Sparklist Is A Used Items Marketplace Powered by Rocket Internet

Only 4.5% of the population in Pakistan (13 million users) is using Smartphones at the moment and that alone translates to a potential market of around 9 million users. As the number of smartphone users grows dramatically each year, the opportunity for a fresh online consumer-to-consumer platform like Sparklist is equally dramatic.

Sparklist connects the most relevant buyers to the most relevant sellers by sorting products based on location – which may even change constantly. By connecting the end user to trading opportunities within a certain community, Sparklist eliminates issues related to lengthy, unnecessary commuting.

Sparklist further simplifies online buying and selling through an interface design that deconstructs the selling process into four palatable steps – snap a photograph of the product you wish to sell; add a description; set a price, and bargain until you find that price. On the other side of the trading equilibrium, buyers can be sure they are talking to real people – a significant advantage over competing platforms, where the credibility of users is often challenged.

Explaining the vision behind creating this app, Nalla Karunanithy, the founder of Sparklist says: “Sparklist is the natural evolution of Classifieds, bringing simplicity and locality to discovering, selling and chatting to buy.”

The team at Sparklist understands the importance of environmental conservation. They firmly believe that recycling unwanted products not only gives them a longer shelf-life, but it also contributes to environmental awareness and sustainability by preventing those items from piling up in the landfills.

You can download the Sparklist app here

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