Urdu to Become Pakistan’s Official Language Inside and Outside Country

News is that Government of Pakistan has decided to make all possible arrangements to make Urdu Pakistan’s official language, inside and outside the country. Which means that Pakistani Prime Minister, President and other government officials will deliver speeches and greet foreign officials in Urdu language even when outside the country.

Prime Minister of Pakistan has officially issued the directive in this regards.

According to a circular, heads of government departments have also been asked to propose ways through which Urdu could replace English as the official language.

Arrangements shall be made to completely replace English with Urdu language with-in 15 years from today

After the move, everything official including websites for government institutions, utility bills, driving licences, passports and other documents will carry text in Urdu as well.

Media reports suggest that government aims to completely replace English language with Urdu during next decade and half, during which English may be used for official purposes until arrangements are made for its replacement by Urdu.

Via Dawn

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

      • Perhaps If English becomes the official language in the country it will be a disaster for the person who is earning money on the internet by freelancing or any other means because the government can’t provide him a job. But I know the above news is not about that, but it seems the same as Hasan is expecting. I presume it’s a great decision that is taken by the government which will help people who can’t understand English even after passing Matric due to bad education system in Pakistan.

        • A lot of opportunities will be here for IT and other Professionals once Urdu becomes truly Official Language

          Masses will get on board and quality of intellect will generally improve

          Naysayers will always oppose Urdu as Official Language they even opposed creation of Pakistan in 1947

          • I do agree what you have said as Urdu will triple the progress of Pakistan in terms of talents, economy and so forth. By the way, one year is enough to learn English as It’s being done in Japan, France etc, and it’s possible we can learn English better in 1 year as compared to Kachi Pakki English of 1 to 10. I will be very happy if it’s done because most of our government decisions are not less than hoaxes, on the other hand, the business of City School and Beacon will come to an end.

            • Again we need to improve our system. Like you said Chinese and Japanese are teaching their people English in one year.And we cannot teach our people Urdu, not even in 10 years look at the Urdu paper of any matric student majority of it is miserable.

              • Right!! Our education system is nothing; a lot of new improvement will be needed in achieving the desire goals.

                • Ask yourself this:
                  would you be here on this page as an English speaker, presuming that you studied from a system with a complete Urdu medium? Most probably it’s a no, unless you learn it out of your own will. The thing is, English is the language of the internet. Learning Urdu completely species you in a smaller medium, since its spoken only in Pakistan. an you go buy a book of a high level Physics in Urdu? No. If you knew English as well as Urdu, you will be more likely to get a much better opportunity of learning, and getting information. Also, the argument that if our education system must be good in order to achieve the desired goals is valid; but we could have also done that to improve the overall English of the general population. Many students of first year can barely understand something by studying directly from the book which simply shows how amazing our education system is. There are books from 1980’s which are published again and again each year with the same mistakes in the book being repeated since like 15 years. Instead of coming up with bullshits like we want to make so and so official language, at least invest in improving the quality of education, which would result in both good english and urdu among the general population.

                  • Don’t get emotional. Government is not suggesting to disown English. As said by many people it takes only one year to learn English. From educational perspective, it’s easier to learn new things in your own language. Please understand and try a better argument.

              • Our Urdu Paper of Matric, First Year, and Second Year are an embarrassment. It’s TOTAL memorization, there is nothing that you learn regarding how to write a good structured essay, grammar, etc. what so ever. I just gave an Urdu exam few months ago. The way is designed is so that a person with a sharp memory can ace it. I used to study American curriculum in Saudi Arabia. When I came here, it sure was shocking to see how everything was structured. Yearly exams, old books written in a way that even a teacher can’t understand from it, and the things we get judged on aren’t even the things that matter. Instead of understanding the concepts, we are made to memorize (useless) stuff.

        • Sir, I disagree with your presumption.

          In my understanding you mean to say that instead of improving our education standards, We should downgrade our system ? This is such an illogical solution. its not even a solution. I would call it ‘an easy way out for the government’

          This decision will Isolate us from international opportunities in 15 years or maybe even less. Our coming generations will have a very very hard time adjusting in international environment and utilising international opportunities.

          And they say it’ll be completely implemented in 15 years ? I bet if they actually try to improve education standards in our country (in government schools and colleges). They can bring up polished talents who will easily make their place and name in the entire world and not just in Pakistan in less than 10 years.

