Mobilink Announces its 3G Packages


Mobilink has finally marked the commercial launch of its 3G service, as customers are being charged for the 3G service from today.

With this, Mobilink also announced its 3G packages that come with various bundles and options for the users to experience 3G services.

Activating 3G

Unlike other operators, Mobilink users will have to activate their 3G services. According to Mobilink, customers will have to dial *443# and select the “3G activation” option. Alternatively, send SUB to 7003 for 3G activation. Mobilink said that this activation is free.

Mobilink 3G Packages

Mobilink is offering 3 day, weekly and monthly 3G bundles for its customers. 4GB is maximum limit for the monthly bundle and is priced at Rs. 600 per month.

Interestingly, Mobilink’s 3G packages aren’t auto renewable. Meaning that customers will have to renew their data bundles every time to continue using the 3G bundles. Imagine the hassle involved in such an activation process, especially for those who will opt for daily 3G packages.

We aren’t sure if this – manual renewal process – is going to remain the same for ever or Mobilink may come up with better solutions for customers in future.

Check below all the bundles offered by Mobilink:


** To check remaining MB’s and validity – no charges apply

Video Calling


*On-net only
** To check remaining MB’s and validity – no charges apply

Terms and conditions:

  • 3G bundles can be subscribed and consumed in both 2G and 3G networks.
  • 3G bundles can be consumed at 3G speed within 3G network and at best possible speed within 2G network.
  • Tax is not applicable on Mobile Internet Usage and subscription charges.
  • Offered 3G data bundles will not auto-subscribe. Bundles need to be subscribed again upon expiry.
  • Base rate is a default rate. This means that if you are not subscribed to any bundle, you will be charged according to base rate i.e. PKR 18/ MB at 2G speed even if subscriber is connected to a 3G network. Charging pulse will be 64 KB.
  • Video call will be activated by default along with 3G services.
  • The billing pulse for Video Calling is 30 seconds.
  • Currently just only on-net Video Calling is available.
  • Video Calling is only possible in 3G network and will require a handset capable of making a video call.

Postpaid Packages

Mobilink hasn’t announced it 3G packages yet. Or at least we couldn’t find them on Mobilink’s website.

I am wondering how Mobilink postpaid customers are going to use 3G, since services are being charged and 3G bundles aren’t announced yet for postpaid subscribers.

Do share your thoughts on the 3G packages and the launch in below comments.

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    • Yes. Right now Telenor has best 3G packages. But one thing we have to see that afte FUP customer can enjoy unlimited internet usage at 2G speed. Not that bad.

        • 2G performance has improved dramatically after 3G has started, due to load balancing mainly. So as panjgoori said, unlimited 2G after FUP is not that bad.
          But only 4Gb is VERY BAD!

      • in which network 3G users will get 2g speed after finishing their data quota?

        edit: now i know. only on 600rs bundle. 150 bundle per bhi hota to maza ajata :P

      • Mobilink has offered most competitive package if you analyze bandwith and consumption in proportion to prices…….ufone has tricky charge catalogue……….but every plan doesn’t suit everyone at large

  • It is proven now that Mobilink was most unprepared operator for 3G. Who expected such packages and features from largest operator of Pakistan?

  • its just pretty much the same as ZONG packages.. so Telenor wins with the maximum bandwidth of 8GB per month but ZONG’s services are awesome compared to any network.. Waiting for Warid now :)

    • warid dintnot paid millions of dollars for license. So no one can set packages cheaper than warid. Hopefully warid will announc 20 to 25mbps speed at rs100/gb

      • LOL That is not the case dude.. They are giving 4GLTE , the speed they will be offering would be around 50Mbps :) last screenshot was shared on ProPakistani about the test going on.. :) they do charge for good service as I really love there EDGE Service.. Its the best amoung all :) so hopefully 4GLTE would be affordable and good as well.. lets wait and watch :)

        • Not 50 Mbps, my LTE gets max 30 Mbps
          I’m experiencing this from T-Mobile USA in full strength.
          But for me, the rates there are better and Telenor came with better rates, but sadly their speed ain’t that good thanks to 5 MHz network they were allocated.

