Axact Responds to NYT Article, Calls it Baseless

After a blowing article by New York Times today, Axact has denied all the allegations and has termed the article baseless, substandard, maligning, defamatory, based on false accusations and merely a figment of imagination published without taking the company’s point of view.

New York Times earlier published an article alleging Axact of selling fake degrees online that amounted to tens of millions of dollars per year.

New York Times had cited an ex-employee of Axact who quit last October.

Axact said that it had registered a criminal case with police for Data Theft. Upon police investigation, company claims, it was found that Mr. Sultan Lakhani is the ultimate owner of the company that was involved in Data theft of Axact.

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Axact said that Since Express Group, owned by Mr. Lakhani, and New York Times are partners, the defamatory story is merely a result of personal grudge.

Axact didn’t say much about the allegations, but said that reporter did not have enough proof to justify his claims.

Axact also served a legal notice valuing Rs. 5 Billion to Declan Walsh, NYT CEO, NYT Executive Editor and NTY’s editor for Asia. Legal notice can be seen here.

Complete response can be read here.

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  • Article seemed very convincing, till I read that Delcan Walsh had been expelled from Pakistan for his mysterious activities. I just fail to understand that how was such a big ‘mafia’ able to hide till now? none of their ex employees had guts or to report it to [email protected]?

    • The fact that Axact had to resort to personal attacks on Declan Walsh speaks volumes about their line of defense. They have been cornered, and now they only have these lame excuses to save face.

    • Simple reason can be.. AXACT offers stock options (part ownership) to its employees… probably a big motivator to not to do an Expose!

  • I wonder how a business operating in Pakistan under these circumstances pose such a huge growth and profits. Something is yet to be answered on the part of BOL. How they are able to pay the anchors and employees such inflated salaries. Most are even don’t working at all.

  • I’m agree with this statement!! They’re getting jealous of the success of BOL!!!

    From the very first day of announcement of BOL, certain elements have started campaigning against Axact and BOL. The GEO/Jang group and Express Media Group being direct competitors of BOL (initiated by Axact) have started a defamation campaign and other criminal pursuits since last 2 years accusing BOL of belonging to multiple groups, sometimes establishment, sometimes a real estate tycoon and sometimes other controversial personalities and were coining all kind of conspiracy theories. Now they have planned this story in collaboration with this reporter as evident from the fact that within less than 60 seconds of the publishing of this article, these media outlets started spreading this maligning campaign via different means. It is also come to our notice that they are planning with other foreign media groups to publish this story with different angles.

  • It also wroth mentioning that the article which was written by a person on NYT has written several articles against Pakistan. Keep Your Eye OPEN!

  • Not just fake degrees but axact had been accused of managing porn websites from Pakiatan, and they even threat their employees if anyone dare to leave the job.

  • All of us have been hearing such stories for quite some time, previously from friends and now the press. It would be good if Axact can share more about what they do, and how they generate their revenue. Have they shared their significant clients list or any major work they have undertaken?

    • True. Fake degrees is not be their “prime” source of income. That is from “entertainment” industry, if you what I mean ;)

  • How about Axact provide its financial reports to the public? and tax returns for the company and its top executives? That would stop a lot of rumours

  • ’’بول‘‘
    کا بولو رام ہو گیا۔ جب لوٹ کے بدھو گھروں کو آئیں گے تو بڑی اتھل پتھل ہوگی۔ سبق
    یہ ہے کہ پیسہ سب کچھ نہیں ہوتا۔

  • میڈیہ کی بہت بڑی نااہلی
    ہے کہ پاکستانی کمپنی، ایگزیکٹ، کے بارے میں خبر امریکی اخبار نے دی۔ کیا جوابی حملہ
    کا خوف تھا؟

  • There is a lot more that goes on in Axact. Fake degrees may not their “prime” source of income. Also this is not the First time Axact was named for such activities but this time (a big name) NYTimes did the job.

    Either someone is really doing a big “propaganda” against them (and he is being really consistent) or there is actually something going on. And from what I know, it’s been going on for years. Some links to make this point.
    If you can spend sometime, read this long PDF
    Also in 2014
    Back in 2010
    And lastly, my most favourite

  • my bro friend was got job in bol and later he leave his job coz he get to knwo that his job is sell fake degrees to arb and first he told me i laugh but now im seeing a news about it

  • The news have been circulating in gossips for last 2 years. I don’t know how and why it was not tracked by media. There is news of porno business as well by “Axact” but it is said that it was the past. The ill-gotten money was now being spent to raise legitimate business.

  • Given the culture, traditions, actual practices in real life prevailing in Pakistan, All seems to be true. As a Pakistani, I am sure its all true. The big corporate giants like Express group is no exception. Unfortunately common Pakistanis educated or not are all naive and easy preys.In our country the so called Democratic leaders, ministers,Senators, party leaders have fake degrees so there is a lust for foreign Degrees so why not get it in your mail.

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