        • A non sense English loving liberal.
          People of Pakistan who studied in government schools which are Urdu mediums, you think bad education system?
          They earn their name in the world FYI.
          I know fouji’s prefer and like english and prefer it and thinks those who don’t know english are jahil.

          • I’m really sorry to say this but yes, We have a very poor education system implemented in Govt schools and colleges.

            Yes sir, Fortunately Pakistani people are very talented and yes they have worked very hard and a lot of us have made their name in the world, But sir this credit does not go to our govt. institutes. Instead, It was ‘their own’ hardwork and dedication that helped them embrace success.

            And like i made my point earlier if our govt improves our education standards, We can polish our Pakistani talents and we can make our name in this world with much ease and higher impact !!

            On the other hand changing language will further slow down our progress. and I believe it will further enhance the language barrier between us and the outer world which in my opinion will restrict us from availing international opportunities at earlier levels.

            • You think in europe they teach english?
              Success of china and japan is based on english?
              Arab countries are using english or teaching?
              English is the most spoken language in world?
              Search yourself and dig out the truth.
              Schools are the platforms for talented people. All above mention countries and many many others have their education system based on their own languages not english.
              English is official in UK US Australia New Zealand and 4 or 5 other countries.

              • Sir we cannot compare our resources and our country with china, japan and europe.

                We come from a very corrupt country with extremely limited resources, near to nil law & order and a very weak currency.

                Time has changed now. 30 years back i would have supported keeping urdu as our official language. But right now considering our current situation we cannot afford to create a language barrier. We cannot compare our country with Already developed countries in this era. We are still in the initial stages of development and we should choose our battles wisely.

                And please do not misinterpret me. I donot close my eyes on real facts but simultaneously I see great potentional in our nation. Which can be elevated with the right leadership and correct decisions.

                Oh and ovcourse we should teach urdu in our institutes. It should be a compulsory subject but lets not underestimate the benefits a universal language can bring to our nation.

                • China started its journey on October 1, 1949 when its economy was the worst state even than Pakistan. As China was developing, were people born like you who said English is global language who can’t develop without it. But China didn’t take the decision of selecting English globally. When the atom bomb was thrown in Japan, and they didn’t win the war. They said to the USA, you can change everything of the country, but don’t change the education language. They did it.

                  We’re initial stages of developing, right, well, as China and Japan were at that time. The reason is our education system where a student of the 4th class can’t perceive a single word of English when it’s translated into Urdu then only then he can understand. Why not we translate into Urdu from the beginning in order to make his concept clear. Just cramming is the key to success in our fragile education system because of English.

                  • This reply goes out to both of you, aamir bhai and liaqat bhai.

                    Amir bhai, With all due respect Sir you’re missing my point :)
                    Instead of switching our course to urdu, we should train our teachers and improve our teaching standards !! So that a 4th standard kid can understand and speak english without any problems.

                    Sir i never said “we cannot develop without it”
                    You misquoted me on that :)

                    We will develop inshaALLAH With or without english. I never said we ‘rely’ on english.
                    Infact what i mentioned was that with same God gifted talent we can develop faster and our nation can touch heights of success if we were given the comfort of interaction with countries more advanced than us. It gives us an edge to learn beyond the boundaries of our own teachers.

                    I’ll give you a small example. I’m a medical student. Teachers in my institute try their best but theres always this gap that they are unable to fill. You’ve gone to school.. You know what i’m talking about.
                    So i try and gain knowledge from listening to lectures of professors teaching at word renowned medical schools and this is what is making me a better doctor(inshaALLAH). I could have never gained this knowledge if i had been restricted to teachers of my own institute. And not to mention.. I can Learn from foreign teachers because i was taught english in my school.

                    Sir we do not live in 1949 anymore. Its 2015. This is an era of internet and technology. Communication has been made very convenient now and is the key to success in my opinion. Internet gives us access to infinite library. A kid who goes to 5th grade and is interested in science can have access to researches and studies and interesting practicals from world class scientists and related organizations. It will help that kid learn more, faster and better !!

                    This is just a small example. I know this because i’ve been through this.

                    I’m not saying we have bad teachers (although in some cases we really do). I’m just saying more opportunities bring with it more success !!

                    and i know your next argument will be that most people dont have access to youtube and internet. I agree. But in coming years internet will be made available to all classes of humans inshaALLAH. Many giant companies have amazing plans for us and are working on this.

