Ufone Announces 50GB 3G Bundle for Rs. 6 a Day

After remaining quite for a while, Ufone has stricken back with this new 3G data bundle that will allow customers to use 50GB of 3G data from 12AM to 12 AM against a fixed daily charge of Rs. 6.

Ufone claims that 3G speeds will touch 5Mbps mark and that 50GB is the data that customers can consume during the allowed time duration in a day.

How to Subscribe:

  • Dial *550# and subscribe to the Mega Internet Offer

Terms & Conditions

  • This offer is valid for both 2G and 3G customers
  • The offer will automatically re-subscribe at 12 midnight daily.
  • To unsubscribe the bucket, dial *5501#.
  • Throughput up to 5 Mbps will be offered.
  • This offer is for prepaid customers only.
  • You SIM is your identity, only use SIM issued through Biometric Verification-PTA

  • Excellent offer in growing 3G/4G market.50GB data volume daily is more than enough for 10 hours at Rs just 5.But quality should be maintained.Rates are going down day by day by different operators.Quality will play pivotal role in progress of 3G/4G.It seems 3G/4G users figure may cross 6 million within 2 months.Competition is on.

  • Actuallly ufone want to test their network with heavy load. people with heavy downloading craze will use this offer and ufone will be able to test their network .

  • Nice offer, but ufone needs to revise its regular 3G tariiff. Thats where marketing team needs to think again.

  • Not impressive, first of all they need to expand their network because ufone is very slow to expand while other networks works to expand their network day by day especially Zong and Telenor and 5 mbps is not enough, zong’s 3G speed is very good

  • Raat ko download py laga ky so jana subha uthna 20 GB ki file download ho chuki hogi, baki time evo use krna.. ;-)

  • ufon has miscalculated somewhere. On dsl 1mb package it takes 3 hrs to dlod 1 gb. which roughly translates to 40Min/gb on 5mb if it runs best. that makes 15gb in 10 hrs. So ufon should have given 50000GB/day in 5 rupees. Hope u get my point.

    • Let’s just presume you are getting 15gb (even 10gb) per night for JUST rs 5. Is there any package that offers that? Mostly it’s 3 gb and that too for rs 500. And 15gb even for night is good and even if you didn’t reach 50gb limit then so what who wants that many Gbs anyways and just for panch rupaie. Zaya bhi ho jayein tou Kia.

  • Good offer but goodluck getting strong 3g signal – my phone keep shifting to 2g because of low signal 3g strength on ufone indoors.

  • another bullshit from ufone… they shit can cap it with 20GB per day but who is 12 to 10 AM?? why ufone???

  • Excellent offer.. Good to see competition getting the best of Telcos. It would mean more benefit for the customers.
    Seems like my pathetic PeeTCL EVO Wingle Days are finally gonna come to an end soon. Inshallah.

  • Even if u hypothetically get max signals and max speed even then this 50gb limit can not be touched it would require 28 hours for that
    So ufone change the shitty timings or be on the lookout for the ugliest response from customers

  • I’ve been a loyal ufone customer for years. Really disappointed with their 3G pricing and all their hidden charges. I’ll switch very soon.

    • Already switched to telenor great prices and speed in islamabad except no indoor coverage in F10

  • Bilkul fazool offer …. or Ufonen ki speed bhi bilkul fazool ha …. I’ve used telenor and mobilink 3g both were giving good speeds….. on mobilink i even got 10Mbps down and about 2Mbps upload … were as ufone k to 3g k signal hi poore nhi hote

    • tHIS is what i got on idm using mobilink 3G in lahore … near Barkat Market.
      it crosssed 1mb/sec downloading

  • time ka kuch ho sakta hai, mager speed ya quality ka kya kahy, Ufone tume he ho jo humare kayal ni krtay

  • I have used Zong 3G and it gives way better speed than Telenor and Ufone. So with time limit and low speeds no one will get benefit from this. It is good for people who only want mufta for the sake of mufta

    • Definitely Zong has edge of having two 10MHz spectrums.More Bandwidth means more speed, means more customers.

      • Zong not only having double bandwidth in data (3G/4G), they also have more capacity at 2G side, with the GSM 1800 (DCS) network deployed throughout, they can offer cheapest calling rates, as they have more bandwidth compared to mostly 900 band GSM in use by competition, although DCS GSM lacks the indoor penetration compared to 900 band, that’s why zong network suffers indoors, but mostly people give a perception, being a Chinese company they somehow do some magic or eat out on basic business rules to offer cheaper rates, but that’s the strategy which are vastly different among different carriers in Pakistan!

