Here’s How People Travel in Pakistan [Infographic]

Pakistan, with its population of over 185 million is considered the sixth most populated region in the world. Pakistan offers a lot for its visitors – whether your purpose of visit is for business or leisure, the sunny beaches and snow-capped mountains provide travelers with a variety of things to do.

The sacred shrines, civilization sites and hills in Pakistan increase its tourism potentials. Jovago recently conducted a survey on how travels to and within Pakistan are coordinated.


Domestic Travelers

Economic capital city Karachi stands undoubtedly as a major business hub as most of the domestic travelers – a whopping 35% – originate from there. Lahore registers 28% of travelers within Pakistan, Islamabad registers 14% of travelers within Pakistan, Rawalpindi registers 4% of the travelers and the other cities spread across Pakistan register 19%.

International Travelers

Our survey shows that the bulk of international travelers (including Pakistanis diaspora) to Pakistan are from the United Kingdom closely followed by the United Arab Emirates. Travelers from France and the U.S rank 3rd and 4th respectively and Saudi Arabia comes in 5th.

On the other hand, the most popular destination for Pakistanis is the United Kingdom, closely followed by South Africa. U.A.E and the U.S. come in 3rd and 4th place respectively and Tunisia comes in 5th!

Most Remote Booking

The most remote bookings made to hotels in Pakistan spanned from across the continent. Remote bookings were also made from Tanzania, France and the U.K but the farthest in air miles was from Calgary, Canada. (10820 kilometres)

International Visitor’s Timeline

For Pakistan, the international visitor timeline is quite progressive as increase is registered over the years. In 1995, about 378,000 visitors were registered in Pakistan and this figure more than doubled in 2010 where it reached approximately 907,000 and this is projected to reach 2 million visitors in 2025!

Why Pakistanis Travel

73% of Pakistanis travel for leisure and 27% travel for business-related purposes.

This survey is based on all the travelers who made bookings through Jovago in 2014

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