Warid is all Set to Launch 4G LTE With a Bang

Warid, despite put on a hold by regulator for launching its 4G LTE, is now all set to launch its 4G network in just few weeks.

As we reported earlier, Warid was due to launch its 4G network by end of September (in fact it had communicated its customers about the same) but PTA stepped in and asked the company to hold its launch to give Zong the chance to become country’s first 4G operator due to millions of dollars they had paid the government for the spectrum.

Warid, while using the time, is aggressively transitioning its cell sites to 4G and we hear that there are more than 100 Warid cell sites are on 4G in Lahore only and this number is growing with each passing day. If sources are to be believed then Warid will have lot better coverage than Zong in reality.

Unlike Zong, Warid is aiming to provide blanket coverage in all the posh areas of Islamabad and Lahore. While, as early reports suggests, Zong is offering out-door 4G coverage that is patchy and may need more cell sites on 4G network to offer a reasonable 4G experience. Zong did more of a symbolic launch and as per customers feedback they are just waiting to see 4G on their handhelds in most of the areas which Zong claimed to have 4G service launched.

In the first phase Warid has plans to launch its 4G network in Islamabad, Lahore and then Karachi and later adding Faisalabad and Gujranwala. Down the line, as per sources, company plans to roll-out its 4G network in more than 10 cities with-in an year.

Warid has equipped all of its employees (having 4G compatible handsets) with 4G SIMs, enabling them to use and hard test the network. Several Warid employees confirmed ProPakistani that they are using 4G network like a charm. Company is also in process of arranging 4G smartphones (at convenient and flexible instalment plans) for those employees who do not have 4G enabled handsets.

Warid has also shipped 4G SIMs to those customers that had 4G compatible handsets, while corporate clients, on the other hands, are also given 4G enabled SIMs so that they are able to use 4G network as soon as trials are announced.

According to the details we have received, Warid has made all necessary agreements with multiple phone makers to offer both low-cost and high-end phones to its customers through service centres. Customers will also be allowed to place order for such 4G enabled handsets from Warid’s online website.

Warid’s complete revamp with a new logo is also expected to surface after the official launch of 4G services.

Warid will become one of the first networks in the world to directly transform from 2G to 4G, altogether bypassing the 3G technology.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Though warid has good service but not to forget zong has the power of China Mobile…which is truly the world leader.

    I don’t think 4G will get any popularity in Pakistan in next 6 months due to its cost and limits on downloads. PTCL 4jee is also an option.

    • Yes this power of china is not making me connect calls in Pakistan LOL the network of 2G ZONG is some times really useless so we got to be careful about it. I am just move anywhere but not ZONg really, such a bad experience you have no idea.

    • it won’t.. but that gives them enough time to make 4G available in more cities.. Zong and Warid might be providing 4G but ppl will mostly switch to 3g first.. its how they are going to try it out. it will take time.

    • Warid is currently testing its 4G LTE network. The test is carried out through intranet infrastructure. Warid 4G LTE network touches the 51mbps speed during the test. WOW! Here is the image,

      • Bullcrap and impossible. Warid only has 5Mhz refarmed from 1800 GSM band to use for LTE, you cannot even dream of touching 50+Mb/s with that theoretically let alone in a speed test
        Poor Warid employee, try again

        • so i read your post again and I see you mention its through the infra INTRAnet… so thats a from a server on the Warid internal network, through the gateway. any operator can get that and much better on an internal wired connection, has nothing to do with what you can get on the radio link! thats an even more pathetic WoW than before I read it carefully

        • Bro correct your information. here is the chart of Mhz of all the Telco Operators

          Telco 900Mhz 1800Mhz

          PAKTEL 7.5+7.5=15 6+6=12

          Warid 4.8+4.8=9.6 8.8+8.8=17.6

          ufone 7.6+7.6=15.2 6+6=12

          Telenor 4.8+4.8=9.6 8.8+8.8=17.6

          MObilink 7.6+7.6=15.2 6+6=12

          Data in number of Mhz Respectively.

          Source:PTA Website

          And according to warid’s plan they will be using 900mhz for voice and 1800 for Data(LTE) which

        • frequency doesn’t have anything to do with speed . it only affects the signals range, for instance if 5Mhz signals can reach upto 200meters , 10Mhz will reach upto 400meters ,

      • I am not a Warid Employ (for clarification)…This is what i got on Telenor 3G on 4 signal Bars… so,, i ‘ll stick with Telenor 3G rather than moving to 4G

    • I can bet, Warid will and the only reason is that they have better network on 2G so lets see.