                    I just wish i had access to internet when i was a kid, i would have been soo much better at knowledge !! Even now, most of my knowledge comes from lectures from american doctors.

                    sir this is just my opinion. I respect your opinion. But this is how i see this world from my experience.

                    this will be my last msg on this topic coz i’m afraid if i was unable to make my point in this reply, I probably wont be able to.

                    Have a good day :)

                    • hhahahahha!!! OMG!!! Let’s See Yar what happens in the next 15 years..!! We will meet in 2030!! :D When we will have a wife and Bachy :D By the way, I’m a student of 2nd-year pre-medical waiting for the result of 1st year..!! I have the same story like you..!! When I was in SSC 1 I didn’t learn a single word of Biology from the teachers rather I watched videos about Mitosis and Meiosis etc on Youtube I cleared my concepts I got 74/75 in FBISE..!! It was all kamal of English..!! But I think Google Translate and Bing Translate have become so much developed you can read any website which is in Englis in Urdu. Google and Bing are so good today, just imagine, if all the Pakistani nation does work in Urdu Google and Bing will be improved to a new level..!! It’s also possible, in the next version Windows Cortana will be able to understand Urdu :D. It’s just an example, it will take some time perhaps just for few years after that all will well..!!!

                    • Lol. Sure. We can set up a meeting in 2030 :p

                      Yes. Google/bing translation is a good idea. i hope more work will be done on it in future along with urdu dubbing of amazing lectures available on internet.

                      Oh and Good luck for your future in this field !! :)

                    • Brother i m studing bs electrical and all of my books are in English. But our teachers delivered lectures in urdu so that we can understand.so we are learning in urdu not english.after learning in urdu we take exame in english by “RATTA”.so why we need to study in english?
                      We get lectures in urdu ,understand it in urdu so why we take exame in english?
                      After completing degree we got a job and now at work we use urdu to explain woking details for workers or colleagues.
                      For example an electrical engineer in wapda or any other company in pakistan use urdu to explain all things .so where is english?
                      I think urdu will increase learning ability of students.

                • Sir you are getting me wrong. I told you to see how they grow not their present. Germans took loan from ys in 1960 the time they have nothing but they didn’t focus on language but yes now they are largest exporter of stationery items used in schools and offices.
                  No law and order.. corrupt practices.. no resources is not something new here.

      • Because it’s a broken language. :D For example, no one knows whether something is a “hota hai” or a “hoti hai” like some would say “road hota hai” and the other half would say “road hoti hai”. Similarly “rickshaw hota hai” “rickshaw hoti hai”. I know I haven’t provided the best reason but it’s annoying and a defect in the language nonetheless. I can provide a 100 more flaws as such if need be.
        And I was fine with this whole language swap program until I saw this:-
        “After the move, everything official including websites for government
        institutions, utility bills, driving licences, passports and other
        documents will carry text in Urdu as well.”
        That’s just overdoing it. Furthermore, this is just gonna encourage those who are too lazy to make an effort and learn an international language that is going to help them no matter what the official language of their country happens to be.

        • Your argument is invalid

          Part of world spell “honor” and other part spell ”honour”

          Plural of fish is fish

          “Colonel” is pronounced “kernel.”

          “Lieutenant” is pronounced as leftenant

          AND SO ON SO FORTH…….

          This doesn’t mean that English is broken and crap

          Every language and its speakers decide how to say and what to say. This is not mathematics that 2+2 is four.

          Dialect changes from region to region in every Language

          Get some fresh air please !

          • As well as the uses of “The”. It takes a lot of time to learn it even ProPakistani makes mistakes regarding this. Most people think that Punjabi Ka “The (DA)” and English Ka “The (DA)” Jeethy Lagdaye La!!! :D

          • Just have to say one thing, brah!

            His argument isn’t about ”pronunciations”, it’s about spelling and grammar. Your examples are about DIFFERENT COUNTRIES.. His argument was about ONE SINGLE PAKISTAN, AND ONE SINGLE URDU USED IN PAKISTAN..

            P.S. Lieutenant is pronounced lɛfˈtɛnənt in British English. Btw in Pakistani English Program is pronounced pughram, America is pronounced Amreeeeka.. In American English lieutenant is pronounced as liuːˈtɛnənt OR lew-ten-ənt…..

            Difference between British English and American English compromises of them being TWO DIFFERENT NATIONS. Pakistan is ONE. Urdu is ONE. Difference in spelling and pronunciations… Several.

