Attesting Your Degree? Don’t Use Agents or Consultants!

Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) has issued a warning to all candidates interesting in getting their degrees verified. Since such attestations are necessary for higher studies, jobs and and the process can be hectic, many students opt for agents and consultants to do it for them.

According to a print announcement by the HEC:

Contrary to the procedure prescribed by HEC, these agents or consultants put fake stamp of HEC on their original degrees. Due to that these degrees when presented to HEC are confiscated by the Commission. Third party verification of degrees are creating huge trouble for the job seekers as well as employers.

If it wasn’t clear enough, no agent or consultant is accredited or certified by the HEC and if you still use them to get your degrees verified, you could end up losing your degree. HEC already has an excellent explanation of the entire Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on their website which you can check out here.

The statement further added that the process of determining degree equivalence and verification of degrees/result cards has not been assigned to any agent or consultant and there could be grave consequences to the degree holders if they are found using such means.

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  • to bhai.,. degree attestation ko easy kero na.,. !! Karachi ka center khula hey,., wahan 50 tokens dete hein sirf., suba 7 say pehlay line lagao.,, 50 loog agar 8 bjay say pehlay bhe pooray hogaye to wapsi .,., phir us k baad aapko token mil bhe jaye to koi na koi issue dal dete hein HEC walay.,., us k baad wapis lene jao.,., to kehte hein aaj nahe hopaaya.,. D.B ka issue tha., hamara server ISB say connect nahe tha.. !! bla bla bla.,.

    • shuker karo khula ha karachi main
      werna karachi sy isl subo 7 bje ponchna ziada mushkil tha.
      time lagay ga system bhi thek ho jae ga

  • Why cant they make it online, for anyone with the correct Details can see that it is valid or not … HEC atleast you have some litterate ppl amoung you ?

    • btw there is online system from years.
      you people don’t bother to visit their website

  • Why can’t they issue attested degree at first place through universities and make records available online? like PEC does for Engineers?

    • there is a procedure accepted internationally and HEC followed the same.

      • Sir, can we attest only our Master degree and transcript ? or need to attest all matric to master degress by HEC ? please guide on it

    • yes, anywhere in the world you need attestation.
      your institution might issue a fake degree

      • جعلی پی ایچ ڈی ٹیچرجامعہ پنجاب میں مجاہد کامران وائس چانسلر صاحب کی مہربانی سے مزے کر رہے ہیں۔جس کی وجہ سے معیار تعلیم کا بیڑہ غرق ہو گیا ہے۔ جعلی پی ایچ ڈی کی دکان کھلی ہے؟ کیا کبھی یہ لوگ بھی پکڑے جا سکیں گے۔کیونکہ بقول انکے ہر ایک کو حصہ جا رہا ہے، شائد یہی وجہ کہ سارے ثبوتوں کے باوجود ابھی تک پکڑے نہیں گئے۔ پنجاب سے میڈیا چپ سادھے ھوئے ہے ۔

  • they take morethan month to attest your documents.
    45 days time, try visit the office

  • isi chakkar main meri P.hd ki cancel ho gae werna mene ki hui ha sachi main

    • جامعہ پنجاب کے جعلی پی ایچ ڈی ڈگری والی ٹیچراور اس جیسے دیگر تو اب تک بچے ہوئے ہیں۔ کونسی جادو کی چھڑی ہے انکے پاس؟


  • Sir Aamir,
    Asalam-o-alikum! can we attest only our Master degree and transcript ? or need to attest all Matric to Master Degress by HEC ? please guide on it because here many of telling that only get attest Master degree and transcript and no need to attest other doc

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