      • It will be a great match.See who wins at the end.But do remember,Zong has two 10MHz spectrums one for 3G and one for 4G which gives Zong edge.The only thing they do not have is sufficient technical expertise in which Warid excels.Remember one thing target market of both 4G companies will be corporate sector.

        • The only difference is that Warid has 8.8Mhz of blocks whereas Zong has 10Mhz of blocks, it is a game of quality not quantity. The time will tell the winner of the match. Just Wait and See!

          • Warid is using only one block of 8.8 Mhz in 1800Mhz band while Zong has two blocks.But Warid has sufficient technical expertise, using which they can provide better quality of service.Zong on the other hand will have to improve technical expertise for providing better quality of service despite having two 10Mhz blocks reserved for data.See who wins.But consumers will definitely win.

            • Yeah, you are right! But look at the customer level of Warid that needs less power to provide high speed to the more user. On the other hand, Zong has a huge number of customer level, they need more Mhz to provide high speed to the more users. I presume in term of Mhz, they have the same potential.

              • Yes, consumers will retain and join that company that will provide better quality of service at affordable rates.So this match between Zong and Warid will be interesting.Best of luck to both.

              • Be realistics. Block is related to customers in coverag area of each cell sites..and 10mhz is the enough keeping in view the no. Of 4G users in pakistan…

        • Technical people are not necessarily experiamced but outsourcing is common for such projects.

          • It is outsourcing due to which CMOs are still unable to deliver desired results in 3G and 4G expansion and common consumers are complaining about quality of service.Companies need expertise of trained technical staff for watching activities of MSPs(Managed Service Providers). Company who will retain experienced personnel will win in the long run.

  • Keep it Warid…!! Bring a 4G LTE weapon to fight the war of price between You and Zong!

    • The advantage of competition between two telcos will go to consumers.The customers after one year will be enjoying speeds more than 30Mbps with data volume of more than 200GBs per month at price of just Rs 3000/.See what happens

      • That’s what I am saying..!! The more tough the competition, the more price will go down.

    • 3G is a fall back weapon which zong can offer while warid is only 2G. And 4G coverage can not cover as much area as 3G… And warid will degrade it’s voice quality due to absence of 1800mhz for high quality voice services…only 850 MHz with low quality… ;)

      • As Aamir has mentioned that users of Warid Telecom(13000000 approximately) are half as compared to Zong (26500000), so competition will be stiff between the two.Quality will count more.

        • But the point is that all users are not on same cell site. They are in whole country warid with less customers have less cell sites and zong has more in both cases. Reality is that each cell site uses a pair of spectrum for up and down transmission of data and number of maximum users depends upon block width. 10 mhz means more users in a specific area can be entertained well . this is the real difference. Warid has less users but might be possible that cell sites in posh areas for 4G users would be overloaded due to small block of spectrum and zong would get edge of larger one.

          • According to my knowledge, number of cells sites/BTSs/Towers etc of Both companies are almost equal.Can anyone confirm.Warid can raise their cell sites easily where they will be overloaded.Addition of new cells in not a big problem if revenue and customers are there.

            • 4g requires more sites for quality assurance. And if zong can spend billions for 3g /4G .. Then why not for cell sites…

  • death of PTCL is near . while rest of the world is enjoying LTE networks , we are still stuck at 1mb and 2mb pathetic connections due the money making machine called ptcl . not anymore.

  • 3G, 4G so.. when we will be getting better ‘wired’ broadband services? 3g is better then what avg broadband speed.. 4g will be kicking those speeds to hell so what is PTCL planing.. to stay in the game they need to start offering better services.

      • Do you even know the average 4G speeds in USA?

        They’re similar to one shown in above picture. Let’s just not fall for numbers (like someone saying they will offer 150 Mbps on 4G) and try to be realistic.

        Do you EVER need more than 2-4 Mbps on a mobile device?

        Never! and that’s what 4G is for. Don’t say, you want 4G to download unlimited torrents. You have broadband for that. 4G is only your mobile on the go.

        • Lmao, if that’s so, why the 4g or even 3G technologies were introduced, you my friend keep your knowledge up to date!

        • some people are so obsessed with 4G and 3G. come out of the cage and see what other operators in the world are offering on 4G for home users. saudi telecoms are providing 4G monthly , 3 months ,6 months and 12 months packages with unlimited downloads. similar case in bahrain .

          • 100% Right.3G/4G is substitute of any other broadband, not only for common consumers but also for corporate customers(especially 4G for corporate customers).China Mobile, Zong parent company have 30 crore 3G customers(Out of 80 crore Total) while they have 2 crore 4 customers).Such high ratio of 3G and 4G depicts penetration of 3G and 4G in China Wireless Broadband market.Just wait and see.