        • اآپ مجھے پاگل محسوس ہو رہے ہو۔ بےواقوف انسان کبھی فیلوں میں انگلش نہیں دیکھی ۔ امریکن کتنی زیادہ توٹی پھوٹی انگلش بولتے ہیں۔ وہاں کے کالے خاص طور پر۔ ہم اگر اردو کو ترقی دیں اور اس میں وقت کے ساتھ ساتھ نئے الفاظ شامل کریں تو اردو کو نافز کرنا اآسان ہو جائے گا

      • Government is run by the matriculates as well as primary passed politicians from Kalay Neelay Peelay schools, they don’t know the ABC of the English. That’s why the replaced English with Urdu language.

    • Why are you worried? I think it will increase our strength. Many of our talented individuals don’t get chances in many fields just because they are not proficient in English. I think it is a wise choice.

    • well I do not agree with you. You might have never noticed, many countires use their official languages inside and outside their countries.
      I saw China Iran and others use their own language while making a speech at UN.

  • I like two things in this post:
    1. Urdu truly as official language.
    2. “Via Dawn” at the end of this post.

  • You learn better in the language you know better as there is no communication barrier

    95% of Pakistanis have no concern with English and ignoring Urdu is only hampering the productivity of masses

    Japan, China, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Holland, Denmark and many other don’t care about English

    English as a second Language for Research and higher studies is needed and those who pursue higher education are required to learn after matric/intermediate

    Why we impose English on class 1 kid ?

  • Great Decision. If Pakistan has to become next china, we must adopt URDU in all aspects of life especially in Education. It’s 1st drop of rain

  • Well making Urdu official language is not going to bring about any revolution. Yes that is a good decision, after all Urdu played a very important role during independence movement and at that time it was decided that Urdu shall be the official language of Pakistan. So we should do it. But at the same time i think that, at that time things were different, now that the people are so close and mutual trade and business is on boom if we cut English out completely that would sort of make us more like, “Chinese”. ;)

    So to make Pakistan a truly prosperous country we are going to need a huge change in our attitude and our system we are going to have to make education easy and accessible for every one and if we did this that would not mater as much if its Urdu or English.

    • Learning English is just a one year game, Brother!! Haven’t you seen some people of Chinese can speak English better than us just by doing a course of English in 1 year. Of course, it will take some time in order to adopt the new environment. It seems strange for us because we’re talking in English, and the person who knows English is respectable in Pakistan and India. Let’s celebrate the day :D

      • I totally agree brother.This is a very good decision. We should be happy, but i would be more if they had increased the budget for education or decided to build a new world class university. What “Mr president” has decided is good but maybe it is of more use to his politics than you or me.We all know they had decided to make Urdu official language a long time ago. But its isn’t made official language till this day. And i don’t think this is going to happen this time either.

        • I do agree! Minimum budget for education will be 4-6% whereas the present budget is only 1.6%, which is nothing. Nawaz Sharif said the next education budget of education will be 4%, but I’m feeling sad because the current budget should be 4%, not the next. We will have done a lot to make the dreams come true.

          • Yes brother education should be our top most priority.But alas! it never was and neither it will be anytime soon.No one is interested in book everyone wants “BARE GAREE” but no one wants to learn how it works. :(

      • Aamir brother those Chinese can only speak English but they don’t know the terms used in medical and engineering. They used to use those terms in Chinese. Our rate of progress will go slow for some years but at least we will start rapid progress, when Urdu will completely become officially Language.

  • A great and long pending decision since 80s. Nations have always progressed in their own language. Now it is Pakistan turn to show the world what it is capable of. No discrimination between English speaking and Urdu speaking persons and that means no complexity among the people and ultimately lesser crime rate.

    • Crimes are done generally due to lack of jobs. It will be eliminated only if the government does work parallel to jobs and education, otherwise it has no gain. By the way, I appreciate the decision if it’s done as soon as possible.

      • If you see closely the ratio of people who can actually read, write, understand and speak English, you’ll come to know that it is less than 1% of the overall population. Even our politicians are way behind. Then how can you expect Pakistan to grow? I got the chance to see the Germans and Japanese people and how they have progressed because of their language. The only challenge that I see in this decision is the implementation part especially the ground work required.

        • I think its their leaders not the language which made Japanese and Chinese great. Yes the language was a part but it had a very little participation.

