Pirated Software and Games Make it to Kaymu.PK of Rocket Internet

Kaymu.PK – Rocket Internet’s arm in Pakistan – was lately found to have pirated software, video games and other dubious products enlisted on its website. First spotted by by Segment Next, it is now clear that Kaymu.PK has fair number of pirated products available on its website in the open for customers in Pakistan to freely buy them online.


Anyone can go to Kaymu.PK to order these pirated products with ease.


Kaymu, when asked by ProPakistani, said that they have SOPs in place to tackle such sellers who would enlist pirated software on the website. Kaymu said that it has blocked over 60 such sellers in September 2014 only, while they consistently clean-up their website of such sellers who either sell bad things or otherwise if they don’t comply with rest of applicable terms and conditions.

Kaymu said that it has over 70,000 products on its website from thousands of sellers. While a strict scrutiny policy is always in place for each and every seller and product, Kaymu admitted that some products might have slipped from their eyes but they are removed from their website as soon as they are reported by users.

We would have had admitted to what Kaymu has said, but interestingly Kaymu is marketing such pirated software through Google display network, hinting that they endorse such pirated products and that Kaymu is almost directly responsible for illegally selling pirated products in Pakistan.

Check below Kaymu’s Adword AD displayed on a website:


An independent analysts while commenting on Kaymu’s practices said that online shopping in Pakistan is a relatively new idea. He said that online marketplaces are usually in process of impressing the customers by offering ultra-low priced products, which are usually replicas or pirated in nature. Such practices (while they may attract customers) from a vendor of international repute are defiantly illegal and must be stopped immediately.


He said the original developer of software and games can sue Kaymu or Rocket Internet and we may only end-up with ugly results.

For those who don’t know Kaymu.PK is Rocket Internet’s investment in Pakistan through which they help sellers meet their potential buyers. Simply put, if you are a seller and want to reach an audience then Kaymu gives you a platform to get yourself registered on their website and enlist your products there to find customers.

Rocket Internet (one of world’s largest e-commerce focused venture capital firms and startup incubators) has similar online marketplaces in around 40 markets world over, meaning that they have all the proven expertise and vision to build a successful and performing online marketplace in different countries.

Selling illegal software by a company of such repute raises many questions. We also have to note that Pakistan is fast becoming a paradise for internet pirates. Even legitimate companies are now exploiting the benefits of not having proper internet regulations in the country.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK


  • Kaymu Pakistan has one of the worst products and customer service experience. Never ordering from them again.

  • Poor Customer Support & Quality of Product. This pirated thing was expected. Yehi Umeed ki ja sakti hai in se.

  • Pirated software is almost part of Pakistani DNA now. While their SOP to abolish is admirable – its been shown that it is too difficult to implement practically. Further, if they wish to crack down on piracy – why start or stop at software/games? What about all the pirated mobile accessories, clothing, furniture etc?

    • I’m Damn sure that most of us commenting here are using pirated copy of Windows . . . . So this attitude shows that our nation wants Cheap IT solutions….. The fact is also this that a very few sellers which are selling original softwares are charging much more than software’s original price which discourages those who want to buy original software. so every one ends up “torrenting”.

      • That’s why I decided to say NO to piracy by changing myself. I purchased a new laptop with pre-installed Genuine Windows 8.1. So Windows tension is over. I would suggest others to buy laptops with genuine Windows. Moreover, I am using other free software to overcome this piracy nature. Instead of using cracked IDM, I installed Free Download Manager (FDM) and it’s pretty good. For zip/rar archives I am using PeaZip, it’s free and does the job pretty good. For web development I am using Aptana instead of cracked Dreamweaver.

          • The ones I am using are pretty much serving me well. Thanks for your suggestions. I did not like 7zip for the reason of it being slow. Neither do I need extra compression of 7z. And it doesn’t harm being nice instead of using such words. Cheers! ;-)

  • is no one watching this crap? i don’t think they are providing any customer services for these product..

  • I ordered a mobile bank for battery having 2600mah capacity it even didnt charge the 25% of my Ufone Smart u5 Means it is only 300 to 400mah capacity and charged me with 750Rs. I will never going to order through kaymu. Fazool and ghatya products go for market pay 10% more to get better product not these fake products. dekhaty kuch aur bhejty kuj hain

    • were you under the rock all this time….
      was never ever closed on zong and ptcl on android phones :)

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  • has strict SOP’s in place that restrict customers from buying loose medicines – only packaged medicines are sold. Also, prescription medicines are only sold to a customer once a prescription has been sent in and reviewed by a pharmacy team. I’d recommend using for anyone looking to buy medicines – they deliver all over Pakistan.

    As for, it is a shame that their business practices have reached this level of illegitimacy in Pakistan. I understand that they want to make their business model appealing to the Pakistani market, but they have to be more stringent with their selling policies if they want to avoid further trouble with international authorities.

  • is an example of a Pakistani website run by Pakistani administration that follows strict SOP’s to ensure that all products are sold under the behest of proper pricing as stated by DRAP, and that each prescription medicine is dispatched once relevant documentation has been reviewed by a pharmacist.

  • There are some online shops who have unique concept of shopping in which i want to mention only two major online shops and Storemass sell imported products in Pakistan from Amazon, eBay and USA which is not possible as before some years back. Kaymu is the biggest seller of local Pakistani products.

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