Oppo to Launch its Four Smartphones in Pakistan

Chinese multinational company, Oppo is the newest entrant in Pakistan’s smartphone market.

Most of our readers won’t be familiar with this name, as the company started making phones quite recently. Earlier it produced cheap portable Mp3 players, DVD players and LCD-TVs; most which were rips offs of renowned brands.

Oppo made its way to the international markets with its Find smartphone series. The first phone featured famous Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio in the TV ads. Later Find 5 was a commercial success for the company that gathered good attention across the globe.

find-5Recently Oppo announced two new smartphones with quite unique features N1 and Find 7.

The N1 boasts its swivel camera design where as Find 7 comes with a unique notifications light.

We’ve been hearing about Oppo Pakistan since last year however its only now that the launch of its phones in Pakistan is looking more likely. In the meantime Oppo launched its devices in India and Bangladesh.

As per details provided by the company official, Oppo will be launching 2 low-end and 2 mid-range devices in the first round. The details and pricing information has not been communicated, but its likely that these phones will be R1001, R2001, R831 and Find7a.

As per our information, Oppo will distribute and market the products itself; which seems to be quite difficult task for a new comer considering the aggressive competition among local and international smartphone brands.

Unfortunately Oppo phones aren’t any extra-ordinary. It is true that these phones offer good looks and some unique features, but the performance of these devices doesn’t match with the goodwill of Samsung, Sony, HTC or other renowned brands.

Unless Oppo plans to launch the flagship devices like Find 7 and N1; and that too at a reasonable price, there are quite few chances the company will manage to attract potential customers.

We just hope that Oppo won’t become another Haier phones — that launched two months ago but never got any success in the market.

We’ll try to review these phones in near future, so keep checking back.

  • Shaheer

    Ohhh yeah…..hyped about Oppo Find 7a! Now they need to set a lower price tag on it and it will be awesome!

    • I am not expecting anything below 50,000 :)

      • Shaheer

        I think otherwise! As they are new in the market they will introduce reasonable prices at least on devices other then find 7a!

        • Taha Najam

          You really think they care about the measly Pakistani smartphone market to give us any benefits? Like everything in Pakistan, after the numerous taxes and stuff, this will end up costing about $100 more than its international market price.

          • Even if they evade taxes like some other renowned brands, Find 7a is priced at 500 dollars in the US. So roughly its 50,000 PKR.

          • Shaheer

            Huawei cared about Pakistani market..so why can’t they. If they are a professional company and won’t look to limit its devices in the West or other developed smartphone markets they would surely see Pakistan as a mean to expand their profit spectrum. But yeah the local taxes and stuff might get the price a little bit higher. Than again that is the countries tax structure problem, not theirs!

            • Huawei had to change their pricing strategy only after early failure. If you do remember the first batch of Huawei phones wasn’t much of success.

              Oppo can learn a thing or two from Huawei as well as QMobile if they are here to stay.

    • Faizan Khalid

      oppo ko to low price tag ki bhi zaroorat nahi bas reasonable hoon

  • helraizer

    What about one plus one?

    • A very nice budget device, but highly over-rated. The are good at marketing, no doubt.

      * Not available in Pakistan.

      • Shaheer

        How can you say they are good at marketing! They introduced a stupid offer like smash your phone to get a one plus one. It got attention as it somewhat competeted with top notch devices and was the first cyangenmod ROM loaded device!

        • That stupid offer was a part of their promotional campaign. By the way the offer wasn’t stupid, people who destroyed their shinny gadgets, they were. The deceptive campaign led hundreds of users destroy their devices, including people who were not legible as it required only high end devices to be destroyed and shot on camera. Later the company created a shortage of supply to give an impression that their device is selling like hot cakes. These are all marketing gimmicks, we sure live in a cruel world.

          ❈ For the record Oppo N1 is the first official Cyanogen phone.

          • Shaheer

            True that however the company should not release such promotional marketing schemes! BTW I meant that the one plus one was the first cyanogenmod device released by the company itself. (An error on my part).

            • 1,40,000 participants destroyed their precious phones for just 100 devices. Crazy world :(

              • Arsalan Shah

                The world is fine, People are crazy :P

      • Ahmad

        Over rated…. Oh please tell me which phones are better than oneplus one, considering the price/performance ratio….. And good at marketing, I believe they haven’t spent anything for marketing, their aggressive pricing and flagship specifications were enough for marketing.

