Zong Opens Pakistan’s First Multi Brand Experience Center in Islamabad

Zong today announced the opening of first of its kind experience center in Islamabad. Company said that all sorts of mobile phones, tabs, iPads, Zong’s 3G and 4G devices and other related accessories are put on display for customers to experience them first hand before making a purchase.

With the experience center now open and available for walk-in customers, Zong is exhibiting 3G/4G smartphone of leading mobile phone companies including QMobile, Samsung, Microsoft, Huawei, Haier and Rivo.

Experience center currently houses more than 300 smartphones, tabs, iPads and data devices on display for customers to experience first hand in real time.

By visiting this center, customers can now experience usage of various handsets or tabs with Zong’s high-speed 3G or 4G services prior to its purchase.

Mr. Niaz A Malik, Deputy CEO Zong, on the occasion said that Zong is focused towards innovating the lives through next-gen network by investing several hundred million dollars on network moderanization and expansion.


Niaz A Malik, Deputy CEO, Zong briefing the media at the opening ceremony of Zong’s Experience Center in Islamabad

Mr. Malik said that this world-class experience center is a an example of how Zong is leading the market by upping the bar.

Company said that it has plans to open at least 25 more such experience centers across Pakistan during 2016.

Check below few pictures of the Zong’s Experience Center:













Sheldon Godinho (L), Head of Media, Operations, PR and CSR at Zong, briefing Mr. Niaz A Malik (R), Deputy CEO, about the experience center


A live Zong 4G speed test conducted in real time in front of media men


Along with Zong Experience Center there is a Zong Customer Support Center as well, situated in the same building

Location of Zong’s Experience Center: Redco Plaza, right opposite of Tehzeeb Bakery, Blue Area, Islamabad.

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