PITB’s Crime Investigation Reporting System Helps Identify Crime Patterns

As the rate of crime continues to appreciate by the day, it is imperative that authorities take a proactive approach to maintain order. The Government of Punjab believes an automated system can help achieve the necessary control over these security breaches. Luckily, Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has responded to the call with Crime Investigation Reporting System to assist in the process.

What is Crime Investigation Reporting System?

Crime Investigation Reporting System is a software designed for Android devices that maps reported crimes in order to identify crime clusters at a given spot. That means that it is able to mark potential crime spots for authorities to plan well ahead of future breaches by miscreants.

What is the use of this software?

This kind of crime mapping software greatly helps law enforcement departments to gather all the necessary information in one spot. After all, a well informed team is one that can properly plan its advances to combat crime. All the data stored and updated in the software is regularly extracted for online viewing.

How does the software work?

Users across the 83 police stations in the city of Lahore are able to capture a photo with geotagged nature, location and time at the (potential) crime scene. The fact that it follows Urdu medium of language is sure to help the operators. The authorities are able to understand the crime patterns once they connect the data from Android lead reporting to web dashboard.

The heat map gives them an idea of the rise in crime of a specific type upon which they can plan their response. It is also a great means of monitoring and assessing the progress by most police stations spread across the more critical spots. Moreover, the up-to-date mechanism of reporting provides live progress reports, thereby helping officers to meet deadlines and prevent false reporting.

Is it only limited to Lahore?

At the moment, the system is being utilized in Lahore. However, plans are in place to carry it over to more than 850 police stations across Punjab province.

Crime Investigation Reporting System app can be downloaded here.

  • PITB is doing good work but at the same time i think they need to start awareness campaign on Different Mediums aggressively (TV,Radio,social media etc) right now they are just developing apps and launching on Play-store/Apple Store.

  • If there is a crime map with updated list of recent crimes, it should be public!

    It is public in other countries, google for “ottawa crime map” or something like that. They are not afraid of publicly listing reported crimes, why do we keep it hidden

    • Because they want to project this illusion that ‘people are safe’. How else do you get people to say “Taraqqi ho rahi hay”. Let public live in a fantasy world, and see their happiness even in the most dire situation.

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