        • Paying media outlets to promote your stuff is quite common these days. Once again let me remind you that keep your focus on Pakistani market. First of all I don’t think One will launch here anytime soon, even if they managed to produce it in bulk and some upcoming models it would cost almost double here.

      • Azeem Ullah Hasan

        Over rated? Far from it; it’s probably the best value for money right now among all smartphones, alongside the Nexus 5 and Moto G.

        Software can be better but at least give them some time.

        • Do you expect that OnePlus One will be launched at the same international price in Pakistan? If ever?

          • Azeem Ullah Hasan

            No it won’t be. But again, are Nexus 5 which retails for 40K and moto g (18K) launched officially? Doesn’t make them a bad deal one bit.

          • Mujahid Abbas

            well…One plus one is not available for oroginal price too. People are buying this from other resellers like oppomart.com

          • Mujahid Abbas

            You can also buy one plus one 16 gb version for 40k in pakistan. from allmytech.pk

            • AK Mustehsan

              ^That version is basically the problem, I’m not sure will it work with Pakistani 3G/LTE bands, cause that’s the Chinese version with colorOS UI (based on 4.3 JB) and has different frequencies. And at that price, why not import the international version w/ Cyanogenmod and 64 GB in-built.

              I can make the international version available in Pakistan, if someone from homeshopping approaches me for the invites, cause I have them. I’m not joking.

              My best friend wanted to go for the OnePlus One, but I suggested him to don’t go for the one available in Pakistan, When I received the invite by a luck from their “Blizzard of Invites” contest, I managed to give him the invite to buy it and I’ll be able to share some invites as well.

    • Arsalan Shah

      No chance of it ever being available in Pakistan. OnePlus One has serious production issues, and they aren’t even commercially selling their devices in US/UK/EU, they’re just selling devices via references and only the people who own a OnePlus One device can refer it to someone else. Even with that, devices are being dispatched weeks late (Recently, a friend ordered it via a reference, and it took 5 weeks for OnePlus One to dispatch a phone which should’ve been delivered in week 3)There’s no chance of this device being launched in Pakistan anytime soon. They aren’t able to commercially supply EU/UK/US markets yet! Even if it is launched in Pakistan, the price would be at least 1.5x or probably 2x than price in the Intl. Market… There’s a version of OnePlus One which is commercially available, but that’s the China version, without the CyanogenMod, and with the Color OS, which is useless. China version also doesn’t include LTE. Even thought it’s still not commercially sold by OnePlus, it’s available in the black market at an expensive price.



      • Mujahid Abbas

        chinese version has 4G LTE support.check the specs again. And it is very easy to install CyanogenMod on chinese version. Yes it is available for about 40k.

        • Arsalan Shah

          You’re right. I’m sorry. I was actually taking into consideration US/Canadian Networks, as a cousin purchased the chinese version in Canada and he said he can’t use LTE on it there, hence I said that. Secondly (allmytech(dot)pk)) doesn’t sells it anymore, .. it has been out of stock since months.. as I said in my comment earlier,.

          • Mujahid Abbas

            yeah..there are frequency support problems with chinese version. This phone is cheap and the material which they use to manufacture this phone require alot of time. As this company is jst infant, they are not able to meet the demand.

      • Mujahid Abbas

        One plus one is a cheaper phone. Its really a flagship killer.

  • Raheel Sadiq

    Oppo find 7 is a great device to have one, but yes price is the question, it should be reasonable

    • Mujahid Abbas

      its true. its specs are the same as other flagships like LG G3,HTC One(M8),S5….and oppo Find & has exceeded in many performance tests.

      • Raheel Sadiq

        Yes it is a great competitor to those flagships, but lack a very big thing to me, is its OS. It was released with Android 4.3 Jellybeans, and sadly no Kitkat updates till now, which is not one expect from a flagship

        • Mujahid Abbas

          yeah…they are preparing to launch kitkat update soon.

  • Ali

    Godd news.OPPO is good company.Also I am waiting xiaomi to come to Pakistan.

    • Mujahid Abbas

      Xiaomi has made to India last week. And they are launching their Redmi Note, Redmi, and Mi3 through flipkart.com on 21 July

  • dr.shahid

    Oh yes …… It means they will launch one plus one here in pakistan too sooner or later m waiting 4 that … Realy excited

    • OnePlus is a seperate entity, so its highly unlikely that you will see One in the stores anytime soon.