        • Yes,Chinese people are hardworking people and their companies are also prospering in different parts of world not because of magic but due to their hardwork.The way Zong is working and performing in Pakistan, their 3G/4G users may cross figure of 10 million in one year.Quality always play pivotal role in growth.

        • how can u say that the 1800 band cant penetrate indoors ? for your info, Zong radio freq. planning is majorly planned on 1800, not 900 and it is the only network that is unique in its planning

          • Yes I agree, only zong majorly uses 1800 band, that network is called GSM DCS (digital cellular service), 1800 band where as offers more bandwidth than 900, but the draw back is the indoor penetration compare to 900 band, and I say because as of a basic rule of physics is, the higher you go in frequency the lower it becomes to bypass physical objects for the waves

  • This package shows non seriousness of Ufone. Just pathetic and useless. Only 10 hours a day and that too in the silent hours! Mobilink packages are awesome indeed.

    • And above all speed is pathetic only with in 200Kbps can hardly download 4 GB of data in 10 hours.

  • Ufone has shown their non seriousness to their customers. They can’t compete Mobilink in this way. Nobody is there who will spoil his sleep to avail such a bullshit package. Ufone must reconsider and extend it to 12 hours from 10 am to 10 pm.

  • numbers may be appealing but you can only enjoy this if you are someone who do everything on the internet from midnight to 10 of next morning which isn’t what most will do.. im sure sleep is far more important if you have school or work at 7 AM.

  • Hi
    code for deactivation is *5501# not *550#
    I have confirmed from Ufone that to deactivate it we have to dial *5501#

  • Speed suck i wasted my 5 rs on this crap maximum speed i get was 70kb/s ufone ppl dne with ur crap 3g there is no comparison with zong mobilink and even with telenor -_-

  • Third class speed..dont activate da package..ur money & time will be waste..i tried it..so slow..

  • i tried
    speed was not crossing 200 kb/s
    Hardly 2 se 3gb download howa
    whereas at zong 3g i was getting 700kb/s

  • tried it was not able to get download speeds more than 64Kbps… pathetic… was disappointed.

  • Mega internet is awesome 5mbps speed is great i can downlaod anything i want, i connect it to my pc too, ufone make this offer in day too

  • 12 am means noon. 12 pm means midnight. This offer is from midnight to 10 am morning. It’s a 10 hour package, not 20. Correct that

  • Shame* ON UFONE !!!!
    NOT EVEN HALF MB. 256-512KBPS MAX!!!

  • Ufone 3g is fraudd. ITS TOTAL TIME WASTE.
    It connects at 512kbps max. You can only download 2.3GB if left on continious downloading./…. so 50gb name is marketing tactic to fool
    10 hour (12am – 10am) X 512kbps = 2.3GB
    I knew this company’s low profile by the way they make their ads

  • A lot of u people are dumb. This is one of the most perfect offers i’ve seen. 50gbs of data means 50gbs of torrenting by just leaving ur desktop/laptop on at night using a wifi hotspot from ur smartphone. I got 4.3 mbps speed and was able to download 14gb in one night. learn to use ur mind people and keep another sim from another network for main use. just use ufone as free downloading

  • I m getting 5 to 10kb/s on download. what a great speed i’m getting from UFONE & MOBILINK…..
    They need to upgrades in old areas too…

  • Sirf Torrents hi speed pay download hoti hain, Baqi video streaming aur normal downloads slow hi hain around 50 to 100KB which goes up and down a lot, Also ping is not consistent and lots of request timeout.

  • Zong 5g aur 6g bhi launch kardega 2017 tak ;) beta i can download 1080p movies in just 3 mins wo b sirf 3g service se soch k Zong 4g se to tum log 4k 5k sirf 5 min main download karlo ga :D. Warid b chutiapa hai aur ufone k pura signal ata hain magar lolx download to dur ki baat hai play store hi open ho jay I am from Karachi :v :v

  • They raised the charges from 6 to rs.8 while dropping the download data from 50gb to 5gb

  • yaar ye kese subscribe hoga *550# se nhn ho raha did not subscribe bata raha hai

  • bkwas and fake offer,,,,,99 rupees me rat 1 sy subha 6 tak 1GB data mila h,,,,ufone shame on u.

  • I am using ufone but there is no 3g coverage in my area otherwise the offer is damn good.

  • Bro Ye package pahly ta ab nahe hai …. its not fake, laykin ab 99 rupay may 1 GB data daytay hai policy ab change hogahe hai…. Don’t blame this website. ye post 3 sal purani hai… try to understand

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