Faster and Smaller Mini-Desktops Powered by Intel Expected to Debut Soon

One of the most noticeable trends in CES 2015 has been the development of the “Next Unit of Computing” (NUCs) which are desktop PCs packaged in smaller and portable models.

Leading the way forward is technology giant Intel, which announced its new wave of Broadwell processors specifically to support this segment. Lenovo’s X1 Carbon and Dell’s XPS 13 are both based on the new technology provided by Intel, in what promises to be an exciting new ecosphere for consumer products.

What are NUCs?

A NUC is a variant of a classic “Do-it-Yourself” (DIY) computer where almost every specification of the system, from RAM to the processor capacity is customizable according to user requirements. The motherboard is supplied by Intel but the rest can be altered as needed.

The standout feature of the new NUCs is its size, with the tallest one measuring only 1.9 inches. Furthermore, it includes the ability to pry off the lid on top of the boxes, thereby changing its aesthetic appeal. A total of four USB 3.0 ports will also be embedded in each model, with two in the front and two at the back.

What Configurations Will Be Available?

Initially, Intel plans on launching seven separate NUC configurations, five of which are aimed at the consumer market, with two for business users. On the consumer side, the low-end model comes with an i3 processor, the middle-one with an i5 and the high-end model featuring an i7. All models include WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Availability and Price:

Unfortunately not all models of the newly-announced NUCs will be available immediately. The lower-end i3 variant will hit stores later this month but consumers might have to wait till April for the high-end models. Intel hasn’t announced pricing details yet, but it is suggested that the i3 and i5 NUCs will retail for $280 and $350 respectively, with the i7 for around $450. The price will undoubtedly increase if users opt to change around the specifications with different ones.

  • snoot101

    its available in pk?

  • Name

    4 usb port, 4 port used by monitor,mouse, sound and keyboard, what about usb wifi, bt, webcam and flash memory etc?

    • Xahid

      It’s USB 3 Ports, you can add USB Hub to any port for extending Ports.

    • Ammar

      Sound is outputted via HDMI, that same port is used for display output. there is built-in WiFi. There is built-in Bluetooth as well, which you can use for mouse/keyboard.
      Did you even TRY to read the post? I think not.

      • Raja Maja

        Ammar sb, thanks for giving information to Mr. Name, aap itnay teeshmaar khan ke puttar hain to information nahin dainay thi, just let Mr. Name to read the article again. waisay aap jaisay CH___ hur jaga pai jatay hain.

  • Fake Persona
  • Apple launched the first Mac Mini in 2005 (a decade ago)

    • Raja Maja

      you are right but us Saib (Apple) ko Keera Kha gia…………..

    • Ammar

      These mini-PCs make for great HTPCs. A Mac Mini however, will not.

  • Guy Chauhan

    Great initiative. looking forward to get one of the high end.