PITB Unveils IC3 Center to Help Punjab Police

Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) is striving to assist the Police department in improving security systems with technovations it has to offer. It aims to do this with the new Integrated Command, Control and Communication (IC3) Center.

What is IC3 Center?

IC3 Center is a hub for arrangements of all sorts of security by the Police. It is supposed to offer one platform to the security personnel to gather information and collectively act when necessary. It’s scope is limited to the area that falls under the jurisdiction of Lahore City, though.

What is the purpose of IC3 Center?

The main purpose of its existence is to enhance the efficiency of Punjab Police by incorporating the use of updated hardware. With one platform to operate from, this initiative also aims to unite the force and encourage it to operate with cohesion.

Main Components of IC3 initiative

Field Equipment covers services such as camera installation for surveillance of iconic buildings, roads and public places. Also, Command and Control System ensures incident management. In addition, Geographic Information System, Automatic Resource Location System and Mobile Data Terminals are also included in it.

Integrated Video Management System promise greater security with digital recording, specific analysis tools and in-vehicle video systems. Finally, Implementation and Fit-out covers structured cabling, system integration, furniture, desktop as well as testing services.

Five Services areas

The 3 ‘C’s in IC3 apply to a total of five areas which include: Dispatching Centre (DC), Crisis Management Centre (CMC), Emergency Call Centre (ECC), CCTV Control and Strategic Operations & Monitoring Suite (SOMS).

DC deals with dispatching, monitoring and supporting resources for operations with efficiency and timeliness. CMC is to do with plans and management of planned as well as unanticipated events via an escalation process in order to manage it well within time. ECC deals with incoming and outgoing public trunk calls in times of emergency.

CCTV Control would receive and record images via CCTV matrix that will be visible in the IC3 Center and could also be transmitted to CMC and SOMS to display on video walls. Finally, SOMS plays a proactive role by monitoring public places with Video Management System to display analysis of video streams from CCTV cameras.

In addition, Video Wall Management System demonstrates all such video streams on the video wall whereas Automatic Number Plate Recognition Control System receives data of and archives registered license plates.