Mobilink Announces 1 Million 3G Users on its Network

Mobilink today announced that it has achieved one million 3G users on its network. Announcement came with-in just three months of company’s commercial launch for 3G services.

Considering one million customers in just 90 days, Mobilink claims that it is currently the fasted growing 3G service in Pakistan. Mobilink’s 3G services for prepaid base were launched in July this year with 3G footprint in 12 cities of Pakistan.

Bilal Munir Sheikh, Chief Commercial Officer Mobilink commenting on the success said;

“Reaching the 1 million mark is only the beginning of a delightful journey for our customers and manifestation of our strategic approach towards building an ecosystem of high-speed internet in Pakistan.

Our roll-out plan is carefully designed to ensure that we provide the most robust 3G coverage in cities in which we are present. Our teams on-ground continue to work towards ensuring that that we providing the best customer experience in existing cities and locations before committing to new ones.

I thank our customers for putting their trust in Mobilink for their data and connectivity needs.”

Mobilink, in an exclusive interview with ProPakistani — which is scheduled for publication on Friday — said that it has over 1500 cell sites converted to 3G till date while more are being added on daily basis.

Mobilink’s recent introduction of 30GB data plans for 3G users, which are by-far more lucrative than anything that other operators have offered so far, is a hint that company plans to go aggressive with its 3G products.

Not to mention, Mobilink enjoys double the spectrum size for its 3G network (i.e. 10MHz) as compared to Telenor and Ufone.

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  • Tàhír Mëhmõõd

    Waiting for the launch of 3g in Azad Kashmir… :'(

  • Geekpk

    10MHz spectrum is the key to good 3g/4g signals which only Zong and Mobilink have.

    • unfortunately still mobilnk 3g is a piece of shit, have bad experience, speed is fair enough but here problem is connectivity. in 3G package people mostly enjoy only 2G services that is actually a joke

    • umer

      please explain if you know the difference between 5MHz Spectrum and 10MHz Spectrum?

      • Shoaib

        It is simply bandwidth for transfer of data in each cell/BTS/Site.10 MHz Spectrum means more bandwidth for users in a particular cell/BTS/Site as compared to 5 MHz.

  • Ali

    Mobilink have awesome packages.I will buy Mobilink sim soon after seeing the launch Warid if they don’t introduce something good t hen i will go for Mobilink.

  • zonger

    does mobilink network support dc-hspa+ like zong ??

    • Mohsin Ali


  • Haroon

    Its all because of Enhanced Data bundles. Mobilink knows how to play this game. Thumbs Up.

  • syed

    It seems mobilink is back in the game….they are doing everything right these days….

  • Umar

    Mobilink 3g in Rawalpindi awesome….

    • Naveed

      I can easily get 12-15Mbps on ZONG 3G :) in Rawalpindi/Islamabad

  • Umar Khan

    Mobilink 3G in Multan . Awsome speed . More than any network

    • Naveed

      I can easily get 12-15Mbps on ZONG 3G :) in Rawalpindi

      • adil

        N me 18 mbps on zong :) :D :P

      • Zaki Uddin

        I dunno why zong don’t cross 15mb across khi or hyd, although the coverage is great I move around hyd on 3G only mode XD

        • Naveed

          Lol 15Mbps is not enough :P ?

          • Zaki Uddin

            It’s more than enough, but if others getting better than that, why shouldn’t I ? XD

  • Bilal Aahil

    the are leading the Mobile market in Pakistan so it is expected of them to more. now im wondering how many of these one Million 3g users are daily active?

    • Sami

      Plz tell u from Telenor, Zong ot Ufone? I mean employee :p

      • Bilal Aahil

        None of those, I don’t work for any telco company.

  • Gibran Ashraf

    1m for mobilink and 1m for Zong (as claimed by them in an ad a few days ago). Of the 3.5m 3G/4G users – these two it seems have the lion’s share.

    • Shoaib

      3G/4G Competition is rising day by day among all cellular companies.It is expected that total 3G/4G users may cross 10 million in four to five months.More attractive packages of all companies will play pivotal role in this exponential growth.

  • Zaki Uddin

    I found zong’s coverage and speeds to be best, better than Mobilink, that’s why I had to port out to zong from Mobilink!

    • Naveed


    • Farhan


  • M. Usman Khan

    Its important to know weather these are 30 days active subs or 90 days active subs.

  • Samad Khan

    have u asked him about 3G servise In AJK? Or We Can get any news about this?

  • Guest

    This is the speed thats y im loving zong alongwith top notch coverage in lahore

    • Naveed

      ZONG is awesome !! SAY IT ALL WITH ZONG :)

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    three operator, zong, telenor & mobilink are doing well but ufone has lost the race already, stupid packages

  • Umer

    what is this “double the spectrum” story? Please elaborate? as a non-technical person or a lay man. I cannot understand the effect of having “double the spectrum”!!!


    admin, plz make a page extensively for 3G speed screenshots for all networks

  • Guest

    Zong liberty round about lahore speed test on LG G2 :)

  • Guest

    Zong speedtest on LG G2 liberty round about Lahore :)

  • Mohammad Yahya

    Zong liberty chowk Lahore speedtest on LG G2 (2,594kb/sec)

    • Zaki Uddin

      Jaw dropping!

    • Naveed

      Which Firmware are you using ?

  • Miesam Jafry

    recently I traveled from Karachi to Sost (China Border), one of Pakistan to other end, I had 5 sims powered on all the time, Telenor and Zong’s data connection worked mostly, Mobilink even don’t have signals in some populated area and worst data connection speed (if available).