          • Right!! As we know the government will be same as per deeds of the people of the nation, and we all know how virtuous is our nation is in deeds i.e., corruption, fraud, tax evasion etc. But we can expect if Urdu is implemented this ratio might be lower.

  • Not agreed with Mr. Prime minister decision . In my opinion he himself fails to.speak so he better decided to make urdu as official . Secondly we are entering to globalisation and that’s the demand of the revolution .

    • Agree with you on globalization part. But Mr prime minister and English are getting along very well. Yup he has his staff and some of them write his speech.;)

    • If you want to be a part of globalization and the revolution do a course English language course in 1 year. Enjoy :D

    • No Language in the world is terrible

      Language is for communication and Urdu being Mutually intelligible with Hindi is well understood by Millions of people in the world. And that number surpasses English

      By the way your Name “Badar” can be well pronounced in Urdu.

      Ask some native English Speaker to pronounce your name and you will aXactly know the meaning of terrible!

  • will propakistani will also transform in urdu? as you already did it in urdu but it flops… Urdu is not a good language in Paper.

  • well, after 14.5 years government will accept its fault (or will simply put all blame on previous government) and bingo deadline would be extended till next 15 yrs..

  • propakistani se bhi apeel hai k brai mehrbani urdu tamam tar khabren urdu men shaia karen

    • Yes AAmir Atta Sahib go for it, your readership will go exponential

      You may integrate Google translational in your site

      Its not to support Govt it is to support our own interest

  • Mixed Feelings :P
    Although my heart says its a good decision but realistically speaking I think there would be a lot of difficulties practically.

  • I just want to say that we should have opted for Arabic and 15 years time would have helped. It would have solved our problem of being misled by clerics and we are a Muslim nation this would be an excellent opportunity … if you all agree, please lets start a petition

    • Adopting Arabic isn’t the answer. Improving literacy is. Any literate person isn’t going to be fooled by the douchebaggery of certain clerics.

  • We should Romanize Urdu, like the Turks did with their language. It is the only way to brace the decline of the language electronically and in written form. The problem lies in the archaic Nastaleeq script that didn’t see any support from developers or even the government since the advent of internet.

  • Human brain can learn and innovate better in native language as compared to foreign language… good decission….pakiatan … zindaa baad…. :)

    • And It’s also said learning 2 languages at the same time enhance the ability to learn things faster. On the other hand, you’re right. :)

      • Right but one must learn his native language.
        If you are living in Pakistan, you may know, students studying a.level, o.level could even write/read/speak Urdu.

        • But they are much better in English than those students who are studying Urdu from the metric system. And, from my personal experience, they can ‘learn’ from the books they are given. The funny thing is that, in the matric system, the many students have poor english who given books in English and that too in a very hard language, so all they can do is ‘memorize’ the definition and not ‘understand’ what they are studying. Exceptions are always there though.

          • So you wanna need a science book like this It’s an atom. Its size is so small. We can’t see. It has an electron. It has a proton. You can’t expect such English in our education system.

            • Just compare the text books. Yes, the language they use in “McDougal” books are much easier, with images and charts that make things simpler. It’s reviewed by psychologists, and they shape the wording and the sentence structure to make it easier for the student to understand. Over here in Pakistan, the language they use is almost laughable. They, instead of making the language easier, try hard to make it more difficult. And on top of that, you have a black and white text book, with almost no charts. The books themselves have so many grammatical errors.

              • If you know something about Finished School System that is being run in Finland, you will be amazed to know about its system as it’s purely base on learning , tests are not taken unlike our system which is clearly base on cramming. That’s the reason, it’s the world’s 34th developed countries and its ranking in mathematics, reading etc is beyond our imagination, but I know it will not work in our Pakistan. Let’s see what happens if Urdu is implemented..!!

