Celebrating Humor: 18 Amusive Tweets on Faisal Qureshi’s Pose in Newspapers

Ufone’s response to Mobilink’s Nargis Fakhri ad won the internet yesterday. It remained in top trends on Twitter for over 9 hours, while millions of Pakistanis — including celebrities — tweeted, retweeted and discussed the classic humor originating from Ufone’s marketing desks.


Majority of Pakistanis liked the idea of witty message that Ufone delivered through a pose while copying Mobilink’s ad that was published just last week.

While building on top of last week’s Nargis Fakhri debate, Ufone was very clear in what it was doing: capitalize the opportunity. And it did well with overly simple execution by putting up an ad on first day after extended weekend.

Ad was soon picked by news websites, blogs, portals, forums and all sorts of online websites — thanks to quick and effective PR push — and rest is a history.

Interestingly, as you might not had noticed, Ufone’s ad did not mock Nargis Fakhri only but it irked Telenor as well. Just in case if you missed Telenor’s TVC for their smart 3G phones — the one with repeated use of “Excuse Me” — you can go ahead and watch it here. Yes the word “excuse me” was directed towards Telenor.

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