FIA Raids Axact Offices, Confiscates Hardware, Takes Employees into Custody

Following Ch. Nisar Ali Khan’s orders, Interior Minister of Pakistan, Cyber Crime wing of Federal Investigation Agency raided Axact offices in Karachi and Islamabad.

Interior Minister had directed Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to probe into allegations against Axact to determine the authenticity of New York Time report that had alleged Axact for selling bogus online degrees worth millions of dollars.

Media reports claim that FIA’s corporate crime wing is also investigating the matter while FIA has asked FBR to share Axact’s financial belongings.

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SECP is reportedly probing the matter as well.

According to media reports, at least 22 Axact employees were taken into custody while Axact’s Rawalpindi office has been sealed. FIA said that notices to Axact officials are being prepared and will be served with-in next few hours.

Arrested employees include senior ranking officials of Axact.

After early examination of hard disks and financial records, if found suspicious, a case will be registered against Axact and a proper investigation will be launched against the company.

Earlier in the morning Shah Mehmood Qureshi of Pakitan Tehreek-e-Insaf, urged Interior Minister to find out the activities of Axact. Mr. Shah said that it is very important to figure out the truth about the allegations levelled against a Pakistani company.

In another development, Senate, the upper house, debated on New York Time’s allegations against Axact. Senators were concerned about the allegations, mainly because it was damaging for Pakistan in general and other Pakistani IT companies in specific.

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Raza Rabbani, Chairman of Senate, formed a committee to probe into the matter to determine the ultimate truth.


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  • It would be hard to find anything against them in Pakistan to prove these allegations I bet. And even if there is evidence, I’d bet they have the right amount of influence to wiggle out of this.

  • Well may be they are involved. But lets not jump to conclusions before any proper investigation

  • They are involved. My cousin and my two friends had worked in Exact and they know everything. They are also involved in content writing business for writing articles for students of Universities.

    • You the man. This aspect of writing articles for students, solving their assignments etc is still hidden :) and rest assured it will not be investigated until a gora writes about it.

  • fake degrees, fake institutes. and now we have Zuckerberg creating a fake internet service. what has world come to

  • The actions taken by the government at absurd. No where in the world it’s done like this, this is setting a serious precedent and we as the web community should protest against the method used.

    I mean, we all know ProPakistani is a legit business of Aaamir, but what it FIA decides that Aamir is making too much and they want a piece of the action and raid his offices, take the computers and everybody with it. This is stupid and authoritative, and means people are guilty until proven innocent.

    If FIA/Govt has questions they can legally contact and start a court proceeding, raiding offices is setting a bad precedent. Even if they are guilty they have the right to defend themselves. Before anyone jumps to the conclusion, No, I do not work for Axact :)

    • I agree with you. There has to be a legal way of questioning someone, let alone raiding it and confiscating it’s hardware.

      • raiding it and confiscating it’s hardware is FINE

        arresting employees is NOT FINE until proven guilty, specially in front of media, its like some criminals hiding away their faces, that is stupid.

        • NO one arrested they’re released after interrogation, how would u interrogate someone??? taking to a pool party???. and second this is online fraud and data can be moved to other offshore servers within hours or may b they’ve done.
          But the main reason is, a company established 15 years ago and no one know about their business.???

          • SO you mean putting one in hand-cuffs is not arresting?
            taking employee’s to police station in police mobiles is not arresting?
            its so easy to say all this bull you said above, when you are watching on TV having fun time, believe me its just the opposite for the employee and the family. OR you think is OK for police to put them in hand-cuffs and to show their faces on media is OK too, while they put cloths on faces of criminals.

            so please elaborate what an animator and software developer has to do with alleged fake degree thing?

      • Please add a few lines, to highlight the fact the relevant state machinery was conniving with the culprits. Who will arrest those who failed to check their tax returns, business practices and all? Employees were arrested and CEO and his cronies were not? Employees were there to make an honest living. Its unfortunate that they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. I am sure they will be scape goats.

    • You are somewhat right but I think it’s good in a sense that FIA did not give them time to shift (to foreign servers) or delete their data. By this action, Axact (if guilty) will be awarded with either of two titles; Hero or Zero. If they get clean-chit, then they will grow even stronger. If they are found guilty, they will lose it all.

      • Strongly agree with you. FIA didn’t gave them time to think or transfer fake data to the foreign servers and secret cloud servers.

  • Dear Aamir Bro.

    I really like your efforts for a successful IT and Telecom related news blog. You and your team is awfully doing great from the date when propakistani starts. But after watching the recent criticism on a reputable leading IT firm Axact. You are covering it in a baseless manner and showing biased review from the start. You have mentioned on your facebook ID that you have visited NYTimes office too when visiting USA.
    I also acknowledged that you might have lot of material which can be an evidence in criminal proceedings against Axact. I don’t even much know about Axact, what they do and what is there business?? But after reading your articles I now knows much about Axact.
    Although that post is being covered by a reporter Declan Walsh which was once expelled from Pakistan by Interior Ministry due to his bad repute and now he is editor in chief of NYTimes for Pakistan for the newspaper Daily Tribune rights being owned by Express Media Group.

    Although Axact has officially responded against allegations being presented by NYTimes. But an advice for you to stop supporting yellow journalism. I Really likes your IT related articles instead of presenting such headache kind of stories.


    • You should read again, Aamir has been very unbiased in his posts regarding the Axact situation.

    • Can you please explain that how I was biased, and what should I have done?
      What about yellow journalism? I am totally clueless.

      • I think propakistani should not cover it till Axact is 100% guilty. Pakistan has world growing IT market. We now have world best IT professionals. Well before presenting any conclusion we must have enough proofs to call someone being guilty.

        If we are highlighting any story we must present it at both end equally (Pros and Cons).

  • hello, every one is talking about allegation against pakistani s/w company Axact , however who will talk about legal case against NYT if found guilty.. NYT may also be wrong.. or this may be case of GEO VS BOL, as why don’t this thing highlighted earlier as NYT claimed that this is being done from so many years……

    • BOL has anchor persons from all media channels so nothing new in BOL TV and they must stop doing drama of being patriot or being pure Pakistani channel. We all know that media is never going to be in favor of this country they all are propaganda specialists and they just care about their TRPs.

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