Science and Technology Minister Can’t Send SMS, Knows Nothing About Technology!

Telenor’s Internet of Things Expo was amazingly positive with a lot of happenings, innovations and solutions, except that they invited Mr. Rana Tanveer Hussain, Federal Minister of Science and Technology for a talk on Internet of Things.

Ministry of Science and Technology, as per the official website, is responsible for:

  • Coordination and implementation of national science and technology policy;
  • Promotion and coordination of research and utilization of the results of research;
  • Development, production and utilization of nuclear energy;
  • and Coordination of utilization of scientific and technological manpower.

However, the federal minister who is in fact in-charge of above-mentioned functions doesn’t know a thing about technology. Mr. Tanveer said this during his keynotes at IOT expo himself.

He is so unfamiliar with the subject that he can’t even send an SMS and those are his own words from the keynote address.

He can only make or receive a call and that’s all what he does with a mobile phone.

Apparently, the gentleman is happy about his inability as he says that his ignorance helps him with his health.

I am still not sure why Telenor invited such a person, and exactly how they feel about the decision after listening to his notes.

While it was hard to transcribe Mr. Tanveer’s speech, we tried our best to get following for you. Read the wonders yourself:

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

Organizers and Mr. Michael, Mr. Irfan Wahab, in-charge of marketing and distinguished guests, participants; I congratulate all the organizers to hold this exhibition.

Frankly I am minister for federal minister for defence production and also minister for science and technology. But the two portfolios, two ministries are related to technology, research, development. But I myself don’t know much about technology, science and other information about research related technology.

But I am trying my best to promote such activities, those needs Pakistan to a new modern and advance country. Because Pakistan has already much advance technology in this area, IT area, Information and Technology Area, because we have this facility 4G facility which I understand I think is advance stage of information and technology.

And these all companies working in Pakistan are trying to give the awareness to society, modernize the society, to bring the nation, society to modern world.

Having the science and technology, Pakistan has become a part of a global village because of this information technology.

I heard, Mr. Irfan Wahab who explained new products of Telenor. I think very useful products are all 1,2,3,4,5 they are all benefits which we can get through these products. Still these 3 products here but I think, interestingly, unfortunately I can only. I am not beneficial, great beneficial of this technology because I can only make call through telephone and I can only receive call. That’s only … I am getting benefit from this mobile telephone.  I cannot even send a message… So I cannot have information, up to date information. But I think its also blessing in disguise. If I don’t know much information and this is good for my health also.

There are many plus points and benefits of this technology. There are so many minus, negative points of technology. But all the, all this is possibility and I think is of the companies to give awareness to society, to tell all the use of this technology and what purpose because Mr. Irfan Wahab…..I think, …..

I don’t know about madam name, but she was discussing about the cyber crime. But we already legislate the act which has …..

(I gave up here!)

Just in case if you are wondering, below is the audio recording of Mr. Tanveer’s talk at Telenor’s IOT Expo.


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