Zong Launches Free Basics (Internet.org) in Pakistan

Zong and Facebook have come together to connect more people to the Internet with the launch of Free Basics in Pakistan, a statement issued by the company has said.

Zong says that more people in Pakistan will have access to a range of free basic service like news, health, travel, local jobs, sports, education, services for women and entertainment via the freebasics.com website and mobile application.

Free Basics is available to more than one billion people across Asia, Africa and Latin America. Previously, Telenor was only operator in Pakistan to offer Free Basics to its customers.

Speaking on the launch, Director Marketing Zong Zhang Peng said, ” We are excited to make the Internet available to millions of people in Pakistan through the launch of Free Basics by Facebook. This initiative will promote the use of the Internet and help enrich people’s lives with new opportunities.”

Zong customers (Prepaid and Postpaid) will be able to receive free access to both Facebook and Free Basic services respectively. There is no subscription required for these services and will be available by default to all Zong subscriber.

“A critical part of providing internet access to the two-thirds of the world not yet connected is addressing the barriers to internet adoption,” said Ms. Anna Nygren, Head of Growth Partnerships, APAC at Facebook. “Today’s launch of Free Basics in Pakistan with Zong, brings us one step closer to closing the global connectivity gap.”

How to Use Free Basics on Zong:

  • If you are Zong customer, simply enable your data services and go to freebasics.com or download app from iOS or Play store
  • Start browsing the websites available on Free Basics
  • There won’t be any data charges for browsing Free Basics
  • Keep in mind that data consumed by your smartphone in the background will be charged as per usual tariffs.
  • It is advised to disable auto-sync, or any other services and apps to avoid any unwanted data consumption

For richer content like videos or external links, Zong customers will be charged as per their data plan when they click on the ‘View Photos’ digital button in the Facebook page (a pop-up will inform customers when they click on such content).

  • Abid Hussain

    whats use without pictures videos and graphics :)

    • Zawyar Ur Rehman

      You can still use wikipedia at the very least…

      • Abid Hussain

        this is actually trap

        these services dont work if u have zero balance and if you have balance other apps will eat up your credit

        so only network provider benefit from it :)

        • Arsalan Ali

          mate, restrict background data and enable data only for this app.. i used it with 0 balance and it worked..

          • rehmat

            Is there any app through which we can control that when we are on data only particular app can connect?

            • Saqib

              it comes built in with android, I don’t have an android phone, try digging yourself.

            • Arsalan Ali

              not sure about other androids, but i have Huawei honor 3c, which comes with built in app that does the work.

          • Shehzad

            Connection Charges will apply so in 0 Balance it will not work.

            • Arsalan Ali

              well may b you are right.. cuz i used it when my balance was so low that i couldn’t even run the balance inquiry :p

        • panjgoori

          to restrict background data in Android go to Settings>Data Usage>Press Menu Key and select Restrict Background Data and done.

          • Usama DeGrasse Tyson LP

            INSTALL {FIREWALL ( NO ROOT )}

            • panjgoori

              Why install a App when you can do the same without any 3rd party app ? Just restrict background data and done.

  • Ali

    Facebook should start proving free 3g internet so all website can be accessed without any additional data charges then it will be good otherwise this is not a good.

    • Sensible Guy

      kyun bhai? facebook ki lottery lag gayi hai?

      • Hassan Nasir


    • Hassan Nasir

      Aur sath mein Roti, Kaprra aur Makan b de de to kia hai :P

  • if u do not use internet still zong cut your balance if this service is available on other network i can take a risk to use (free) but zong no way they r balance chor

    • sufi

      i totally agree they are chor it happened with me almost every day i call cs agent/write on twitter/fb page of zong to inquire why they are stealing credit but they always make futile reasoning or simply they don’t reply. they provide good speed internet that’s why i use therefore they are taking advantage by stealing credit of customers. ZONG=DHONG

      • faaria

        why don’t you activate Zong’s daily usage details service. Its free.
        send sub to 2288. you’ll get to know where your balance is going

        • sufi

          i have that too i get daily usage detail sms also i have zong app in my cell after all that they still steal credit i sent screen shots to the facebook page and twitter but they dont repy properly. thinking to port my number to other operator.

    • Mainichi

      This has never happened to me. Use AfWall+ if you want to block apps from using mobile data.

  • Hunzala Ahmad

    At least images and videos uploaded on facebook should be free.
    And one thing for mr. Ammir propakistani should apply here in free basics

  • Lazy Sapper

    Your phone will consume data and balance if you don’t activate any internet package. So best way is to activate any cheapo package and then use free basics. Free basics itself won’t consume any data

  • Zhangying Hu

    Facebook banned in China but China’s largest mobile company China Mobile aka Zong promoting Facebook in Pakistan. Interesting.

  • Muhammad Abd al-Hameed

    سروس کو مفت کہنا درست نہیں۔ کسی نہ کسی شکل میں پیسے تو دینے پڑیں گے۔

  • touseef

    need balance to avail service in zong. I don’t now telenor have same restriction on internet.org.

  • touseef

    With Zero Balance u can’t use it. So it is not free.