      • Arsalan Shah

        I wish they’d launch OnePlus One in Pak. I’d be the first to buy, but unfortunately OnePlus One has serious production issues, and they aren’t even selling their devices in US/UK/EU, they’re just selling devices via references and only the people who own a OnePlus One device can refer it to someone else. Even with that, devices are being dispatched weeks late (Recently, a friend ordered it via a reference, and it took 5 weeks for OnePlus One to dispatch a phone which should’ve been delivered in week 3) So as M. Zohair Chohan said, there’s no chance of this device being launched in Pakistan anytime soon. They aren’t able to commercially supply US/UK/EU markets yet!

    • Arsalan Shah


  • Desi

    I used Xiaomi and guys one of the best phones in the market hope they enter PK market soon

  • Imtiaz Nazir

    “Unfortunately Oppo phones aren’t any extra-ordinary. It is true that
    these phones offer good looks and some unique features, but the
    performance of these devices doesn’t match with Samsung, Sony, HTC or
    other renowned brands.”

    Either writer dont know nothing about smartphones or he dont have any idea what oppo really is!

    • Shaheer

      Truly agree! Chinese companies are producing the best smart phones in the world and sooner than later they will even top Samsung or other competitors. Writer is pro-samsung(no offense)!!!

      • FYI I am huge fan of Chinese branded smartphones. But Oppo’s brilliance is limited to flagships only.

    • abobobilly

      The writer totally lost me when he inserted his own stupid opinion in the news. And by saying “Oppo phones aren’t any extra-ordinary”, the writer is only broadcasting his ignorance regarding latest smartphones.

      • I guess it would be more stupid to just write an argument based on a single device. Have a look at the article again. Only Find 7a has some promising hardware, other 3 phones are cheapo products that won’t beat the competition.

        • abobobilly

          FIrst of all, i’d like to apologize for coming off as too hot.

          Second, if you have your reasons for (dis)liking a specific brand, product or a company, you can share them at the end of the article tagged them as your “Personal Opinion”.

          By embedding them in an article such as this, you are only presenting what i have said earlier.

          Thank You

          • Actually these are the concluding remarks and the whole article is my personal opinion.

            Our job at ProPakistani is to educate the readers, so they can make better choices. We don’t favor or unduly criticize any company, brand or product.

    • I have been a great fan of Oppo flagship phones since Find 5. Sadly your opinion is based on limited information about current market trends in Pakistan.

      If Oppo had launched Find 7, N1 or N1 mini then it would be a different case, but as per the information communicated to us the company focus is on budget devices.

      Do you really think that YoYo, Joy and R831 can beat low end devices from Huawei, Samsung or even QMobile?

      Not everyone will be buying the “pricey” Find 7a.

      • Imtiaz Nazir

        Bro the build quality of YoYo is way better than the samsung smart phone in that price range. And to be honest i dont even consider QMobile smartphone due to its utterly rubbish rom. Huawei is the only competitor to Oppo’s product but again they lag in marketing.

        Only thing that matter for their business is marketing!
        Coz in Pakistan ‘Jo Dikhta ha vo bikta ha’

      • Aadil

        Find 7 and 7a are flagships actually. The only major difference being the 2K screen(which is useless in my opinion when my one considers how it effects the battery and performance, similar to the G3).
        And Oppo Find was the first 1080p device while Find 7 is arguably the first 2k device.
        And about the light,its actually similar to the light in Sony Z2.
        It would be great to see some competition in Pakistan. Its all Samsung and HTC at the high-end.

    • xdc7

      You are absolutely right. Oppo phones are loved by ROM devs and power users alike. Just check XDA and you’ll see.

      Clearly, the writer has no clue about Oppo!

  • DJ

    For oppo Haters.. Though Opps is not great but again keeping pricing in mind i am sure Oppo can replace Qmobile and give tough competition to Huawei.


    • Oppo has a great prospect in the high end segment, But again low-end market is QMobile’s playground.

  • Farhan ali

    it is best device and price is not the issue because we purchace devices like iphone 5 s the price of iphone 5s is 62000 PKR but oppo,s features are best in market like guest mode and gestures……………:)