                • The trend I see is that we have very intelligent people, but they don’t have the opportunity. We, both the Pakistanis and the Indians, are well ahead in terms of raw mathematics. All we need to do is to ‘guide’ the students, and they will do their magic. I don’t even get the purpose of yearly exams. I don’t even know why do we have to ‘grade’ students. Grading students shifts their focus from ‘learning based on their wish’ to ‘learning for a good grade’ – or even worse is – ‘learning to get a good grade to get a good job’.While we, as Muslims, must have the attitude of ‘learning to learn more about God’s universe’ or simply, ‘leaning to get to God’. But we seem to separate, I don’t know why, the true spirit of attaining knowledge into knowledge only for a living. That is why we have separated philosophical and theological subjects from our courses. Back in time, we had ‘Imaams’ who weren’t just just jurists, but amazing mathematician, astronomer, philosophers, physicians, etc. One such example is of Ibn e Sina. He was not only a Hanafi jurist, a physician, but also an amazing philosopher! Some of the arguments for existence of God, which are famous today, are derived from our vast resource of Ilm ul Kalam. There are some arguments that we thought were founded by western Christians, are actually in Ibn Sina’s books. But such rationalism is Muslims only existed back then. Just research regarding Imam Abu Mansur al-Maturidi, Ghazali, Fakhr addin Razi, and Allama Iqbal of late, who was heavily influenced, just like most European thinkers, of these classic Muslim Thinkers. Do we seriously wonder that why don’t such people exist in our time? It’s simple; our education system is such that it won’t allow for such minds to flourish under it. In my opinion, English and Arabic are the two main languages every Muslim must learn. With Arabic, you will be inspired by God’s book. Like many people just read the Qur’an for rewards, and are not interested in knowing what God says. Back in time, it was this Qur’an that inspired many to go out and look into the universe. Not only that, with Arabic, you will get an insight into the books of Ilm ul Kalam, and also of explanation of the Quran. Although the Quran itself is self explanatory, we do get a better perspective of Quran’s understanding by looking at others understanding. Anyways, you’ll see that we just ignore this language, which would enable us to get inspired from the treasure that we have archived in pages.

  • hahaha. Nawaz Shareef ko English nhi aati iss liye ab Urdu official language krwa rha hy :D XD

  • Stupid decision. World is moving towards English, even in the highly populated countries like China…but this Govt wants to go in opposite direction. I feel Govt should remove Urdu as compulsary subject and let children focus on Engish, the language that can lead us in the world.

    • What do you say about that then learning in your national language makes a person learn better as Japan, China and South Korea are developing due to their national language. Don’t you agree? By the way, a person will be able to learn English just in a year same as China, Japan better than us.

      • I don’t really agree that learning your national language makes a person learn better. It’s based on which language you are comfortable with. I can read urdu, I can write it, but I learn better in English. It’s based on personal preference. If a person is able to learn English in 1 year, then he should do it earlier in his lifetime. That will enable him to learn directly from the books, which is something very important.

        As for the countries that are developing like Japan, China etc., they aren’t developing solely due to their national language. In fact, national language isn’t even a main factor in their development. They have less corruption, good education, healthcare etc. which is the main cause for their development. In our country, education is something that a poor cannot afford. The poor in our country die due to lack of food, and we expect them to magically become literate men just by ‘national language’?

        • You can understand with an example, my brother who is in 6th class when he reads the science book in English he doesn’t understand a single word, but when I translate into Urdu then he can understand. Our students read English from 1 to 8th when they reach SSC level only then they can perceive English only some students, not all. Now, I’m a student of 2nd-year, when I read an English novel I can’t understand utterly– I need a dictionary along it –, but while reading an Urdu one it’s easy–I don’t need a dictionary now. Just Imagine! If students were able to understand the concept of science from 1 to 10th, F.SC would not be a nightmare for ’em. So, you want to learn in English, Ok, well, look at China where one year English year course is done in which you can learn better English as we have learned in our whole life.

          • The simple reason is that you don’t know, or aren’t experienced enough, with understanding English. Like what were you were doing for the last 10 years of your life? Learning Farsi? You have 10 years to learn English. In that time, you could have learnt enough English to understand the novel that you will read in your 2nd year. But why didn’t that happen?
            There are three reasons:
            1. They didn’t teach you effectively. I have never seen people in 6th grade writing their own journals or essays on a weekly basis. Writing, and proofreading for other students is a good way to improve, which is something we are alien to in our schools.
            2. They didn’t give you books that you choose and read. That is, there wasn’t a good library in your school. (That’s the reason we don’t even have a book reading culture)
            3. The text books are poorly written in a language that is hard to understand.
            Btw, I am also in 2nd year now. Are you doing it from the Karachi Board? If so, I can give you specific examples of the blunders the authors of our textbook have made!

  • please urdu ko har medium main official bana dain akhbar,books,internet etc aor shalwar kameez ko bhi lazmii karar de………..ta ke hamari pehchan pakistaniat banain na ke angrezi western pithu…………..

