Science and Technology Minister Can’t Send SMS, Knows Nothing About Technology!

Telenor’s Internet of Things Expo was amazingly positive with a lot of happenings, innovations and solutions, except that they invited Mr. Rana Tanveer Hussain, Federal Minister of Science and Technology for a talk on Internet of Things.

Ministry of Science and Technology, as per the official website, is responsible for:

  • Coordination and implementation of national science and technology policy;
  • Promotion and coordination of research and utilization of the results of research;
  • Development, production and utilization of nuclear energy;
  • and Coordination of utilization of scientific and technological manpower.

However, the federal minister who is in fact in-charge of above-mentioned functions doesn’t know a thing about technology. Mr. Tanveer said this during his keynotes at IOT expo himself.

He is so unfamiliar with the subject that he can’t even send an SMS and those are his own words from the keynote address.

He can only make or receive a call and that’s all what he does with a mobile phone.

Apparently, the gentleman is happy about his inability as he says that his ignorance helps him with his health.

I am still not sure why Telenor invited such a person, and exactly how they feel about the decision after listening to his notes.

While it was hard to transcribe Mr. Tanveer’s speech, we tried our best to get following for you. Read the wonders yourself:

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

Organizers and Mr. Michael, Mr. Irfan Wahab, in-charge of marketing and distinguished guests, participants; I congratulate all the organizers to hold this exhibition.

Frankly I am minister for federal minister for defence production and also minister for science and technology. But the two portfolios, two ministries are related to technology, research, development. But I myself don’t know much about technology, science and other information about research related technology.

But I am trying my best to promote such activities, those needs Pakistan to a new modern and advance country. Because Pakistan has already much advance technology in this area, IT area, Information and Technology Area, because we have this facility 4G facility which I understand I think is advance stage of information and technology.

And these all companies working in Pakistan are trying to give the awareness to society, modernize the society, to bring the nation, society to modern world.

Having the science and technology, Pakistan has become a part of a global village because of this information technology.

I heard, Mr. Irfan Wahab who explained new products of Telenor. I think very useful products are all 1,2,3,4,5 they are all benefits which we can get through these products. Still these 3 products here but I think, interestingly, unfortunately I can only. I am not beneficial, great beneficial of this technology because I can only make call through telephone and I can only receive call. That’s only … I am getting benefit from this mobile telephone.  I cannot even send a message… So I cannot have information, up to date information. But I think its also blessing in disguise. If I don’t know much information and this is good for my health also.

There are many plus points and benefits of this technology. There are so many minus, negative points of technology. But all the, all this is possibility and I think is of the companies to give awareness to society, to tell all the use of this technology and what purpose because Mr. Irfan Wahab…..I think, …..

I don’t know about madam name, but she was discussing about the cyber crime. But we already legislate the act which has …..

(I gave up here!)

Just in case if you are wondering, below is the audio recording of Mr. Tanveer’s talk at Telenor’s IOT Expo.


Tech and telecom reporter for over 15 years

  • So .. by your logic, the Minister for Mining should be a.. Miner? Minister for Water & Power should be an Electrician cum Plumber? Come on, give the guy a break.

      • He knows that sms is used for communication via mobile phone :P
        BTW, if mining minister is not a miner, but he should have a relevent experience to handle his ministry. This is the way to progress.

      • In past moms were not use to be that much educated, did not they produced Quaid e Azam, Imran Khan, Jahangir Khan, Aamir Aataa, Ahmed Habib?

        • to idhar bache peda nai karne wo to jo balig larki ho shadi b na kare bache peda kar sakti h.. This is because of Almight Allah, not because of that girl. But this is technology world, If all the giants of technology of the time like google, microsoft, Apple, if they were not technology guys, how come they have succeed..

          So please just pray for the betterment of our country, otherwise these bastards will ruin our world .. :(

          • So what you mean technology world out of Islam? Allah has nothing to do with technology world??

            I have seem deef people doing miracles, saw the legless people winning the race. Blind people working in technology world… are all of those expert in there fields, no… they have the passion to do so.

            • I am dam sure Mr. Ahmed Habib is a Supporter of PML-N. …..
              Sher ha schiii
              manda hi nahi :P

              • I am supporter of good work, if IK does any good work, I will support. But, unfortunately he did nothing special.

      • technically a person leading a team should know how to lead people and how to facilitate then with what they need. Its not required that he sit with them and solve the technical problems they are facing. Management is far away from the technicality of the field he is managing. If he is not capable of doing that thn yes one should be questioned about it.

    • ProPakistani.PK standards are just going to the dogs. (recommented because Aamir Atta deleted it) Come on Aamir it’s an idiom.

