Cyber Protests: PTV Website Gets Defaced by Hackers

On going political situation in Islamabad has triggered Pakistani hackers to protests against the government.

Previously, a hackers’ group had defaced and now its the Pakistan Television’s official website that was defaced today for similar reasons.

Pakistan Haxors Crew, which claims the responsibility of the defacement, left multiple messages for the politicians, police department and Geo Television.

Hackers condemned the actions of Punjab Police that allegedly killed 14 persons in Lahore two months ago. They alleged police department for taking bribes from Pakistani citizens while not doing their jobs properly.

With “Go Nawaz Go” slogans all over defaced page, hackers didn’t spare opposition leaders as well.



Hackers said:

Vote Lyty Waqt tum log ek he Jagha ky Hazar Hazar Chakar Lagty ho ” Hum Pakistan Ky liye yeh karen gy Hum Pakistan ky liye wo karen gy , Hum Load-shedding Khatam karen gy Hum Bijli Sasti karen gy ”

Lakin Bad main tum log unhi Logon per apna Kaminapan dikhaty ho..!!

Byshak Allah Har Cheez per Qadir ha :) Allah ky Insaf ka Intzar karo…

Not to mention, PTV was yesterday attacked by protestors who are staging sit-in for last 20 days in Islamabad against the government. Incident was widely condemned by all circles, including the protesting leaders.

Some 20 other government official but insignificant websites were hacked during last 2 days only.

It is yet to be seen if these cyber protests will make any notable noise in the government corners or not.

Here’s the defaced URL:

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  • I am tech person i do not talk about politics just only talk about facts that give hackers to easily hack government sites because they are living back 19`s era. PTV using IIS6 so why shouldn’t be hacked.

    • Regardless of politics, Government should take some actions to prevent such attacks because these websites belong to a state. No doubt they are using techniques that were in practice years ago

      • Exactly Bro
        Alike the Case When First Time a few Pakistanis Protested Against their Own PM in front of UN HQ In America ,What They Wanted to do?Wanted to Ask America for Help or To Show Others that We Are still the People who Didn’t Learn any Lesson From 71’s Bangladesh Incident,And Still showing Own Ugly face to Others

  • So hackers made people heard, specially someone who visits website of PTV, needed this info really. hah

    • No .
      These hacking activities are showing that how week our system is…

      When you’d prefer References over Merit then you should expect such kind of blunders.

  • This is called E-Dharna. But Hack websites of PMLN and GEO instead of PTV . These are the enemies of our country not PTV.Hack GEO and protest on their site.

  • Great !!

    When Musharraf Killed Lots of Innocent Students in LAL Masjid Genocide,SomeOne Didnt Even Raised Voice against Them ?Why Dual Standards ?

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