          But LTE ain’t going to be cheap bro, im sure their basic offering will be above 1000.

  • im glad i ported to zong 3 days back and didn’t waited for this. :)
    zong was slow when i try basic package. after i ported i joined 2 gb and wallah 8 to 10mb…. very happy.
    ufone was the stupidest package and quality.

  • Mobilink is not throttling speed on its packages. So the maximum available speed can be availed. Some operators continue to throttle speeds on their packages.

    Mobilink Business customers will continue to enjoy Free 3G until further notice.

  • Mobilink ka GPRS/EDGE tu pooray karachi mein chalta nahi hai, i dont know about other cities, yeh 3G kya challay ga

  • Mobilink 3G is best because it won 10MHZ frequency. others are only 5MHZ which mean mobilink has good coverage. 300 Rs for 2GB mobile is not bad at all. Still waiting for the postpaid packages. Hope to get soon.

    • uncle , please come out of the cave you’ve been hiding in !! coz Zong also got THE 10MHZ frequency band !!

  • Mobilink doesn’t even send SMS alert like telenor to customers telling that their bundle is about to expire. Due to this i have wasted money several times because my GPRS monthly bundle had expired and I didn’t know.

  • Today i called mobilink help line and confirmed if i have 3g package and i moved to a 2g arae will i then charged seprately for 2g data usage or it will be compansated in 3g package.
    Help line concerned told me that u charged 2g data usage seprately.

    This is very stupid

    Coutomera have to subscribe 2g and 3g packages to avaoid extra/ surprized billing

      • what i meant to say is you can use your 3g bundle in the in 2 area since priority of 3g bundle is higher but with 3g bundle at 2g area, speed will be of 2g maximum

  • Coverage within the cities is not satisfactory. Only zong is providing good coverage but as ususl zong’s network issues still persists.

    • Mobilink is covering about 40% Faisalabad for 3G. Zong is not covering anything in Faisalabad. Zong is limited to 3 cities with limited coverage only.

  • Mobilink 3g packages r more expensive as compared to 2g packages. Customers will be coerced to subcribe only to monthly offer as there is nothing for them in daily, 3 days or weekly packages. Such churlishness was not expected on the part of operator like mobilink.

  • I just talked to Mobilink customer services regarding postpaid users. they said that currently they haven’t announced the 3G packages for postpaid. postpaid users will use free 3G.

  • Will anyone tell me what will be the speed in KBs after consumption of 4 GBs, will network convert to EDGE or mobilink will throttle speed on 3G?

  • I was checking my dsl speed then i see that its been hosted by waridtel i haven’t seen that before its the hint that warid testing its lte network?

      • Now they are offering “best possible speed” on 2G with 3G bundle. Their customer care said now you will experience the speed diff even on 2G network.

  • Zong….affordable……coverage almost all over lahore…..7 to 15 mbps speed…..satisfied……

  • Mobilink has offered most competitive packages if you compare bandwith n limit (GBs) in proportion to prices tagged……
    Besides post paid is going to be most competitive in industry as far as pricing is mapped……hint is plan Rs 600 for 4GB………whereas ufone is offering 4GB for Rs 1200…..

  • Yar in networks ko sharam bhi nahi ati k ye kia offer kar rahe hain baqi countries ko to dekho yar k wo kia offer kar rahe hain aur ufone ko to dekho speed limit de rakhi hai hud hogayi is se to 3g na hona behtar hai

  • Zong gives 4 to 5MBPS average speedtest…no network comes near it in terms of speed

  • اگر ٹیبل کا ٹائیپ سائیز بڑا ہوتا تو پڑھنے میں آسانی ہوتی۔ یہ کوئی مشکل کام بھی نہ تھا۔

  • Please update the List Because the 3Day Internet Package Giving 3000MB instead of only 175MB(in your List). . .!

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