      • Yar do we really have people like you? Just a tad bit of common sense will tell you that there are some things to serve as automatic filters. I doubt that Aaamir or anyone else has that much free time to read and moderate all comments manually. Mind you, dear imbecile, that PP is perhaps the only desi website which does not withold/delete/edit comments like fascists. Try doing that cricus on ET etc, and they will kick you in your behind leaving a permanent mark.

        • come on. my recent comment on a post mentioning “Telenor’s CFO replaced” has been deleted today. don’t trust blindly.

    • By your logic a PM does not need any leadership, management and politics experience

    • Minister of minining should atleast know the effective mining techniques. You are saying that every random person should be selected as our Ministers. You some ministers child aren’t you?

    • YES. YES. And YES. Do you put a cobbler in charge of surgical operations? Or, will you go under the knife during supervision of a hawker? No one is making fund of the minister. Its govt. which is the laughing stock. I really hope you are not a PML N fangirl.

    • of course. every minister should have some relevant experience regarding the post he’s holding.

    • Thus got to be the stupidest answer I have ever come along. Ministry of IT is different as only a person knowing the updates and using the technology himself will be able to understand the problems and needs of the customers. By the way, even for other departments you have mentioned, it is much better to have somebody who have knowledge of the field rather than an ignorant person who is proud of his ignorance. Otherwise the result is Dr. Asim hussain, a doctor (pimp actually) by profession, looking after petroleum ministry and not even knowing the price of petrol in the market.

    • Fasiha: Then why we are appointing a professionals for Ministry of Law, Religious Affairs, Planning? Just assign Minstry of Law to Molana Fazal ur Rehman, and Religious Affairs to Ms Musarrat Shaheen :D.
      Why the Ministry of Science and Technology, or Ministry of IT & Telecom is handed over to Rana Tanveer Hussain, M. Nawaz Khokhar, and Latif Khosa like politicians? Its not a matter of a individual, its mentality of our prime leadership, that need to be changed if we want to see Pakistan prosperous.

    • Should atleast be qualified in that feild Minsiter of MIner should be a Geologist.Minister of Power should be and Engineer.So we should have qualified ppl running there Ministries

    • Oh Great, so what you mean to say is that a person who can not even in his wildest dreams contemplate the real benefits of computers can promote the use of technology in a country?

  • probably I will be the next target.
    A Muslim scholar knows nothing about Islam

  • Pakistani Government summed up. God i dont know how we have survived under these dumbnuts.

  • Well he was invited because he is Pakistan’s minister of science and technology. However this is really unfortunate that such incapable people are appointed as our ministers. This corruption is the sole reason that even after 68 years, we still stand nowhere.

  • A PM does not need any leadership, management and politics experience (money is fine though).

    A Doctor doesn’t need a degree.
    A plumber or miner doesn’t need any skills
    A student needs no education.

    This list goes on..

  • Atleast he did not LIED and tried to HIDE his weakness. it is not shocking at all either. All ministries have been working the same way since last 7 decades.

    At-least now he told the truth that he know nothing, and its up to authorities if they want to replace him.

  • I am told Dr. Umar Saif was also there. I think he should have spoken, instead of a political person. A company like Telenor should know better!

  • Your post is extremely rude.
    No matter how much he lacks a specific skill or is old fashioned, he is still older than you and still knows more than you on many topics.
    Nothing gives you the right to be so condescending. This is badtameezi.

    Please get your act in line. I’ve been a staunch ProPakistani reader for the last few months, but your language and your way of writing since the last few posts is putting me off. This is a formal website, and you need to learn how to write formally. May I suggest hiring an editor, or a proof reader?

  • Poor article by Shameless Senseless Mind. Need Removal,
    It seems to like your trying to Making fun of Elderly.
    @least admin should try to be more professinal

    • Buddha pakistanion ki leta rahay lekin usay jawab mn kuch na kaha jay! Kia logic paai hy janab ne!

  • Such a shame it is. Imagine this buffoon is responsible for our long term science and technology policy and strategy. He represents our country on international forums. Kya izat chori ho gi is ne. There is obviously no consideration of merit while appointing our federal ministers.

  • Although he really doesn’t know anything about technology (as admitted by himself!) He really is a role model for what we need in our leaders! Truthfullness, honesty and devotion. You must think that even when he didn’t know anything about technology, he was the one to manage the 3g/4g auction and all the technological development so far… I think he is the best person for Pakistan but in the wrong place… He shouldn’t be managing Pakistan’s technology… He should be managing Pakistan!

