Pakistani Traveler Habits: What Does an Average Pakistani Traveler Look For?

With the summer season coming up, hotels and airlines avail the opportunity to mark up their prices, because they understand the importance people place upon travelling. Jovago conducted some market research to gain some insights about the average Pakistani traveler.

In Pakistan, the average traveler spends approximately PKR 5000 per night on a hotel room. This rate is neither high nor low, but the type of accommodation depends on where one is traveling. Top hotels of Pakistan are between PKR 15,000 to PKR 20,000 and guest houses are approximately PKR 5000 and above.

97% of Pakistani’s opt for payment on arrival

97% of Pakistani’s opt for payment on arrival, and only 3% pre-pay hotels / guest houses before arriving. The average stay of these Pakistani travelers is 2 days, whereas the longest stay is 30 days.

It is also interesting to learn that most travel plans are made last minute. 63% of bookings are made less than a week before travelling, and 26% are made less than a day before. Only 6% of Pakistani travelers make hotel bookings more than a week before they travel. Out of these travelers, 81% chose a double room, 15% chose single rooms and 4% chose other types of rooms, such as the suite. As the data indicates, most of the rooms booked accommodate 2 adults.

63% of bookings are made less than a week before travelling

Learning the trends about travelers is intriguing, because it tells you the thought and action process of an average Pakistani. Now that summer is just around the corner, everyone should start planning their holidays before it gets too expensive.


This post has been produced by Jovago for ProPakistani readers.

  • 63% of bookings are made less than a week before travelling……… cuz you never know when a terrorist attack happens and flights get cancelled.

    • Read this last line:

      This post has been produced by Jovago for ProPakistani readers.

      • Dear Sister, you didn’t tell me the correct code. I am not an expert in coding. You just wrote a single sentence and you thought I got it, no :D. Please write the code here, I shall be very thankful to you, also for the slash which is perpendicular to the up vote button. Thanks! Dont Mind! :D

      • That is considered as taking readers as fools. Have “Produced” replaced with “Sponsored” and I have no issues. I’m a supporter of PP to make money through such stuff. But they should become clear about it.

  • Data seems Inflated in article. I really doubt average spender spends upto RS.5000/night in Pakistan. Maybe travellers to Pakistan might spend but as per the article headline “Pakistani Traveller” i doubt it.

  • The data is quite intriguing. As the data indicates, most of the rooms booked accommodate 2 adults and for two nights. Now, two adults are not likely to be always two men or two women. If one man and one woman, not likely to be husband and wife. Then? Oh, No!

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