competition. (On Average, i have seen Zong offering better 3G results than the others)

    • I am using Zong’s 3G. Its awesome for me. I get > 6mbit at all times. Even my non-coverage area has 512kbps speed

        • Its an old habit of labeling everything as “lie” if you do not agree to it.

          Grow up!

          • Chalo Shabash Rotti Shotti Panni Wanni Piyo. Sehri Ka Time Hogeya Ha!!

            • … and its a local “culture” to switch topics when you have nothing else to say.

    • Zong isn’t that bad. Below screen shot is what I’m getting in Karachi at North Nazimabad.

  • Lets see if warid introduces unlimited packages like telenor rs:50/day.
    They can offer it cz 4g handsets are expensive as compared to 3g more in a 30k+ range so they can manage the load.
    I think they do it they will surely attract more urban audience.

  • Its too late folks like me many ppl ported to zong and enjoying balzing fast internet not in the some portion of the city instead whole lahore is zong 3g covered and im getting 7 to 15 mbps and im loving it no need for u LTE

      • lol according me lahore tart from johar town so here onward to airport u will get uninterrupted 3G

          • Chill sir kindly do a test take 2 phones and put zong in one ufone or telenor in other and do a roam test from thokar to lahore inward u will see what others covered uptill now and what have other covered im talking about majority deployment of 3g signal

          • They should give 4g coverage in Peshawar also as its the huge Internet market all over pakistan. secondly please change the marketing style as its very poor and people dnt have any idea about warid call/Internet/sms plans.If things goes like as its going then warid will be a poor network with very low users if they really want to grow with time they have to change their marketing policies.Well its clear that warid has best network but worse marketing policies

  • hmm hope so for september …..as already warid always provide the great service.

  • Government is setting a poor example. They allowed companies to participate and guarentee 3G/4G (and no competitor except bidders in next 2 years) and now they are giving permissions via back-channel? Zong could have done the same. I believe government practices are not investor-friendly and this might have serious consequences in the future for Pakistan as whole

    Warid is already at the brink of bankruptcy. Bank Alfalah was having an internal assessment by Chinese group (which is planning to purchase it) a few weeks ago. Wateen? $900million taken from Bank of China and never returned. Not even a penny invested in PK but all money transferred to Dubai.

    Now everyone believes the group will invest $400million locally? I beg to differ. I believe its a last attempt of a near-bankrupt system

  • This is zong speedtest from ichra location lahore and i have done many speedtests to check the stability and quality of network…i was getting an average of 5mbps on speedtest and a maximum of 7mbps…who says zong is not faster than all…check your smartphones then.i have also used ufone telenor and mobilink 3G….no comparison with zong although iam a permanent user of mobilink..speedtest below was done on 16th july

  • Will the warid LTE work on iPhone 5s A1533? I heard only LTE networks authorized by apple work on iPhones.

  • Think guys. If you are getting great speed with zong 3g. What speed you will get with 4g lte 3 times high. So i suggest let the september come and till that enjoy zong 3g because later on most of you guy will shift on 4g rather then to go for 3g.

  • When will warid launch its 4G, after 10 years? all the other carriers are making advancement and warid is still working on launching 4G :-/

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