  • Tell me its a joke :O
    and yes we have an IT who were calming to introduce 5G in pakistan Ma’am anushka rehman

  • I see nothing wrong with this post/article. We must highlight such stupidities of our government. Fault lies with both the government who appointed him and he himself who agreed to take up the portfolio as minister.
    By the way, I can’t help but laugh on some of the comments given by people here. E.g. Making fun of elderly… :)

  • A minister should be a good manager/administrator and not necessarily a technical person but at least a “serious-about-the-job” person and a sufficiently fast learner to be able to learn to send an SMS. Fire him!! Or may be I am too demanding :D

  • This speech iz enough to analysis the seriousness of our government .
    Shame shame shame

  • This is really disastrous for a country like Pakistan. The largest political party doesn’t have any competent person for an important portfolio of Science and Technology. Moreover the guy is also handling Defence Production.
    For God’s sake! Look at the minister’s English. Oh My God!

  • The problem is only that Aamir is pro PTI, nothing more than that. I am currently working as a server admin but I still don’t completely understand what that is.

    Imran Khan does not know politics, why he is there in politics????

    • You need to focus more on server admin stuff, leave Imran to his job.

      The election was a mockery (which many parties attested to on the floor) if he stands to say so, and believes in the righteousness I will be clearly stand in his favour so will many others.

      What use is the government when you know people who won did it with some fake votes and all, isn’t it obvious to get things checked and remove the culprits from the floor.

      Corruption is not politics.

  • Honesty is not the point here but competency. We should hire competent people at their specialized fields.

  • Doesn’t matter, if he did not know to sms. This is the results of our democratic and electrol system and is a fault on our part who elect such persons or persons who nominate them as Ministers.
    Even, in private sector, a doctor may be working as sales man of oil products and and MBA working as Accountant and like this.

  • Don’t know about his Tech savvy credentials.. But Dude needs a SERIOUS working of ANGLISH to start with..

  • Really amazing comments here. wow. That is why we are so far away from the developed countries. And this guy says he THINKS that 4G is a advance technology stage, abey Bhai My bro is in Singapore and is using a 400 MB connection at his home in cheap rates. Here when I ask to upgrade my 4MB to 8MB, PTCL says sir ji network support nahi karta. How can be he the science and technology minister if he is so far away from technologies. When people talk about technology it would be like gibberish language for him :P

  • There is loot sale of jobs in ICT R&D Funds. For detail please click below link…. The jobs role are not defined in their company framework. Policies can be found at….

    These jobs are specially designed to oblige spacial people . very organized mafia is active including some special employees of fund. They oblige members of board and so board oblige them.

  • Wow, just wow, it’s amazing how people here actually think that this guy still deserves to be what he is, I mean the proof is literally begging you to see it, I hope the international community doesn’t catch wind of this (not that they will, we aren’t exactly the most high tech nation there is and likely will never be at this rate), but this is really so sad, I mean, a minister of the entire department on which the burden of technological innovation sits, and he doesn’t even know what an SMS is? Pathetic.

  • come on Aamir this is not fair. let the guy slip. In a country where you law ministers/ legislators cannot recite an immensely important surah like surah Iiklas, and judge by man-made-laws (read kufr. ref: Quran 5:44). Why can’t u tolerate little baffoonary from this poor probably taqiya-clad lad.

  • What type of minister was that?? Em surprised and feel ashamed of such position with knowing nothing at all. I mean promoting and pakistan has best technology and so on…. Really this person should be kicked out from his seat and let someone better come in.
    Seriously i fell very very disappointed.

  • Its nothing new in Pakistan, let’s go around couple of decades back during the last tenure of BB (PPP), during the annual session President Farooq Ahmed Khan Laghari was addressing both the houses, PML(N) was sitting on opposition benches, Tehmina Daultana tried to throw the scarf and bangles (Doupata aur choorian) on President’s Farooq Laghari’s face, anyhow PML(N) MNA put out quite a show, end result of that was the chiefest hooligan, Haji Nawaz Khokhar was arrested, who subsequently made the deal with PPP sarkaar, changed the party, and guess what portfolio did get.

    Minister of Science and Technology!!!

    P.S!!! Now those of you who are not from Islamabad/Rawalpindi, this Khokhar family is as far away from Science and Technology as North Pole is opposite South pole.

  • ager zardari aur samosa frosh is mulk k president ban saktay hain , to yeh minister of sceince and tec ban sakta hai

  • Slap on the face of this nation…. Couldn’t they find a person with at least relevant know how of technology out of 200 million people

  • No doubt the aim of S&T minster is not to master the technology and spread the buzz, but he has a responsibility for being the minister to have decent knowledge (if not experience) about the role and utter sensible words about the industry in front of the relevant professionals. He core is to assemble and manage the team under him who could deliver professionally for S&T ministry and they should be highly experienced and knowledgeable about the role they are performing. I wonder what his team is like? It would have been better for him to get a written presentation with useful news rather than wasting everyone time and making a joke of himself.

  • This has to happen when infrastructure is the priority not the merit and system itself.

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