        • My God. I have NEVER said I want 150Mb/s D/L speed. I know 4G LTE speeds in Japan, UK, France, Germany and Switzerland. Have tested and tried myself. Do you know how cure is Aishwarya Rai’s son? Come on man, start talking sense. Don’t talk senseless things.

          In Pakistan. Yes, lets head back to Pakistan. In Pakistan, we are getting MUCH BETTER 3G speeds than this, why would one care to go for 4G (which is expensive than 3G) if speeds are such pathetic? NO ONE said we’ll be using this for torrents.

          4G LTE is usually considered to be expensive, and so I said it’s senseless to invest in this for such pathetic speeds. In US (New York) 3G speeds are over 12Mb/s (tested myself) and 4G is over 38Mb/s. Have tested in Australia with Optus, and nearly the same results. 3G speeds were a bit less in Australia. This is NOT Pakistan vs. The World competition that you’re screaming off. This is 3G vs. 4G competition of service that is provided in Pakistan. No one would want to use 4G if it offers speeds less than 3G and it’s packages are more expensive than 3G and you also need to but an LTE enabled handset. That was my ENTIRE POINT. Which you distorted and started comparing US with Pakistan, which wasn’t needed.

  • Forgive me for asking a stupid question if it is… but if an operator launches 4G in an area, does that mean that lower levels of mobile internet will be there automatically? Like if I am in 4G coverage area of Warid and I only have a 3G compatible handset, can I only just use 3G or 2G on it?

    • In Warids case if you are not in 4G area or you do not have 4G enabled handset, then you can only use Edge services.

    • You need all these things… 4g hand set. 4G sim. 4g services.. 4g packages…and any thing missing… U will get 2g in warid and 3g in others

  • I got a call from warid like month ago about 4G sim but then didnt receive any sim nor call

  • theyve already committed suicide by introducing ridiculous packages for wingle and chaar g. inshallah ptcl will be out of broadband game in 5 year tops. nature always have a way to restore balance. :D badmaash ban gaye hain ye ptcl walay.

    • XD if they try to compete with Mobile services like that.. they will be shutting down broadband and it will lead to Expensive Mobile data.. this is just Horrible buisness plan for an ISP

        • Yeah I wish this come true. In this scene, I will throw my Wingle in drawer & use 3G for just Rs 60 :D
          3G Weekly Bundle

          7,000 MB

        • Wait for only one year.You will enjoy unlimited download speeds at cheaper rates when competition between all internet service providers/Mobile companies will be in full swing.

          • No, this unlimited thing will not come true :( There will always be some FUP on wireless

            • If data volume cap is 200GB per month at amazing speeds of 150Mbps(4G Download speed) at just Rs3000 like other countries, it means it is unlimited.Remember one thing Wireless service is hassle free service and unlimited download is possible.Less problems.

                • As already mentioned this will be available after one year when all technical infrastructure of all mobile companies will be upgraded and there will be stiff competition.Look at today Mobilink 3G rates which are very cheap,Can you imagine these rates three months before.

                  • For 10 days only, maybe due to Eid or promotion.
                    ****Limited time offer, valid till 13th Oct, 2014 :(

                    Check 3G page. I talked with Mobilink helpline & they told that it’s just promotion & after 13th Oct, it will be back to old data plan

                    • It is just beginning.You will see fruitful results very soon when mobilink will offer these rates permanently in stiff competition of 3G/4G.If these rates are possible uptil 13 October, why not afterwards.Just think

                    • I strongly wish that this stays after 13th Oct. But this is just promotion to catch customer attention only.

                    • Mobilink just wants to see how much more IP bandwidth they will require.Keeping in view response, they will get more IP bandwidth and then implement these promotional data plans.

                    • No, I think you are wrong. They are not checking their limits etc. They cannot test it on very limited coverage. This is just a promotion to attract users on 3G

                    • OK It is just for promotion now but company will get idea of average data volume used by common users which is 30 GB per month or 1GB per day

                • Dear Please wait for one more year and then see the rates.There will be cut throat competition and at least 100GB(means unlimited) will be available at Just Rs 3500/ per month.

            • true that, but I guess 1 gig daily is more than enough for normal user. If user can stream Youtube etc and can do bunch of other imp stuff… what’s more one ask for? 6.9 Gig for Rs 60 Price tag, thats the future.

              • When it is possible in Mobilink now, think what will happen after one year.Just wait and see.

