Meet An Online Pharmacy Store!


The interest of global online groups in the talents of Pakistani youth and e-commerce industry suggest that in the future, the e-commerce sector is likely to hold a significant share in Pakistan’s economy.

Various online portals are maturing multiple transactions daily. With the arrival of 3G/4G technology in smartphones and the more common use of plastic money, the online transaction ratio is expected to increase in the coming years.

Convenient shopping via different portals is increasing with each passing day. E-commerce, comparatively to other businesses, has made its mark and is creating its share in overall retail segment as retailers from all scales are eager to sell their products via this channel.

Over the years many small startups have opted the online marketing strategy for selling their products among the masses via social media. There are alot of others who are following this trend and are trying to initiate digital channels for shopping and consumer facilitation.

Here we are mentioning the new addition who have started their journey on the road of e-commerce in Pakistan, but with altogether a new niche. – an online pharmacy– was formally launched in Lahore this year on 23rd of April. It is managed and operated by Lahore based company Apothecare Private Limited that a long association with the healthcare industry, and has been set up by the fourth generation of the Fazal Din & Sons group. is Pakistan’s premier online pharmacy store primarily based on the selling and purchasing of prescription drugs. Consumers can enjoy the convenience of getting authentic medicines straight from the manufacturers which will be delivered to their doorstep with a cash on delivery recourse in Lahore.

Other payments they offer include credit card payment, internet banking, and mobile payment.

Following the standards of the World Health Organisation and the Ministry of Health, the implementation of their services ensure delivery of all items whether it is over the counter medicines, prescription drugs or consumer products, all within 24-hours from the time of payment in case of internet banking or else on conformation in all major cities.

The site pattern is simple and easy to use. The selection sections are majorly divided into 3 categories: Prescription drugs, OTC (over the counter) medicines and Special Orders.

OTC medicines are further classified into numerous groups for the ease of customers; to choose from the section of Special Orders, the customer needs to register online. The registration process is effortless; you just have to fill in the required fields in order to purchase medicines.

The customer can also choose the preferred manufacturer from several manufacturers provided in the web portal.

The CEO of the company, while telling about the safety measures, commented:

Special packing material is used to maintain the temperature even during delivery. In case of expensive items, special packing reduces risk of breakage or damage.

Salient features of

  • Scheduling an order so that it can arrive at your doorstep on days specified by the customer for a given time period (e.g. Scheduling a medicine every two days, every week, or every month);
  • The ability to ship cold-chain products (temperature sensitive items that have to be maintained between 2-8 degrees Celcius) to any location in Pakistan;
  • Placing an order for a medicine not available in Pakistan through the special request form;
  • A viable method of submitting your prescription for certain medicines, which is reviewed by our pharmacy team for genuineness before an order is dispatched;
  • A toll-free help line that can answer your medical queries at 0800-SEHAT (0800-73428)
  • A minimum 5% discount on the majority of products on the website.

All in all, it is a very positive initiative taken towards the advancement of e-commerce industry. Its a concise piece which will prove helpful regarding the gap between the needs of our growing patient population and the number of doctors available to deliver the care they need.

As the consumers are becoming more tech-savvy, it is good to see that companies are taking the necessary steps to meet their demand. Considering the internet user base in Pakistan, it will be no exaggeration to say that such portals are growing and are earning their stripes.