Urdu to Become Pakistan’s Official Language Inside and Outside Country

News is that Government of Pakistan has decided to make all possible arrangements to make Urdu Pakistan’s official language, inside and outside the country. Which means that Pakistani Prime Minister, President and other government officials will deliver speeches and greet foreign officials in Urdu language even when outside the country.

Prime Minister of Pakistan has officially issued the directive in this regards.

According to a circular, heads of government departments have also been asked to propose ways through which Urdu could replace English as the official language.

Arrangements shall be made to completely replace English with Urdu language with-in 15 years from today

After the move, everything official including websites for government institutions, utility bills, driving licences, passports and other documents will carry text in Urdu as well.

Media reports suggest that government aims to completely replace English language with Urdu during next decade and half, during which English may be used for official purposes until arrangements are made for its replacement by Urdu.

Via Dawn

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