        • Exactly! At the end of the day, this how Pakistanis gonna adapt this technology. Pakistan already enjoys cheapest GSM services in the region, wireless broadband is next. WAR IS ON b/w telecos, and we end users are the WINNER.

      • They showed the way, competition is ON. and thr is NO going back. survival of the fittest.

  • PTCL will have to improve quality of service by quick rectification of faults to stay in the game.

    • i hope so.. cos BroadBand is the only way to consume data with-out thinking of its price every time you download something bigger than a gigabyte, some android games are very close to that mark.. let alone Movies are just an excuse for it. not to mention streaming which is sorta problem here

  • Warid helpline told me that 4G SIM’s delivery is started from 1st of October and trial period will start from 15 October, where as Warid employees with 4G LTE supported cellphones are already using it. After 15 Oct, SIM’s will be available at their business centers in Lahore.

      • Will they start with 4g trial? Or will they start charging right away like Zong did?
        If i buy a 4g handset now, will they send me free 4g sim?
        I hope you can get me some answers.

        • As WARID told me, they are starting on trial basis first and then commercial launch. They might not send you 4G SIM, you will have to go to Warid Business Center (not franchise) to collect 4G SIM.

  • 15 October is the Launch date. This is what customer support person told me yesterday.

    Basically i sent them a message for some issues via Warid FB page. Within half an hour i got call from a customer support person and my issue was fixed and i was told about 4G launch confirm date. I must say the Customer Support of Warid is very helpful and fast and look forward to use their 4G services.

    • AT&T LTE (4G) Frequencies are 700 MHz, 1700 MHz,, 1900 MHz, 2300 MHz
      VErizon 4g, has 700, 1700 & 2100

      Pakistani LTE is on 1800MHZ

      So none of the AT&T, Verizon will work on Warid / Zong 4G.

  • I think if you are getting better 3G services from any operator, stick to it. 4G is good but expensive too :)

  • I am a postpaid customer of Warid and still not have been provided any 4G SiM. It seems fake news

  • Can anyone please tell me which is the best network for 3g in pakistan in reference to cost and speed.. Or please provide a chart …?
    Thanking in anticipation…!!

  • Jb sari companies mela lut lein gi tb warid packages announce kare ga for post paid customers

  • Get done with this 4G Hooplaa Hoo already Purestan, Tech world has more complex issues to comprehend with.

  • I am really excited about this but really worried about the coverage as Warid doesnt have 3G so if we are not in the coverage area then it will shift to EDGE which is not good :( lets see the packages too as if they are charging more than I will just stick to ZONG as I am really happy with their coverage and speed (Employee Special package rocks) :)

  • I have just been told that there is no #4GLTE in Rawalpindi so I will be definitely moving to ZONG :-) I didnt want to do that but I have no choice now :(

    • Yeah same here. Got the call in the morning. They confirmed my address and told me the delivery guy will get in touch with me regarding the 4G Sim issue soon. The Sim will be provided on a thumb impression.

        • I’m a postpaid user. Besides, I think phone numbers that they call are generated randomly, so you’ll get your call soon hopefully. Sit tight!

  • Warid is good service provider overall. Mostly people who have Warid sims hardly move to other network because of some reasons one is there no hidden charges on its packages.

  • send “D 4G” on 321 you will get

    Warid 4G LTE Service 15 October 2014 tak Launh karay ga jis ka zariyaa apko tez tareen internet speed muhaya ki jaigi. App kay tavun ka shukria

  • Just got a call offering door step delivery of 4G compatible SIM Card from Warid. When I asked when they would be launching LTE services, the representative told me that Warid is ready and already carrying out limited trails while waiting for approval from PTA to launch. I was considering switching from Warid but their network quality had kept me from porting out so far.

    • Warid Call Quality is awesome. From the day I ported to warid, it made my phone to become alive.
      on Bull Sh it lits Ufone is on Top.

    • try this

      send “D 4G” on 321 you will get

      Warid 4G LTE Service 15 October 2014 tak Launh karay ga jis ka zariyaa apko tez tareen internet speed muhaya ki jaigi. App kay tavun ka shukria

  • Never mind, I think Warid may not be allowed to launch 4G LTE in Pakistan market. Sources says government is working on it, If Warid claims it already have 4G LTE licence that is like a dream girl. They may have some system upgrades but question is would they will be allowed in market. So Warid lovers its a bad news. I think these are tactics to become alive among customers by Warid, because company is on the edge of grave in terms of revenue & customers.

    • I am warid satisfied customer and using LTE in my offical SIM as client, we got only three test SIMS.

  • close