YahClick Launches Ka-band Satellite Broadband Services in Pakistan

YahClick — a UAE based satellite broadband internet company that has coverage in 28 countries — has announced that it will be offering its Ka-band satellite broadband services in Pakistan.

YahClick said that it has partnered with Super Net and Click Sat as its local partners for provision of satellite broadband services for Pakistani individual users and corporations.

Pakistani users can approach these local partners if they want to avail satellite broadband services.

YahClick — that has been operating in Pakistan with soft launch — has already grabbed couple of thousands of customers. Its satellite broadband services are being used at 154 ATMs for banks that are located at country’s most isolated locations.

What is Satellite Broadband Internet?

Unlike conventional internet means, satellite internet requires no cables, towers or fiber or any other form of network to operate.

You are suppose to have required ground equipment (dish and modem) and that’s it. You can go around almost anywhere — within 28 covered countries — to use the internet without the fear or running out of coverage, network breakage or any form of vandalism.

Satellite internet, due to its nature of communication, is more expensive than usual internet means. Its usually not meant for commoners and businesses working in remote and isolated locations — where there’s no other internet — tend to rely on satellite broadband.

Media houses, NGOs, banks operating in remote locations, drilling companies are few examples of potential satellite broadband customers.

Equipment Required to Operate Satellite Broadband

Primarily you will require following equipment to get satellite broadband access.

  • Outdoor Satellite Dish (of 74cm or 98cm)
  • Block Up Converter (BUC) fixed on the dish
  • Indoor Modem (and a Wireless Switch for WiFi Coverage)
  • And a laptop/desktop machine with Ethernet card (or WiFi if you have wireless switch installed)

Bigger dishes (98cm) are used for stronger signals at locations close to edge of coverage. Indoor modems also come with different number of ports.

Costs of Satellite Broadband Internet

Both YahClick partners in Pakistan are offering satellite equipment (dish antenna and modem) on rental as well as on full payment, making it more viable for users and businesses to use internet at remote locations.

While final and confirmed pricing can be obtained from respective YahClick partners, below is an estimate of what you should expect:

Equipment Cost 

  • 74cm Dish with up to 3 Port Modem: Around Rs. 60,000
  • 74cm Dish with up to 20 Port Modem: Around Rs. 75,000
  • 98cm Dish with up to 3 Port Modem: Around Rs. 75,000
  • 98cm Dish with up to 20 Port Modem: Around Rs. 90,000
  • 120cm Dish with up to 20 Port Modem: Around Rs. 120,000

Satellite Bandwidth: 

Once you have the equipment, you can subscribe to various YahClick Satellite broadband plans available, which look like following:

Volume Based Packages:

  • 2Mbps download / 256Kbps upload – 5GB monthly Limit: Rs. 9,000
  • 2Mbps download / 256Kbps upload – 10GB monthly Limit: Rs. 16,000
  • 5Mbps download / 768Kbps upload – 20GB monthly Limit: Rs. 29,000
  • 5Mbps download / 1Mbps upload – 30GB monthly Limit: Rs. 43,000
  • 7Mbps download / 1Mbps upload – 50GB monthly Limit: Rs. 75,000
  • 7Mbps download / 1Mbps upload – 100GB monthly Limit: Rs. 150,000

These rates are for per month and excluding taxes

Unlimited Packages:

  • 2Mbps download / 512Kbps upload – Unlimited: Rs. 170,000
  • 5Mbps download / 1.5Mbps upload – Unlimited: Rs. 460,000
  • 15Mbps download / 2.5Mbps upload – Unlimited: Rs. 730,000

These rates are for per month and excluding taxes

Equipment on Rental:

YahClick partners, as mentioned above, also offer satellite equipment on per month rental bases. Meaning that equipment (dish, modem and other items) will be rented out to you on monthly basis and you just have to pay the rent — for the equipment and the bandwidth — that will depend upon the broadband plan you will select.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • moon

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    Haha that made me laugh .. yahan FB pay roz users free internet ki tricks pochtay hain lol kon itna expensive internet use karay ga =))

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      who will make money from this will use,,, it is the best option for grey traffickers….!!

  • Moeed Bin Awais

    Too Much expensive.

    • Bilal Iqbal

      Not expensive… it is for corporate users and u have no idea about it…jo kama skta hy. Wo pay b kr skta hy…

      • JahanZaib Yousaf

        Well Said; great thing for remote area for companies use

      • Even for corporate sect we have better service in way lower price than paying 730,000 per month for mere 15Mbps band.

        • Bilal Iqbal

          Yes but it does matter thay what is the nature of business and where from it is being opetated …most of time Sat link is used for simple tasks like transaction processing or communication…and no one would go for such speeds/ tarrifs…

      • Barney Trg

        nope this is way out of that bracket…….

