This Pakistani Startup Promises to Produce Self Cleaning Jeans and Tees

ODO, a self cleaning denim startup from Pakistan, is aiming to produce jeans and shirts that will auto clean and will never be require a wash. It has crossed $100,000 mark on Kickstarter for its campaign already.

The startup is founded by LUMS alumni Salman Chaudry, who credits the inspiration for ODO to Levi boss Chip Bergh. Bergh had famously stated that he hadn’t washed his jeans in over a year.

Unlike other people who simply shook their heads in disgust and moved on to finding out which ‘Friends’ character they most resembled, Chaudry started thinking hard. A background in textile that’s lasted half a decade meant he was well aware of the amount of water consumed in manufacturing jeans. So how do you avoid sending your jeans to the cleaners and save water? By making them stink and stain proof, of course.

What seems like magic is actually – surprise surprise – science. ODO makes their denim stink proof by interweaving their fabric with pure metallic silver fibers, which counteract the bacteria that feed on sweat and cause an odor. The anti stain feature is a result of how ODO manufacture their products. Instead of a flat surface, their fabric has billions of microscopic peaks, which reduces the contact between the denim and anything touching it. With no adhesion, everything just rolls right off. Here’s the anti-stain denim in action:


Right now, the project is making waves on Kickstarter. The $10,000 goal has been left far behind as 829 backers have pledged more than $108,000 – that too with 28 days left to go. This means ODO is officially the most successful Pakistani project till date. Farhan Masood, one of the brightest minds from Pakistan and the founder of SoloInsight (a ProPakistani favorite), had this to say about ODO:

I am so proud to announce that the kickstarter campaign ODO – Self-Cleaning Denim (made in Pakistan) a startup by a LUMS Alumni Salman Choudhry from Lahore (now in SF) has achieved the rank of highest funded kickstarter campaign by a Pakistani. They have already crossed $108,045 in their raise and have 29 more days to go…

They are supported by Founder’s Institute’s Adeo Ressi and Tesla’s Elon Musk (insider info). I have the honor to personally mentor this startup.

Now there’s an endorsement!

If you want to snag some clothes you won’t ever have to wash or clean, head over to the ODO Kickstarter page here. You have the option to purchase a scarve, T-shirt or jeans – all made from the odor free and stain free fabric. Shipping is expected to start in June 2016.

We wish the ODO team best of luck in their Kickstart campaign and subsequent journey. 2016 is already off to a great start and we can’t wait to see what Pakistani startups bring us over the next 12 months!

Talal is a Director and the Editor in Chief at ProPakistani.

  • Raja Amer Khan

    Great concept. Really liked it. Go for it bro!!

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    On a side note, is this the 1st time a propak article has source/site link of the original story :O:O:O Oh the horror!!!

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    Interesting idea. Wish them all the best.

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  • backer

    Washing it, should need be, will be equally difficult. But hey, who cares about rare stains? Particularly, ‘certain’ stains :D will no more be an issue. The product is bound to capture Western markets by storm. Oh well it will also be great in pollution-hit or dusty environments like China, Indopak etc.
    I am startled that mighty names in fashion industry did not bother to do anything about stains, sweat etc. Or am I wrong?

  • Shabaz

    The founder is from Lahore, however the entire company is based in San Fransisco and has nothing to do with Pakistan. It is not a Pakistani startup. Source: ODO itself via Kickstarter messaging on asking at the launch.

  • Mohammad Baig

    What about the environmental issues impacting on all the materials.

    • Taha Najam

      What do you mean? They use a special silver infused thread, and silver is not known to be harmful to the environment in any way.

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    Now this seems to be a real achievement hats off to you guys

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    The effort is not bad but needs to understand if one can explain how it will not need the cleaning washing and will not contaminate the body.


    When will it available for consumers in market?


    what kickstarters means?

    • Taha Najam

      It’s an online portal to kick start your startup by public funding as opposed to taking a loan from a bank. You demonstrate your ideas to the general public and ask them to make a small contribution if they are interested in what you are doing.

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        and what startup means?

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    well that’s a real innovative start up with a potential to become a real success. Can anyone inform in simple word how can we contribute/invest in this start up and what would we get in return ?

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    Innovative Teckpack

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    nice ….though LIQUIDOFF spray seves the same purpose and you don’t need to buy special fabric clothes