  • english bolne wale dosro ko nali ka keera smjhte hai i feel it.i can speak little english but undrstand thouroughy.shalwar kameese ko daftri dress banain officialy. shalwar kamees main male oragans penis and testis easy comfortable feel karte hain .

  • The Government will be changed with in a couple of years actually, the language will stay the same…

  • As a result of 67 years hard struggle we have established our official system and English is nicely being used as official language, regardless of Urdu that is being claimed National language too and both languages are being used side by side though Urdu is mainly spoken language within the country. We don’t understand that what is the problem with the Government and what is the need of shifting from English to
    Urdu as official language and why after this much long span of time it became necessity
    to disrupt entire official system of the country. We believe that it will be
    not a correct decision to disrupt the good established system. Furthermore,
    following negative impacts will destroy our national communication levels with
    the international community.

    Ground realities
    Why peoples are so afraid from the English and instead of improve their own capabilities to understand English they would like to bring national level down to synchronize their own level.

    English is international language and easy way to communicate internationally. Where as, Urdu is being spoken only within sub-continent but written in Pakistan and few areas of India.

    Imagine the Urdu level of other than Punjab province.

    It is fact that Mohammad Ali Jinnah had made a mistake by not to agree with Molan Abdulsttar Niazi, who have suggested Arabic as official language of new Islamic country and if implemented that time today we must have a position of policemen of the middle east countries.

    Urdu language has no such quality to translate technical terms and scientific terminologies & abbreviations.

    In science and technology we are considered 3rd world country and after adopting Urdu as official language, God knows where we will stand.

    Our Urdu hand writing is very poor because we have stopped using TAKHTI & QALAM those were good tools of hand writing improvement.

    Our young generation’s Urdu language level is very poor, even fresh graduates have no grasp on the Urdu language by speaking or writing.

    Go through the country Matriculation result and you will feel that students are marking high marks in English paper but obtaining low marks in Urdu paper, even it is being claimed that Urdu is our mother tongue.

    Example; In our police station FIR is being chalked in Urdu and just asks any matriculation student to read that document. Result will be clearly proving you facts.

    Hope Government will refrain from such ugly decision and suggest young generation to make themselves perfect in English to beat the international community.

    • I only agree with the word of ‘Arabic’ of you as it should be the national language of Pakistan whereas the rest of it I don’t agree. Urdu will automatically be improved when all the focus will be given on Urdu rather on English because speaking English has become a standard of respect in the country.

      Brother, just tell me in the following countries like Japan, China, Malaysia, Korea, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Spain, etc do all these countries not speak internationally, that’s why, these countries are highly developed in the world unlike South Sudan, Liberia, Nigeria, Pakistan, India are proudly sticking on English. As far as the problem of handwriting is concerned it’s not a big deal as I have seen many students whom English handwriting is poorer than Urdu, and it’s a game of homework, in other words, those students who do their homework regularly their handwriting will be great.

  • and Pushto, sindhi Languages etc… should be banned in Pakistan especially in Federal and Punjab Areas. That will also cause hinderous in terrorism as people will hear for pathan or afghan are talking about.

  • A great decision, A great History has been created. First time in my life i should say honestly. I AM PROUD PAKISTANI. i am given back my language, i am given back my communication identity. At the same time i have fears in my mind that Liberal servants of West may oppose it with tooth & nail. As they used to study in West and come back to rule us. They may feel they have to compete the local talent of common man which they want to avoid at any cost. But i hope govt. will stick to the decision and it will give an opportunity to people of Pakistan to contribute to their country now. No country on the planet has got the development other then their own language. Japan, China, Malaysia, Korea, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden,Italy, Spain, etc. We have realized the very fact after 7 decades but at least. look at the miseries of Ex British colonies who are using English as their state language though it is not their local language.None of them could climbed to the ladder of World powers, even a prosperity level ( e.g Botswana, Cameroon, Fiji, Gambia, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Kenya, Kiribati, Lesotho, Liberia, Malta, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Philippines , Rwanda, Saint Lucia, Samoa, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Sudan, South Africa, South Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe.)

    but no doubt English is the language of elites and businesses. who want to have a strong grip on the resources of poor countries.

    People of Pakistan have to decide whether we want a future of China Japan France Germany in Urdu? Or still want to live a life like South Sudan, Liberia, Nigeria but keep on sticking with English

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