  • Amaan

    koi pagal hy k yay lay laay itnay paiso may………..issay tho ptcl ka net acha hy 100mbps monyhly 20000

    • Technocrz!

      Try your luck with PTCL 100mbps

      • Irfan Khan

        my area dont have optic fiber…. and neither do many areas in pakistan… so why are you ptcl guys showing us this fake speed of internet

  • faiyaz

    people in cities don’t need to subscribe to this much costly internet. people in remote areas don’t bother about internet at all. what say?

    • aamir7

      Satellite internet is not for commoners. Its for those businesses that operate in remote areas or those who run on critical processes where internet up-time is the key to survival.

      Media houses, NGOs, banks operating in remote location, drilling companies etc. are the target customers.

      • College Student

        Also for RAW, CIA and others etc as this service will bye pass PIE?

        • Aqeel Syed

          CIA have their own satellites, they don’t need to run on 3rd parties.

        • Nasarullah Muhammad


        • Dollartime

          And also for grey traffickers…

      • Shoaib

        Agreed.Satellite internet is feasible for remote areas where no other service(DSL,EVO,FTTH,3G,4G LTE) is available.So company will succeed in remote areas.

      • faraz

        2Mbps download / 256Kbps upload – 5GB monthly Limit: Rs. 9,000 iska kia karay ga media house/ngo/bank ?

        • Faisal Khan

          Jab apko kisi chez ka pats na ho faraz sahib tu participate na kiya karain.. Jab koi itni expensive bandwidth layga tu uspe porn nahe daikhayga.. Istead need based use karyga. Jo important kaam hungay sirf woh. Like sending emails and required data only.
          Atms uses very less bandwidth.

          • adil

            faisal beta g aj kal 1 webpage 1mb se zeyada hota ha(include images) or us per jo flash ki adds lagi hoti hain vo alag so 5gb per month is too much less for business use. and remote areas me mostly poor log rehty hain jin k pass basic necessities b ni hoti un becharon per zulam hai but agger haram ki kamai hai tu phir theek ha. clearly FULL TIME LOOTMAR PROGRAM

          • adil

            aj kal 1 webpage 1mb se zeyada hota ha(include images) or us per jo flash ki adds lagi hoti hain vo alag so 5gb per month is too much less for business use. and remote areas me mostly poor people rehty hain jin k pass basic necessities b ni hoti un becharon per zulam hai but agger haram ki kamai hai tu phir theek ha. this ISP is FULL LooTMAR

        • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

          unka kaam youtube ya torrent nahi hota.
          wo communication purpose kay liye kerty

        • Syed Asad Ali Rizvi

          that much bandwidth can run 3 ATM machines for a month in any small city of Pakistan (except isl,lhr & khi)


            Kya Father of a nation khud graveyard say nikal aya hay kya

      • Abu Zaid

        Not exactly, Dish Network is one example, who is offering Internet is USA for under $40 per month over Satelite

      • Muhammad Ali

        Well,if big wigs are concerned they would rather contract any telecom company to start operating their services in the particular area.

        • tahir

          yeah u r absolutely right, big corp and inst esily get any telecom services in that particular area.

  • College Student

    We in Pakistan were waiting for years for such a great and “Super” service!

    Now every one in remote village can enjoy Internet for such an “eee-fordable” price

    We need more such services to gear up national progress…..

    3G and 4G LTE services will be doomed after such a great service

    I hope this service is not taxed as its for a PoorPakistani

    • Taha Najam

      So much salt. And you completely missed the point. Though it is true it may speed up national progress as industries can now be set up in even the remotest, most inhospitable regions of Pakistan. For example in Baluchistan, where geologists have predicted huge reserves of oil, gold and other valuable stones.


        I agree with u but tell me one thing its so much expansive the poor people cant be use it the reasion the to high rate .
        Ok Taha najam
        My brother u have a skype id
        My skype id is muhammad.haneef290

  • google must introduce their internet in Pakistan :(

    • Muhammad Aasim

      I agree

    • Ammar

      They’ve barely expanded in the US. Pakistan to dur ki baat hai.

    • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

      once they introduced youtube

      • han to karacha karwao na oun ka :D


        bhade mein jaa ey Youtube and utorrent

  • Atif

    I thought it will be cheaper than conventional internet.

  • Dont say its for pakistani individuals, no body can afford that much.

  • DJ

    satellite service are already being offered by supernet and some other ISPs as wellveven if this company come in , only and only target audience is corporate customer those have sites / location is remote areas.. nothing much for consumer here

  • Muhammad Aamir

    Itna Sasta!! Ma Sha ALLAH, Nazr Na Lag Jaye!!!

    • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

      Daily package walon ka yehi haal hai

      • Muhammad Aamir

        Leave it! Watch the new video of Zaid Ali at Iftari :D

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    Great packages I would say.

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    Only for corporate customers.

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    WTF! -_- Is this a JOKE or something? o.O :/ Huh! -_-

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      I agree mary Bhai kya kareen

  • Zubair Gu

    how about screw it ?

  • not so good – atleast in PAKISTAN 10 Mbps internet should be around 60 to 70 K with 5 Years contract.

  • Rameez

    Satellite Internet was available long time back in Pakistan but it didnt work out well.

    • Usman Haider Sheikh

      my thoughts exactly, satellite Internet suffers from latency issues(affecting video chatting, video calling, on line gaming, requiring often reload of live updating pages) and issues in rainy weather. :/

      • Rizwan

        i use it by gerrys upload by ptcl and download by satellite thats super speed. only issues r in rainy weather

        • Usman Haider Sheikh

          I am not arguing on speed part, latency(ping) and speed are two different terms, think of it like this, a connection with a lower ping rate is like a car, the top speed might suffer but you can stop or start whenever you want, a train might be faster but it will take a while for data flow to properly stop or start to properly free the available bandwidth. i bet you cannot play counterstrike(most probably you’ll be kicked out by the server) and other online games properly on satellite internet(downloading from torrents is also a problem without correct settings in download manager), straight forward downloading would be fast though

  • Umair ali mughal

    those who say its expensive , guys it’s not for gulshan iqbal karachi :p , its for remote and isolated locations, like K2 where your 1mbps ptcl or 3g/4g connections can’t reaches.

  • Technocrz!

    Are you serious, after spending 60k and paying 9k monthly to get 2 Mbps of 5GB data, one have to be totally out of his mind or must be living in a jungle.

    • Rizwan

      why you are in problem and feel tension

      • Technocrz!

        I’m relaxed you also try to get relaxed Edhi sahab.

  • This service would never have launched in Pakistan if it was meant for commoners because PeeTCL would’ve been destroyed & they(PeeTCL) don’t want to be interrupted..

  • Arslan Ejaz

    Totally Crap Packages

  • Bilal Iqbal

    I think ppl r very cnfused with conventional and corporate communications…common ppl tend to use net for fun at cheap rate with available shared bandwidth and service quality is compromised…on d other hand corporate sector heavily relies on guaranteed connectivity as primary or backup services… onlin systems dont need GB’s to run most of the services like simple transactions or emails etc and timely service is more important than pricing in many cases… we r using satellite link as backup source and dsl as primary to keep the services running…

  • Capt.

    Choro Dedh Do Lakh Jo Ispe Zaya Karna Hain Itne Paiso Se Woh Kisi Urban Ilaka Mein Shift Hojaye Jahan Pur 3G OR 4G Ata Ho… ;)

  • Azfar Hashmi

    surely for corporations only.


    Yahclik such a very High speed internet plan but so much High rate poor people cannot be afford plz recheck your price device and packges.

  • Only comment I have after reading the price tags is LOL

  • Barney Trg

    enjoy braintel fiber optic up to your room…..100 MBS 150 GB limit 15,000 per month…..this sat stuff is BS daylight robbery!…IF UAE…read etisalat…if etisalat…read horribly expensive

  • SuperAijaz

    This doesn’t looks for household users. Why so expensive???

  • shakeel

    I think bandwidth should be cheaper. not compairing PTCL but must be near about. you should think about it coz in city areas also peoples need a better service without depending on ptcl land line.
    like if u provide 4 mb unlimited in Rs. 4000/- half of ptcl clint will convert on ur service if u people can handle unlimited customers not like ptcl. they dont attend customers complaints they just need new clients.
    think again. dont aproch limited clients make ur service payable for every one.

  • ahqhashmi

    Its too expensive don’t need it

  • Evileye

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    This service is for corporate clients. For us Ufone and Zong 3G and 4G connectivity will suffice.

    • haroon khan saifi

      bohot ache packages hain

  • Ali Raza

    Please tell me can I use nano beam 5ghz device in pakistan or is it illegal .

  • Shaby Jutt

    5Mbps download / 768Kbps upload – 20GB monthly Limit: Rs. 29,000
    i like this pakage …………………………… Rs. 500/per month lana too mujy call kr lanan…………yeah raha number… 03054141556

  • Usman Khalid

    ohhhh v Expensive. so it’s only for business man. but i prefer to Yehclick. it’s will be very honor for Pakistan. Keep it Up Yehclick

  • moin

    if one of you plan to go K2 or near around that area after Sir K2 want to share snap on fb same time this dish might be help full :D

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