Google Slashes Prices on Cloud Platform Yet Again

Google has dropped the prices of its Cloud Platform again. The company has also announced a new instance type that should allow cloud computing to become even more cost efficient for businesses. This notable price reduction will definitely catch the eye of the enterprise in a space that’s becoming crowded.

Senior Vice President of Technical Infrastructure at Google, Urs Hozle shared,

Compared to other public cloud providers, Google Cloud Platform is now 40 percent less expensive for many workloads.

He continued and said:

Google is launching a new class which will consist of pre-emptible virtual machines that deliver short-term capacity for a very low, fixed cost.

When combined with our automatic discounts, per-minute billing, no penalties for changing machine types, and no need to enter into long-term fixed-price commitments.

This recent price reduction includes cuts of up to 30 percent for the smallest instances. A Micros instance on Google’s cloud computing platform will now cost as little as $0.006 per hour for regular use. Other instance types also see a price cut but those are less significant ranging between 5 percent for High CPU to 20 percent for Standard Instances.

bGoogle is also offering a new choice for standard VM instance requirements. These are named “preemptible VMs”. The new service should allow users to set up nodes where each node costs $0.015 per hour.

The service will work by utilizing idle computer nodes during low activity hours. This keeps the cost of the service to minimum, according to Google. The platform mainly targets fault-tolerant services as the platform can terminate instances in case of resource requirements with only a 30-second warning. This makes it unsuitable for volatile computing.

The new pricing makes Google Cloud Platform a feasible service for the computer hosting market competing against the likes of Amazon Web Services, the major Google rival in the cloud computing market. The two IT giants have been having a price reduction competition recently in order to get hold of the major share of virtual computing market.

The price war may have resulted in damage to their profits but the consumers have been the winners thanks to the unceasing rivalry.

Source: Google Cloud Platform

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  • Their is no damage in profit, as with the passing of time the cost of technology and infrastructure is reducing + customer base is increasing.

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