PITB Flood Monitoring System: Using IT To Help Flood Affectees

Earlier this year in September, Punjab was hit by the most deadly floods in history. To help the government with management and to collect all relevant information in one place, Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) created a real time flood monitoring dashboard. The dashboard provides statistics from across Punjab and helps various government departments collaborate on flood relief efforts.

The dashboard is updated on an hourly basis and provides a birds eye view of recent flood history. The disaster bulletin provides all relevant information like injuries, deaths, damage to houses and villages, crops and cattle affected and the number of medical camps and patients. In addition, the flood monitoring system provides information on weather conditions, travel advisory and the number of emergency vehicles operating in each area. A district summary is also available.

The inundation map further breaks down details by waterworks and severity. All this helps judge where the water flow is normal and the situation along the roads located there. The development of the flood monitoring dashboard has not only helped give real time information to the concerned parties, it has also allowed them to make decisions that help the maximum number of people. There is always chaos when disaster hits and  every evacuation and relief plan starts with up to date information. Through this system, PITB has helped countless people across Punjab and helped the government in the most testing of times.

You can view the dashboard here.


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  • Good initiative, but too costly for Government to own/maintain. This is the area of Climate Change Ministry or Disaster Management Authority. If you evaluate comparable solution coupled with climate change where satellite view of the flood, water, soil, and humans in the water, flood, or any calamity as earthquake. Cisco has better price performance in this area. Is not subjected to huge depreciation, for maintenance. Possibly when needed may assist if they have any challenge with the current product/brand.

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